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Carbon Steel Plate

Carbon steel plate is the most commonly used in construction and other applications that require durability and strength. Wanzhi Steel stocks a large inventory of carbon plate products for sale, from 2 to 20mm in thickness, and 600 to 3,000 in width. They are also available in different grades, including Q235, Q345, etc. Besides, we also provide various processing services including punching, bending, slitting, cutting, and other processing services. Welcome to contact us to know how we can meet your needs.

Carbon Steel Plate Specifications

Item Carbon steel plate
Thicknesses 2mm-20mm
Width 600mm-3,000mm
Common Materials Q235, Q345, Q390, Q420, Q460, etc.
Length As per your requirements
Standard GB, ASTM, JIS, DIN, BS, NF
Value-added Services Slitting, cutting, punching, bending, and other processing services
Package Standard export packaging
Delivery Time Within 7-30 working days, mainly depends on the order quantity
Carbon Steel Plates

Carbon Steel Plates

20mm Carbon Steel Plates at Factory

Carbon Plates at Factory

Features & Applications

Material Features Applications
Q295 Good plasticity, toughness, cold bending ability, weldability and corrosion resistance, but low strength Building structures, industrial plants, low-pressure boilers, low and medium pressure chemical containers, oil tanks, pipelines, cranes, tractors, structural parts of ships and vehicles, general engineering structures with low strength requirements, etc.
Q345 Good weldability, cold and hot workability and corrosion resistance. Grades C, D, and E have good low-temperature toughness Widely used in ships, boilers, pressure vessels, oil storage tanks, bridges, power plant equipment, air blowers, lifting and transporting machinery and other high load welded components, etc.
Q420 High strength, good welding performance, and great low-temperature impact toughness Large ships, bridges, power station equipment, medium and high-pressure boilers, high-pressure vessels, vehicles, lifting machinery, mining machinery and large welded components, etc.
Q460 High strength, high comprehensive mechanical properties, and Grades C, D, and E have good toughness Used for various large engineering structures and light structures requiring high strength and large load
Meduim Carbon Steel Plates

Meduim Carbon Steel Plates

Loading to Truck

Loading to Truck

What Is Carbon Steel Plate?

Carbon steel is an iron-carbon alloy with a carbon content of 0.0218% to 2.11%. It also contains a small amount of silicon, manganese, sulfur, and phosphorus. Generally, the higher the carbon content, the greater the hardness and the higher the strength, but the lower the plasticity. According to the carbon content, carbon steel plate can be divided into low carbon steel (C ≤ 0.25%), medium carbon steel (C 0.25%-0.6%) and high carbon steel plate (C>0.6%).

How to Estimate the Weight of MS Steel Plate?

The weight can be calculated by the following formula: Weight = 7.85 * length (m) * width (m) * thickness (mm)

For example, if the MS plate is 3 m in length, 1.5 m in width, and 20 mm in thickness, the weight will be 760.5 kg. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Exact Size


Smooth Surface of Carbon Steel

Smooth Surface

Different Types of Carbon Steel Plates

Generally, carbon steel sheet plates are available in different types depending on the carbon content, making method, thickness, and usage. Let’s have a review of them below.

Carbon Content

There are generally low, medium, high, and extra-high carbon steel plates according to the carbon content.
Low carbon: C content from 0.06% to 0.25%. It is also called a mild carbon plate.
Medium carbon: C content from 0.25% to 0.6%.
High carbon: C content from 0.6% to 0.95%.
Extra-high carbon: C content from 0.96% to 2.1%.
It should notice that as the content of carbon increases, the steel hardness increases, but the final plasticity reduces.

Types Carbon Content Tensile Strength Yield strength Properties
Low Carbon (MS) Plate 0.05-0.25% 325-500MPa 180-260MPa Low hardness; high ductility;
low cost; good formability and weldability
Medium Carbon Plate 0.26-0.60% 460-620MPa 325-420MPa Medium strength, ductility and toughness
High Carbon Plate 0.61-1.50% 660-940MPa 380-440MPa Greatest strength and hardness; low ductility and formability

According to the thickness, it can be grouped into thin, medium, thick, and extra-thick carbon plates.

Items Thicknesses Width
Thin carbon steel sheet 0.2mm-4mm 600mm-1,500mm
Medium carbon steel plate 4mm-20mm 600mm-3,000mm
Thick carbon steel plate 20mm-60mm 600mm-3,000mm
Extra-thick carbon steel plate 60mm+ 600mm-3,000mm
Mild Carbon Steel Sheet Plate Supplier

Mild Carbon Steel Plate

Carbon Steel Plates for Sale

Carbon Steel Plates for Sale

Advantages and Disadvantages of Carbon Plates


1. The raw material of carbon steel is easy to find, so it is usually low in production cost.
2. It has a robust construction, high ductility, easy fabricating, good abrasion resistance, and great versatility.
3. It is in a wide selection of thicknesses, sizes, grades, and types to choose from.
4. Being a cost-effective alternative to GI, GL, and SS steel.


1. High carbon plates sometimes are too difficult to work with.
2. Relatively speaking, it is less attractive, and more susceptible to rust and corrosion.
3. When the temperature exceeds 200 degrees, the wear resistance of the carbon plate will deteriorate.
4. Its hardenability is not good, prone to deformation or cracking when doing so.

What Is Carbon Steel Sheet Plate Used for?

The carbon plate is commonly used in machinery, chemical, petroleum, boiler, heat exchanger, medical equipment, and other industries. For example, it can be used as:
1. Making building materials like carbon steel angle/coil/strip, mold bottoms, scaffoldings, machinery parts, I-beam, etc.
2. Construct bridges, highways, buildings, ships, offshore structures, power stations, storage tanks, boilers, pressure vessels, etc.
3. General fabrication like cabinets, enclosures, bucket parts, truck bodies, heat exchangers, condensers, steel repairing, etc.
4. Used as the base material of GI, and PPGI steel.

Sturctural Work

Sturctural Work

China Carbon Steel Coils for Sale

Carbon Steel Coils

Is Carbon Steel Easy to Rust?

Yes. Carbon steel does rust easily because it lacks the corrosion-resistant protective coating of its stainless steel counterpart. Although it’s stronger and more durable than stainless steel, carbon steel may rust and corrode fast when getting in touch with moisture. Once exposed to water and oxygen, the steel may start to see signs of rust in as little as 4-5 days.
Therefore, most carbon steel products are not suitable for coastal and highly corrosive environments.

Wanzhi Factory

Carbon Steel Plate at Factory

Beautiful Embossed Carbon Steel

Embossed Carbon Steel

Buy Premium Carbon Steel from Wanzhi Steel

Wanzhi Steel is a wholesale carbon steel plate manufacturer and supplier, with a factory in Hebei Province, China. Our factory is near Tianjin Port. We are an integrated company with steel production, trade, processing, and distribution. There is a large inventory of quality steel products with different materials, grades, finishes and specifications. Besides, we offer value-added services, such as cutting to size, slitting, punching, bending, etc. More than that, we will offer a competitive price for bulk orders. Welcome to contact us for a free sample.

Common Structural Steel Plate Grades Chart

China America Japan Germany England France ISO
Q195 Cr.B SS330; SPHC; SPHD S185 040;A10;S185 S185
Q215A Cr.C; Cr.58 SS330; SPHC
Q235A Cr.D SS440; SM400A E235B
Q235B Cr.D SS440; SM400A S235JR; S235JRG1; S235JRG2 S235JR; S235JRG1; S235JRG2 S235JR; S235JRG1; S235JRG2 E235B
Q255A SS440; SM400A
Q275 SS490 E275A

High-quality Structural Plate Grades Chart

China America Japan Germany England France ISO
08F 1008; 1010 SPHD; SPHE 040; A10
10 1010 S10C; S12C CK10 040; A12 XC10 C101
15 1015 S15C; S17C CK15; Fe360B 08M15 XC12; Fe306B C15E4
20 1020 S20C; S22C C22 IC22 C22
25 1025 S25C; S28C C25 IC25 C25 C25E4
40 1040 S40C; S43C C40 IC40; 080M40 C40 C40E4
45 1045 S45C; S48C C45 IC45; 080M40 C45 C45E4
50 1050 S50C; S53C C50 IC50; 080M50 C50 C50E4
15Mn 1019 080A15

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