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Steel Sandwich Panel

Steel sandwich panel is a common building material with great heat and sound insulation. It also keeps the features of color steel, like high strength, excellent corrosion resistance, easy installation, light in weight, less maintenance, and attractive appearance. It is widely used in the roof and wall systems of industrial plants, warehouses, gymnasiums, supermarkets, cold storage, mobile houses, and other applications. Wanzhi Steel offers GI, GL, PPGL, PPGI sandwich panels with different designs, core materials, specifications, colors, and patterns, etc. Welcome to contact us for a free quote.

Color Steel Sandwich Panels

Color Steel Sandwich Panels

Steel Sandwich Panel Specifications

Steel Sheet Material GI, GL, PPGI, PPGL
Steel Sheet Thickness 0.2-1.0 mm
Length Customized as per your requirements
Common Effective Width 950 mm-1150 mm
Thickness of Core Material 50 mm-200 mm
Design Wavy, trapezoidal, tile, etc.
Core Material EPS, XPS, PU, PIR, PF, RW
Features 1. Good heat and sound insulation 2. Excellent fire resistance
3. Easy Installation   4. Wide applications

Steel Sandwich Panel Uses

Insulated sandwich panels are extensively used as roofing or wall panels, from factories to malls, such as:

1. Industrial Buildings
2. Cold Storages
3. Agricultural and Husbandry Buildings
4. Worksite Buildings
5. Residential Buildings

Installation of Sandwich Panel

Installation of Sandwich Panel

Uses of Steel Sanwich Panels

Uses of Sanwich Panels

What Is Sandwich Panel?

A sandwich panel is made with a core of thermal insulating material and covered with two pieces of metal sheets. Our sandwich panels use GI, GL, PPGI, PPGL steel sheets. Generally, the types of sandwich panels are grouped by core materials, for example, EPS (expanded polystyrene),  PIR, RW, XPS, PU, and PF. The main differences between them lie in their fire resistance, sound-heat-insulating performance, etc.

Benefits of Color Steel Sandwich Panel

1. Easy Installation

Its lightweight and beautiful appearance make it easy to install. There is no need for secondary processing, which can shorten the construction period. A building using the traditional material may take 6 to 7 months to complete. While if using steel insulated sandwich panels, it needs only 1 to 2 months.

2. Durability

The corrugated sandwich panel keeps the strength of steel, which is strong and durable to use. Both PPGI PUF panels and GI sandwich panels are corrosion resistant so that they are suitable for different use environments. Also, it is almost free of maintenance.

3. Heat & Sound Insulation

Compared to the PPGI roofing sheet, PPGI sandwich panels has excellent thermal resistance. The λ-values range from 0.024 W/(m·K) for polyurethane to 0.05 W/(m·K) for mineral wool. It is suitable for both extreme cold or hot conditions.

4. High Fire Resistance

A sandwich panel will slow down the spreading of fire to ensure the safety of life and property in the building. Please note that for fire insulation aims, you need to take the core material into consideration.

Steel Sandwich Panel for Sale

Steel Sandwich Panel for Sale

PPGI Sandwich Panel

PPGI Sandwich Panel

How to Choose Sandwich Panels?

While choosing sandwich panels, you need to depend on the use purpose, environment, etc. to select the suitable core materials, steel sheet, coatings, thickness, even the color. Below are some tips. The outer steel sheet shall be resistant to weather, including temperature, wind, ultraviolet rays, etc. While the inner sheet may be influenced by chemical and physical effects, such as acid or humid environment. Wanzhi Steel has various options to choose from. If you are confusing, please contact us for more details!


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