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PPGL Roofing Sheet

PPGL roofing sheet is a kind of wonderful building material. Its weight is only 1/30 of the traditional concrete roofs’, which makes it easy to install to greatly shorten the construction period. It also keeps the strength and durability of steel so that its service life is more than 25 years under normal conditions. Besides, it is good-looking and there are various colors, patterns and designs to meet different architectural styles. More than that, PPGL steel has excellent resistance to heat, which makes it an ideal roofing material even in hot climates. No matter for home use or investment, PPGL roofing sheet will be a great choice.

Pre-painted Galvalume Roofing

PPGL Roofing

Installation of PPGL Roof Sheet

Installation of PPGL Roof

PPGL Roofing Sheet Specifications

Wanzhi Steel has a wide variety of PPGL roofing panels for sale, such as wavy, trapezoidal, tiles, etc. The available thickness is from 0.12 to 1.2 mm, and the effective width ranges from 750 to 1,100 mm. We also offer custom solutions to meet special requirements. Welcome to contact us for details!

PPGL Roofing Sheet Designs

PPGL Roofing Sheet Designs

Item PPGL Roofing Sheet
Thickness 0.2 mm-1.2 mm
Overall Width 600 mm-1,250 mm
Effective Width 750 mm-1,100 mm
Length According to customers’ request
Design Wavy, Trapezoidal, Tile, Curved, etc.
Colors As per RAL Color (custom patterns are available)
Coatings PE, SMP, HDP, PVDF
Certificates ISO 9001, SGS, CE, BV
Features Durable, Corrosion Resistant, Heat Resistant, Water-proof
Package Standard Export Package

Advantages of PPGL Roofing Sheet

PPGL is short for pre-painted galvalume steel, which uses Al-Zn coated steel as the base metal. It is widely used in many areas, especially in roofing and wall systems. Let’s review the benefits of using PPGL as roofing.

1. Highly Resistant to Corrosion

The coating of galvalume steel is made of 55% aluminum, 43.3% zinc, and 1.6% silicon. Aluminum will form a honeycomb layer around zinc, which can protect the metal from further eroding. It means PPGL will be more durable. According to data, the service life of PPGL roofing sheets is more than 25 years under normal conditions.

Exposure Test of Al-Zn Coating

Exposure Test of Al-Zn Coating

2. Excellent Heat Resistance

Galvalume steel is of great heat resistance, which can withstand a high temperature of more than 300 degrees. Besides, it is also featured with high thermal reflectivity. So it can be even used as insulating material. That’s why PPGL is a good choice as roofing material.

3. Easy to Install and Maintain

The weight of the PPGL sheet is much lighter than that of traditional materials. Also, it can be used directly. What you need to do is to connect the roofing sheets. As roofing, it is very easy to install to reduce construction time and cost. Also, it is made of high-strength steel so that it is strong enough to withstand extreme weather. No matter where you are, PPGL will be a cost-effective solution for your roof.

Pre-painted Galvalume Roofing Sheet

Easy Installation

4. Beautiful Appearance

The adhesion of Al-Zn coated steel is good so that its surface is smooth. Also, it can keep colors for a long time. More than that, Wanzhi Steel offers various finishes and designs of PPGL corrugated sheets to choose from, which can suit different architectural styles. So no matter what color you want, glossy or matte, dark or light, please contact us for more details.


Wanzhi Steel offers pre-painted galvalume roofing sheets for sale, which are available in different specifications, colors, and designs. It is suitable for both civil and commercial uses, as well as agricultural, industrial, and public buildings. Apart from this, we will supply these sheets at a factory direct sale price. Also, Wanzhi steel has GI, GL, PPGI sheets to choose from. With our 17 years of industry experience, we will provide you with the most suitable solution. Just inform us of your requirements now!

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