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PPGI Steel Coil

PPGI steel coil can be further processed for different uses, such as roofing, walling, door, furniture, greenhouses, signboards, etc. Using pre-painted galvanized steel coils as materials will help investors save their cost and also offers them more options. Wanzhi Steel supplies a wide range of colors to select from, as well as custom patterns. In the past 17 years, we won the trust of customers from all over the world, such as Poland, Kenya, Singapore, Chile, Brazil, Turkey, Argentina, etc.

PPGI Steel Coil at Factory

PPGI Steel Coil at Factory

PPGI Steel Coil Specification

Item PPGI Coil
Substrate GI
Thickness 0.12 mm-1.2 mm
Width 600 mm-1,250 mm
Coil Weight 3-5 tons (can be customized)
Coatings PE, SMP, HDP, PVDF
Coating Thickness Top: 11-35 μm    Back: 5-14 μm
Colors As per RAL Color (custom patterns are available)
Package Standard Export Package
Black PPGI Coil

Black PPGI Coil

Packaging of PPGI Steel Coil

Packaging of PPGI Steel Coil

PPGI Coil Colors

The common prepainted galvanized steel coil colors include sky blue, grey, silver, traffic red, moss green, olive green, leaf green, etc. Also, we offer printing patterns, such as flower, wood grain, marble, brick, as well as custom patterns. Welcome to send us a RAL color code or pattern or a sample to customize your own PPGI coated coil.

Popular Colors

Popular Colors

Note: The actual color may differ slightly due to the different coating materials, light, etc. But we promise to use the paint as agreed upon in the contract.

Applications of PPGI Coil

Pre painted galvanized steel coil can be further processed into plain, profile, and corrugated sheets, which can be used in many areas, for example,

1. Construction industry, such as roofing, interior and exterior wall panel, the surface sheet of balcony, ceiling, partitioning walls, windows, and doors, etc.

2. Transportation, for example, decorative panels of car, deck of train or ship, containers, etc.

3. Electrical equipment, mainly used to make shells of freezer, washing machine, air conditioner, etc.

4. Furniture, like wardrobe, locker, radiator, lampshade, table, bed, bookcase, shelf, etc.

5. Other industries, such as roller shutters, advertising boards, traffic signboards, elevators, whiteboards, etc.

Construction Use

Construction Use



PPGI Coil for Home Appliances Uses

Home Appliances

Why Use PPGI Coated Coil?

1. There are various colors and patterns of PPGI coils to meet different styles and uses.

2. The colorful coatings also make PPGI steel more corrosion-resistant and long-lasting.

3. PPGI steel coil has great processing performance. So you can make coils into different products according to your need.

4. Prepainted galvanized steel coil also keeps the strength of steel, which makes it tough and safe.

5. PPGI coated coil is light in weight so that it is easy to transport and install.

6. Compared to PPGL steel, it is more affordable.

PPGI Coil Production Line

PPGI Coil Production Line

White PPGI Coil

White PPGI Coil

Review on Pre-painted Galvanized Steel Coil

PPGI Coil Meaning

PPGI coil is short for pre-painted galvanized steel coil. It uses a hot-dipped galvanized steel sheet as substrate and be coated with several layers of organic coatings to protect it from rusting.

PPGI Coil Manufacturing Process

Wanzhi Steel adopts coil coating process, which refers to the galvanized steel is cleaned, pre-treated and painted in coil form continuously. Let’s review the PPGI coil manufacturing process steps by step.

PPGI Manufacturing Process

PPGI Coil Manufacturing Process

1. Zinc coated steel substrate is uncoiled and welded and then goes through the inlet looper to be cleaned and pretreated continuously.

2. After pre-treatment, a layer of chemical conversion coating is formed on the surface.

3. Paint and dry the back and top sides of galvanized steel twice (namely twice-side twice-coating method). For some special uses, it may be painted and dried three times.

4. Cool down the coated steel.

5. After quality testing, the colour coating sheet will be coiled for sale.

That’s why there are several layers of pre-painted galvanized steel coils, including, base metal, zinc coating (two sides), chemical conversion coating (two sides), primer coating (two sides), and top/back coatings.

How to Decide Coatings for PPGI Coil?

There are many PPGI coated coils with different coatings, colors, and coating thickness. You can choose according to your requirements, for example, the use environment, design life, etc.

1. Coating Types

When choosing a primer, you need to consider the adhesion of the primer; while for top coating, corrosion resistance and color retention will be more important.

There are four commonly-used coatings, including polyester (PE), silicone modified polyester (SMP), high durability polyester (HDP), and polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF). PE coating is of good adhesion, which is widely used as a primer. While HDP and PVDF will be more suitable as a top coating because of their excellent durability and color retention.



2. Thickness of Coating

Our top coating is 11-35 μm and the back coating is 5-14 μm. Generally, the thick the coating, the better the corrosion resistance. You can choose according to your requirements. For example, a single layer of back coating is recommended for sandwich wall panels.

3. Coating Colors

What color is the best? It mainly depends on the use environment, your preference, market demand. For example, beauty is the first concern for civil buildings. But the corrosion resistance is more important for industrial buildings. Besides, the light color paint has a stronger heat reflection ability. Moreover, the color change of dark colors is more obvious than that of light color.

More than that, you can also appoint the paint brands, such as AkzoNobel, Nippon, etc. Welcome to contact us for details!

Famous Paint Brands

Famous Paint Brands

PPGI Coils Manufacturers

There many PPGI coils manufacturers in China, such as Wanzhi Steel, Baosteel, Angang Steel, Shougang Group, etc. Wanzhi Steel is not as famous as Baosteel or Angang Steel. But we also offer top-quality steel products at a more competitive price, as well as full service.

1. Wanzhi Steel is a company integrating research, production, and trade. Our factory is located in Shandong Province, with a monthly output of 10,000 tons and an inventory of 10 million tons.

2. We are a global supplier, which has 12 years of exporting experience. We have clients from more than 50 countries, such as Kenya, Chile, Turkey, Brazil, Singapore, Venezuela, etc.

3. There is a wide range of steel products to choose from. Except for PPGI coils, we also have plain sheets, profile sheets, and color corrugated steel sheets for sale.

PPGI Steel Coil in Stock

PPGI Steel Coil in Stock

PPGI Coil Package

PPGI Coil Package

4. Competitive PPGI Coil Price

PPGI steel coil price ranges from $700 to $1400 per ton, which is influenced by the thickness, coatings, etc. Compared to the famous brands, our price is more affordable. It is because that we will offer a direct selling price. But due to the increased operating cost, the prepainted galvanized steel coil price keeps rising. If you are looking for PPGI coils, you’d better make your decision soon. For bulk orders, Wanzhi Steel will offer great discounts.

5. Full-service system. Our company has 9 departments, including the R&D department, purchasing department, production, sales, marketing, finance, quality control, delivery, and after-sale service center. We work in a team to serve you for 24*7 hours a week.

Customer Visit & Shipping Service

Customer Visit & Shipping Service


Pre-painted galvanized steel coil is a truly worthy investment project. It is easy to process to meet different uses, which means there is a promising market. Wanzhi Steel offers a factory direct-sale price, which can lower your cost. Also, the quality PPGI coil is guaranteed from production to after-sales service. So you can trust us and contact us for more details!

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