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What Is SMP Coating?

SMP coating, silicone modified polyester coating, is one of the most commonly used top paints in pre-painted steel. It combines the features of polyester resin and silicone resin, which is of excellent durability and color retention, high wear resistance, and great corrosion-weather resistance. In the general environment, its service life is more than 10 years. Therefore, the SMP color coated steel is widely used as roofing and wall panels of buildings in light industrial areas, commercial areas, residential areas, as well as areas with heavy sandstorms, steel mills, and other fields.

Since polyester contains active groups -OH/-COOH, it is easy to react with other polymer compounds. But silicon is a relatively stable chemical element, which can improve the light resistance and chalk resistance of polyester. The denaturation ratio with PE can be 5%-50%. The hardness, wear and heat resistance of the modified polyester coating are improved, so that the SMP color coated steel has excellent durability and chalking resistance.

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