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Color Coated Steel Coil

Color coated steel coil is a promising investment project. It can be easily processed into different products for further use. Also, it is more affordable than end products. For some large projects or investors, buying pre-painted coils will be a more cost-effective choice.

Green Color Coated Steel Coil

Green Color Coated Coil

Brick Colour Coated Coil

Brick Colour Coated Coil

Coils with Package

Coils with Package

Wanzhi Steel is one of the leading pre-painted steel coil suppliers in China, which is an industry and trade company. There are rich products with galvanized or galvalume as the substrate to meet customer needs. You can also choose any color according to RAL Color, glossy or matt, custom patterns, etc. More than that, we offer a factory-sale price and great discounts for bulk orders. Welcome to contact us for more details!

Item Color Coated Steel Coil
Substrate GI, GL
Thickness 0.12 mm-1.2 mm
Width 600 mm-1250 mm
Coil Weight 3-5 tons (can be customized)
Coatings PE, SMP, HDP, PVDF
Coating Thickness Top: 11-35 μm   Back: 5-14 μm
Colors As per RAL Color (custom patterns are available)
Package Standard Export Package

Popular Colors of Wanzhi Pre-painted Coils

According to our experience, the hot-selling colors for roofing or wall panels include cement grey (RAL 7033), signal blue (RAL 5005), traffic red (RAL 3020), moss green (RAL 6005), colza yellow (RAL 1021), wine red (RAL 3005), etc. While pattern coils are very popular for ceiling, door, or interior decoration. It all depends on your needs and preference. If you want other colors or patterns, please contact us for a custom design.

Popular Colors

Popular Colors

Note: The actual color may differ slightly due to the different coating materials, light, etc. But we promise to use the paint as agreed upon in the contract.

Applications of Color Coated Steel Coil

Pre-painted steel coils can be slit, sheared, and profiled for different uses, for example,
1.Construction, for example, roofing, interior, and exterior wall panel, ceiling, partitioning walls, etc.
2.Transportation, such as decorative panels of cars, trains or ships, containers, etc.
3.Home Appliances, mainly used to make shells of refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, etc.
4.Furniture, like wardrobe, locker, radiator, lampshade, table, bed, bookcase, shelf, etc.
5.Other Industries, such as roller shutters, advertising boards, traffic signboards, elevators, whiteboards, etc.
Considering its flexible uses and good formability, it is profitable to invest in pre-painted steel coils.

Uses of Color Coated Steel

Uses of Color Coated Steel

Why Purchase Pre-painted Steel Coils?

As an emerging material, colour coated sheet is very popular in our life. But it is a kind of material, which makes it is a great investment project. Let’s review its features.

1. Easy to Transport

Compared to color coated steel sheets, coils are easier to transport. In this way, it will save your shipping cost.

Delivery to Nigeria

Delivery to Nigeria

Color Coated Steel Coils for Sale

Color Coated Steel Coils for Sale

2. Wide Applications

Color coated coil has features of light in weight and good mechanical property. For example, the weight of color coated steel is about 6-14 kg per square meter, which is only 1/30 of the brick wall with the same area. However, its mechanical property can also meet the safety requirements. So it is widely used in constructions, transportation, and other areas. That’s to say, there is a promising market.

3. Easy Processing

Due to the good formality, it is easy to shear, or shape the color steel coils according to different applications. You may just need less equipment and simple operation. While it is cheaper than end products. For large projects, it will greatly lower your investment cost.

Wavy Color Coated Steel Sheet

Wavy Color Coated Steel Sheet

Trapezoidal Color Coated Steel Sheet

Trapezoidal Color Steel Sheet

Color Steel Tile

Color Steel Tile

4. Less Maintenance

Because of its excellent corrosion resistance of galvanized steel or galvaume steel, prepainted steel coil and the products made of color-coated steel require less maintenance. For investors, you will never worry about the after-sales problems. While for users, it is a cost-effective choice.

5.Friendly to the Environment

Colour coated sheet coil is good for the environment. For example, there is no need to undermine if using color coated steel as building materials, which is good for the environment. Even the used color coated steel can be reused.

Prepainted Steel Coating Process

The coating process is the process by which a steel coil is coated continuously. The steel coil will go through uncoiling, welding, press rolling, inlet looping, pre-treatment (including chemical degreasing and chemical conversion), primer coating, drying, cooling, finish coating, drying, cooling, outlet looping, and coiling. Below is a flow chart for your reference.

Through the coating process, both sides of the steel coil are coated twice. Generally, the back coating thickness is 5-14 μm and the top one is 11-35 μm, which can be customized according to your needs. Below is a picture showing the coating structure.

Prepainted Steel Coating Process

Prepainted Steel Coating Process

Color Coated Steel Coil Price

The colour coated coil rate starts from $500 to $1,300 per ton on the market. In fact, the color coated steel coil price is influenced by many factors, such as the substrate, thickness, color, coating, the thickness of the coating, printed pattern, etc. We suggest choosing the one that suits your needs and budget the best, rather than the price.


According to the substrate, there are 3 kinds of color-coated steel coils to choose from, namely, cold-rolled steel (CR), galvanized steel (GI), and Al-Zn-coated steel (GL). Among them, CR is the cheapest one, but its corrosion resistance is not as good as that of GI or GL. Commonly, it is often used as interior lining panel, lamp, etc. While PPGL is expensive, but it is a great building material because of its great corrosion resistance and reflectivity. Below is a video for your reference.


The commonly-used top coatings include polyester (PE), silicone modified polyester (SMP), high durability polyester (HDP), and polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF). PVDF is more expensive than others, while its physical properties are also much better. Also, it is suggested to choose the paint according to the different use environments.

Items Cost Durability Colors Film Integrity UV Resistance Chalking Resistance Dirt Resistance
PE Low Good Rich Excellent Medium Good Poor
SMP Medium Good Rich Good Medium Good Medium
HDP Medium Very Good Rich Good Very Good Very Good Good
PVDF High Excellent Limited Good Excellent Excellent Good

How to Choose Prepainted Steel Coil?

There are many factors to consider before purchase, such as the substrate, coating, thickness, cost, etc. Below are some tips for your reference.

1. Select the appropriate one for the uses and purposes

It will be very different for different uses. You need to take the corrosion of the use environment, expected service life, and durability into consideration. It matters how to choose the substrate, thickness, and coating. So inform us where and what you will use the color coated coil for, our professional sales team will offer suitable options.

2. Pay more attention to the product quality

There are many color coated steel coils on the market. Some are very cheap. But you need to pay more attention to the quality rather than the price. If possible, you can ask for samples for reference or visit the factory on site.

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3.Take your budget into consideration

You need to make the best choice according to your budget. For the other thing, it is important to compare the price to get the most cost-effective solution. Welcome to contact us for a price list!

4.Cooperate with the company with great service

Service is also very important. You need to choose the pre-painted steel coil suppliers who offer great service, such as product warranty, after-sales system, etc. Taking Wanzhi Steel for example, we have a full service system with professional engineers and multilingual consultants to serve you for 24*7 hours a week.

Wanzhi Coil Package

Wanzhi Coil Package

Wanzhi Steel Factory

Wanzhi Steel Factory


Wanzhi Steel is one of the leading pre painted steel coil suppliers in China. We have a wide variety of color coated coils for sale, such as red, blue, grey, green, etc. The thickness availability is from 0.12 mm to 1.2 mm and the width availability is from 600 mm to 1,250 mm. Besides, we offer custom solutions to meet special requirements. More than that, we will offer discounts for bulk orders. Welcome to contact us for sample products or come to visit us on site!

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