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Colored Wall Panels

Colored wall panels we offer include single-layer corrugated sheets, insulated sandwich panels, etc., which can be used for exterior and interior designs of new buildings or to retrofit existing buildings. We have a variety of colors or patterns, coatings, substrates, and designs to select from. Our professional team will work with you to find the right painted steel wall panels to suit your requirements.

The Green Color Wall Panle

Single Layer Corrugated Sheet

The Yellow Color Wall Panle

Insulated Sandwich Panel

Types of Steel Wall Panels

We have different types of steel cladding panels to meet different uses, mainly include

Single-layer Corrugated Wall Panels

We offer two kinds of coated corrugated steel sheets, namely PPGI and PPGL. They are profiled into different shapes, such as wavy, trapezoidal, etc. It is a single-layer, which is often used for fastener panels and decorative wall panels. You can choose the colors according to the RAL Color card or printed patterns. But please remember to choose one that suits your architectural style.

Wavy Colored Wall Panels

Wavy Colored Wall Panels

Trapezoidal Colored Steel Wall Panels

Trapezoidal Wall Panels

Painted Steel Wall Panel

Painted Steel Wall Panel

Sandwich Steel Wall Panel

As the name implies, sandwich steel wall panels are made of three layers, including two layers of PPGI or PPGL steel sheets and a polymer thermal insulation core, just like a sandwich. It is ideal for commercial, industrial, warehousing, and cold storage applications. It has features like:

1. Various colors and designs provide modern and high-end aesthetics, as well as flexible uses
2. Light in weight and easy to install
3. Thermal insulation properties

Sandwich Colored Wall Panels

High Wave Sandwich Steel Wall Panel

Low Wave Sandwich Colored Wall Panels

Low Wave Sandwich Steel Wall Panel

Applications of Painted Steel Wall Panels

Our colored steel wall panels will allow you to meet different standards for agricultural, industrial, and residential buildings, such as schools, hospitals, apartments, offices, museums, warehouses, theaters, and other buildings. It has features as follow:

1. Offer you multiple attractive options from color, design, specification, etc.
2. High durability and excellent corrosion resistance
3. Easy and fast installation, which can save your construction costs
4. Less maintenance to reduce your cost

Residential Buildings

Residential Buildings





Advantages of Colored Wall Panels

1. Easy to Install

The installation of colour steel sheet is very convenient and quick because the painted wall panel itself is very light in weight. Also, there is no need for a deep foundation. So it can greatly shorten the construction period.

2. Short Construction Period

Traditional construction requires much water to make the mortar for bricklaying. After that, it takes time to dry. But using colored steel for wall panels, the building can be put into use once it is finished.

3. High Durability

Steel wall cladding can effectively protect buildings from corrosion because of coatings. And the color almost does not fade after exposure to the sun. The service life of colour steel wall panels on the market is at least 15 years under normal conditions.

4. Great Thermal Insulation

Colored wall panels are with thermal insulation. Sandwich panels are made of foam, glass wool, polyurethane, etc., which makes it a great choice for outder walls.

5. Safety

The surface materials and insulation materials of colored wall panels are non-combustible, which can meet the requirements of fire prevention regulations.

6. Fair Price

The color steel wall sheeting is cost-effective. Compared with traditional construction materials, it offers many advantages, like fast production, light in weight, and quick installation, which will shorten the construction period to reduce your cost.

Tips for Choosing Color Steel Wall Panels

For exterior metal wall panels, sandwich panels are recommended. It is because the special core materials make the panels more effective in heat preservation. While interior steel wall panels are decorative. So you can choose PPGI or PPGL corrugated sheets. They are available in a wide variety of colors, designs, patterns, styles, etc. You can choose according to your preference and use environment. If you want more details, please contact Wanzhi Steel.

Wanzhi Factory

Wanzhi Factory

Steel in Stock

Steel in Stock

Final Words

Whether your project is for commercial, industrial, or agricultural purposes, colored steel wall panels are a great choice. It combines an attractive look with durability.

Wanzhi Group is an experienced color coated steel manufacturer, which is able to offer you quality products and perfect metal wall cladding solutions. Also, Wanzhi Steel has its own factory so that we can supply you with a fair price. If you have any questions, please contact us!

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