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Cold Rolled Steel Coil

Cold rolled steel coil and sheet are widely used as basic materials in many applications, such as automobiles, electric appliances, furniture, etc. It is rolled at room temperature, below its recrystallization temperature, which will increase the steel strength and hardness, and also make its surface smooth. As a leading cold rolled steel coil manufacturer, Wanzhi Steel develops and offers a wide range of steel products with different sizes, finishes, designs to meet our customers’ needs. Welcome to talk with us about your project.

Cold Rolled Coil

Cold Rolled Coil

Production of CR Coil

Production of CR Coil

Specifications of Cold Rolled Coil

Item  Colo Rolled Steel Coil
Thickness  0.2 mm-4 mm
Width  600 mm-2,000 mm
Strip  7 mm-850 mm (can be customized)
Coil Weight  3-5 tons (can be customized)
MOQ  5 tons
Delivery Time  15-30 days (mainly depends on the order quantity)
Processing Service  Bending, Cutting, Slitting, Punching, etc.
Tolerance  ±1%
Package  Standard Export Package
Cold Rolled Coil for Sale

CR Coil for Sale

Cold Rolled Steel Coils

Cold Rolled Coils at Factory

Features of Cold Rolled Coil

1. High strength:  20% stronger than hot rolled steel
2. High surface quality – smooth and easy to paint
3. Close tolerance
4. Good formability

Cold Rolled Steel Coil Uses

The cold-rolled steel coil is commonly used for applications that require close tolerances, high strength, and high surface finish quality. It is also the base metal of galvanized steel coil. Here are its applications:

1. Furniture
2. Automobile components
3. Home appliances
4. Electronics Hardware
5. Construction uses

Cold Roll Steel Uses

Cold Roll Steel Uses

What Is CR Coil?

Cold rolled steel coil (CR coil) is essentially hot-rolled steel that is cooled at room temperature and then annealed and temper rolled. This process will produce steel coil with tighter dimensional tolerances and better surface finishes. Since the cold work hardening is caused by continuous cold deformation, it increases the strength and hardness of rolled hard coils and decreases the toughness index, they can only be used for simply deformed parts.

SPCC Steel

SPCC steel is a commercial grade of cold-rolled steel defined by Japanese manufacturing standard JIS G 3141. It is equivalent to China grade Q195 and Q215A. While SPHC steel is a commercial quality hot rolled steel. Below are its mechanical properties.

Tensile strength is at least 270 N/mm2(MPa); while yield strength is ≤240 N/mm2(MPa).

Cold Rolled Coil

Cold Rolled Coil

Cold Rolled Coils to Brazil

CR Coil to Brazil

Cold Rolled Steel Coil Manufacturing Process

The production process of cold rolled coils varies slightly according to the raw materials and the varieties and specifications of the products. Here is the making process of cold rolled steel.

Raw Material (Hot rolled steel)- Pickling – Cold Rolling – Degreasing – Annealing – Rolling up – Packaging

1. Pickling. Hot-rolled coils pass through a pickling line to remove oxide scale on the surface by using hydrochloric acid solutions. Through the pickling process, there will be fewer surface flaws left.
2. Cold rolling. Pickled coils are rolled to a specified thickness in the cold-rolled mill.
3. Annealing. After removing the lubricant oil and contaminants by electrolytic cleaning, the coil will go through the continuous annealing process. It aims to make steel products with high tensile strength.
4. Rolling up into coils and then packaging for sale.

Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process

CR Coil Price

The market price is around USD 500-700 per ton. And it will be different with many factors. Since CR coil undergoes a complex production process and the level of operation required is high, it takes more time and costs more to produce. When making a selection of cold rolled coils, do not go overboard for low prices, but ensure the quality of the product. In addition, the steel market is highly volatile due to the import and export tariffs. In recent months, steel prices are rising, which will also increase the price of cold-rolled coils.

Cold Rolled Steel Coil Suppliers

There are many cold rolled steel coil suppliers all over the world. Please make sure to choose a reputable one, for example, Wanzhi Steel. As a leading steel products manufacturers in China, we have our own factory in Shandong Province. We develop a professional team to produce CR steel coil with precise dimensions, beautiful surfaces, and good mechanical properties. Besides, there is a strict quality control system. You can come to check your coils on site. Also, the third-party inspection is acceptable. More than that, we have a full-service system. If you have any problem when receiving goods, please feel free to contact us. We will get back to you in 12 hours. Wanzhi Steel also offers great discounts for bulk orders. Welcome to contact us for the latest price.

CR Coil at Factory

CR Coil at Factory

CR Coil Production Line

CR Coil Production Line

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