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Galvanized Sheet for Sale

Wanzhi Steel offers galvanized sheet for sale in different sizes and designs to meet customers’ needs. The available thickness is 0.12 mm to 4 mm and the width ranges from 600 mm to 2,000 mm. Also, it is possible to customize the length and the zinc coating thickness (30 g/m2 to 275 g/m2) according to the uses. We have two hot-dipped galvanizing lines and an electric galvanizing line, which can produce about 300,000 tons of galvanized products per year. At Wanzhi Steel, we promise to offer our clients with quality products. Also, third-party quality inspection is acceptable. Welcome to contact us for more details!

Galvanized Plain Sheets for Sale

Galvanized Plain Sheets for Sale

Corrugated Galvanized Sheets

Corrugated Galvanized Sheets

Below is a quality test report of our galvanized sheets.

Chemical Composition of Galvanized Sheet

Chemical Composition

Galvanized Sheet Test Report

Mechanical Properties

Zinc Coating Thickness of Galvanized Sheet

Zinc Coating Thickness

Galvanized Sheet for Sale

We have plain and profile galvanized sheets for sale, including corrugated, trapezoidal designs, tile, etc. Below are some basic parameters for your reference.

Product Name Galvanized Steel Sheet
Stock Thickness 0.12mm to 4mm
Width 600mm to 2,000mm
Spangle Zero spangles (0.12-2.0 mm), 0.7-4 mm with small spangles, regular (big) spangles
Zinc Layer Thickness 30 g/m2-275 g/m2
Material DX51D + Z, DX52D + Z, DX53D + Z, DX54D + Z, DC51D + Z, DC52D + Z; SGCC; S350GD, etc.
Certificates SGS, BV, ISO 9001
Packaging Standard export package or as per your requirements
Delivery Time 5-25 working days after payment, mainly depending on order quantity

Note: Generally, the thicker the galvanized sheet is, the greater the tolerance is allowed. It is also different with the yield degree, tensile coefficient, and other different requirements. While the tolerance of length and width should be within 5 mm.

Galvanized Sheet at Factory

Galvanized Sheet for Sale

Trapezoidal Galvanized Sheets

Trapezoidal Galvanized Sheets

GI Sheets Price

GI sheet is short for galvanized iron sheet, including plain and corrugated GI sheet, hot-dipped, and electro-galvanized iron sheet. The GI sheet thickness is available from 0.12mm to 4 mm. The latest FOB galvanized sheet price from Wanzhi Steel ranges from 700 to 1,300 USD per ton. Of course, its price will be different on the design, thickness, order quantity, zinc layer thickness, and galvanizing process. For example, GI plain sheet price will be lower than that of the same corrugated sheets. Besides, the more you order, the lower the price. Welcome to contact us with product details for the latest price!

Wanzhi Steel is a GI steel manufacturer in China, which is as not famous as Tata or other brands. But we also have a wide range of quality galvanized sheets for sale at a competitive price. Besides, we offer great discounts for bulk-buy orders. That’s why we have many clients all over the world, such as the Philippines, Brazil, Germany, etc. Welcome to get the wholesale GI sheet price list here!

Packaging of Galvanized Sheets

Generally, the galvanized iron sheet is lined with kraft paper and moist proof (plastic) film, and then packaged with iron sheets outside. Then it will be strapped on the bracket firmly to prevent friction. Below are some pictures for your reference.

Inner Packaging of Galvanized Sheets

Inner Packaging

Outer Packaging

Outer Packaging

Applications of Galvanized Steel Sheet

Galvanized steel is versatile in construction, furniture, home appliances, and the automobile industry due to its durability and affordable price.

Construction industry – Due to its lightweight and durability, galvanized steel has been popular for over a century as building material, especially for roofing, floor deck and wall uses. Because of its aesthetics, it is suitable for different architectural styles. Besides, it is also widely used in fencing, grilles, gutters, rolling doors, pipes, etc.

Automobile industry – The hot-dip galvanized sheets for the automobile industry are mostly from 0.6 mm to 1.2 mm in thickness. About 80% of the car body is made of galvanized steel because of its anti-corrosion. Also, it is also used to make shells, roofs, and floors of carriages, containers, etc.

Light industry, includes the casing of home appliances, chimneys, kitchenware, etc. It can be also found in agricultural uses or the furniture industry, such as granaries, billboards, etc.

At Wanzhi Factory, we also make some finished products, such as galvanized tanks, chimneys, buckets, stoves, roofing sheets, door panels, etc. If you want more details, please contact us!

Roller Door

Roller Door

Galvanized Buckets

Galvanized Buckets

What Is Galvanized Iron Sheet?

Galvanized steel sheet refers to a steel sheet with a layer of zinc on the surface for aesthetics and anti-rust purpose. It is most widely used in buildings and also applied as the base metal of color coated steel. Due to the different galvanizing processes, the zinc spangles will be different, including big spangles, regular spangles, small spangles, and zero spangles.

The substrate is hot rolling and cold rolling steel, which is with high strength, good processability, but is easy to corrosion. Through the galvanizing process, it will form a protective layer to prevent the substrate from rusting and prolong its service life. Here is how the zinc coating work: After zinc and oxygen reactions, there will be an oxide film to isolate the substrate from air and moisture to prevent oxidation. If the zinc layer scratches, somewhere around the zinc will melt to protect bare steel from corrosion.

The zinc layer thickness is usually expressed in Z + number. For example, Z275 refers to 275 g (20 µm) of zinc per square meter, which is the same as the G90 galvanized sheet. According to ASTM standards, G60 means the zinc layer is 180g/m2. By the way, our products will pass through the quality test before delivery. Also, third-party testing is also acceptable. You can find the test report of our DX52D Z140 galvanized sheets for our Iran customer.

Big Spangles

Big Spangles

Regular Spangles

Fine Spangles

Zero Spangles Galvanized Sheet

Zero Spangles

GI Sheet Material Types

The commonly used galvanized steel grades are:

Commercial Sheet (CQ), such as DX51D+Z, SGCC;
Forming Steel;
GI Sheet for Structural Use (HSLA);
Deep Drawing Steel Sheet (DDQ);
Extra Deep Drawing Steel (EDDS), etc.

How to Calculate GI Sheet Weight?

The GI sheet weight follows the calculation formula: W= Thickness (mm) * Width (m) * Length (m) * 7.85 (Density of steel = 7.85 kg/m3) + zinc layer weight

Taking gauge 18 GI sheets (G90) for example, the thickness is about 1.31 mm. The zinc layer is about 275 g/m2. So the galvanized sheet weight per square meter is about 10.58 kg. You can roughly get the weight. If your galvanized sheet is 0.7 mm in thickness, 1.2 m in width, and 2.5 m in length, the weight is about 16.5 kg/piece (0.7*1.2*2.5). If you order 50 tons, there will be about 3,000 pieces. You can estimate how many GI sheets are needed for your project easily.

GI Sheet Gauge to mm

Galvanized Steel Sheet Gauge Chart
Gauge mm Inches
8 4.27 0.1681
9 3.89 0.1532
10 3.51 0.1382
11 3.13 0.1233
12 2.75 0.1084
14 1.99 0.0785
16 1.61 0.0635
18 1.31 0.0516
20 1.01 0.0396
21 0.93 0.0366
22 0.85 0.0336
23 0.78 0.0306
24 0.70 0.0276
25 0.63 0.0247
26 0.55 0.0217
27 0.51 0.0202
28 0.47 0.0187
30 0.40 0.0157
Galvanized Steel Plates

Galvanized Steel Plates

4mm Galvanized Sheets

4mm Galvanized Sheets

Types of GI Sheets

There are different types of galvanized steel sheets. In terms of the manufacturing process, we divide it into hot-dip galvanized steel sheets and electro-galvanized steel sheets. Hot-dip galvanized sheet is mainly used in construction, home appliances, automobiles, light industry, and other industries. Below are more details for your reference.

  • Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Sheet

Hot-dip galvanized steel is made by immersing the steel sheet in a molten zinc bath at about 500 °C to attach a zinc layer to the surface. This is the continuous galvanizing process. It will form a protective zinc layer on the surface so that it has good paint adhesion and weldability. It is the most widely used and cost-effective method to prolong the service life of steel sheets. Below is a workflow for your reference.

Hot-dip Galvanizing Process

Hot-dip Galvanizing Process

  • Electro-galvanized Steel Sheet

Electro-galvanizing, also known as cold galvanizing, uses electrolysis to form a uniform and dense layer on the surface of the metal. The anti-corrosion zinc layer can protect steel parts from oxidation corrosion. Also, it can meet decorative purposes. But the zinc layer of the electro-galvanizing steel sheet is only 5-30 g/m2. So its corrosion resistance is not as good as hot-dip galvanized sheets.

Difference Between Hot-Dip and Electro-galvanized Steel Sheets

  • Anti-corrosion

The zinc coating thickness is one of the most important factors that matters corrosion resistance. The greater the zinc layer thickness, the better the corrosion resistance. Generally, the thickness of hot-dip zinc coating is more than 30 g/m2, or even as high as 600 g/m2. While the electro-galvanized zinc layer is only 5~30 g/m2 thick. So the former steel sheet is much more corrosion-resistant than the latter one. At Wanzhi Steel, the maximum zinc layer is 275 g/m2 (Z275 galvanized steel sheet).

  • Method of Operation

The hot-dip galvanized steel sheet is galvanized in a molten zinc bath at about 500 degrees, while the electro-galvanized steel sheet is processed at room temperature by electroplating or other methods. That’s why electro-galvanizing also refers to the cold galvanizing process.

  • Surface Smoothness & Adhesion

The surface of the electro-galvanized steel sheet looks smoother than hot-dip galvanized sheets. But its adhesion is not as good as that of the hot-dip galvanized sheet. If you want only one side galvanized, you can choose the electroplating method. However, if adopting hot-dip galvanizing, both sides are coated with a zinc layer fully.

Hot-dip Galvanizing vs Electro-galvanizing

Hot-dip Galvanizing vs Electro-galvanizing Pipes

  • Price

The price of the hot-dip galvanized sheet is higher than that of the electro-galvanized steel sheet.

  • Applications

The electro-galvanizing is suitable for small workpieces. And the electro-galvanized sheet is suitable for applications that require a high finish and interior applications, such as ceilings, window or door frames, and automotive panels. While hot-dip galvanizing steel sheet is more corrosion-resistant, which is a good choice for the outdoor environment. Its uses include roofing, doors, gutters, pipes, etc.

Different Designs of Galvanized Sheet for Sale

According to the design, we can find plain and profile galvanized sheets for sale on the market. Galvanized plain sheets are popular in furniture manufacturing, automobile panels, or as the base metal of PPGI sheets. While after profiling, it is widely used in roofing, shutter doors, wall claddings, floor decks, etc.

Galvanized Sheets for Sale

Galvanized Sheets for Sale

Galvanized Sheet With Spangles

Galvanized Sheet With Spangles

Wanzhi Steel is a supplier and manufacturer of steel products. We have quality galvanized sheet for sale, as well as coils, plates and strips. Also, we offer value-added services, such as profiling, shearing, slitting, etc. to meet customers’ requirements. Below is a profiling process for GI corrugated sheet. And welcome to come to visit our factory on-site or online. You can also follow us on Youtube.

FAQs of Galvanized Sheet

1. What is the thickness of GI sheet?

The common thickness of the GI sheet is 0.12 mm – 1.5 mm. At Wanzhi Steel, we have quality galvanized sheets for sale from 0.12 mm to 4 mm. You can choose according to your needs.

2. Is galvanized sheet expensive?

At Wanzhi Steel, the galvanized sheet price ranges from 700-1300 dollars/ton. In general, it is cheaper than galvalume and stainless steel sheets.

3. What is the cost of the galvanized sheet?

The latest FOB galvanized sheet price in 2022 is 700 to 1,300 dollars per ton. It is affected by many factors, such as the zinc coating thickness, market, material, etc.

4. Does galvanized sheet rust?

Yes. But it doesn’t corrode very quickly because of the protective zinc layer. The zinc forms a barrier preventing oxygen and water from the base metal. But when the zinc layer is broken, the base steel sheet will rust. Generally, the thicker the zinc coating, the better the corrosion resistance, and the slower it will rust.

5. How long does galvanized sheet last?

It will last 30-50 years, and even longer, which is mainly influenced by the use environment, zinc coating thickness, etc.

6. What is better stainless steel or galvanized sheet?

In terms of corrosion resistance and durability, the SS sheet will be better than GI sheet. Also, the strength of SS is greater. That is, stainless steel is stronger. While the SS sheet price will be much higher as well. Besides, GI steel is more ductile, which means it is easier to work with. You can choose according to the use purposes and budget.

7. Is galvanized metal sheet heavy?

Actually, the galvanized sheet is not heavy. As mentioned, the GI sheet weight per square (1mm in thickness) is about 7.85 kg. Compared to traditional building materials, GI sheet is much lighter. That’s why it is widely used as a roofing material.

8. What is galvanized metal sheet made of?

Galvanized sheet is made of iron or steel and zinc coating.

9. Where to buy galvanized sheet for sale (with tips)?

Most investors would like to buy from galvanized steel factories in China because of the lower price. Just remember to find a reliable supplier. Before purchasing, please confirm some details, including specifications (thickness, width, length), zinc coating thickness, corrugations, quantity, etc. The MOQ of Wanzhi Steel is 25 tons. Welcome to talk with us for more details.

10. Is galvanized steel sheet good for the outdoors?

Yes, especially the hot-dip galvanized sheet is suitable for outdoor uses due to its excellent anti-corrosion.

11. Is galvanized steel magnetic?

The answer is Yes. Galvanized steel is magnetic. It keeps the properties of the base metal, which is magnetic.


Galvanized steel is the most cost-effective material, which combines durability and a smooth appearance. It is also easy to paint and use. Wanzhi Steel has quality galvanized sheet for sale at a factory sale price. More than that, we also supply galvanized coils, galvalume steel sheets and coils, PPGI, and PPGL coils and sheets, corrugated sheets, etc. You can choose according to use purpose, budget, etc. Also, we offer custom solutions to meet special requirements. For more detailed information, please contact us right now.

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