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SuperDyma Steel

SuperDyma steel, shorted for SD steel, is a new type of highly corrosion-resistant steel product. It is often made from a hot-dip continuous process, offering a poly-alloy coating made of zinc, aluminum, magnesium, silicon, and a trace of other elements to enhance anti-corrosion ability. Nowadays, SD steel is gradually replacing the galvanized steel and stainless steel, becoming the darling of the new era. Wanzhi can provide SuperDyma material both in coil and sheet, welcome to contact us for more details!

SuperDyma Steel Specifications

Product Name SuperDyma Steel
Based Metal Cold rolled steel
Thickness 0.2-4.0 mm or customized as required
Width 100-1600 mm or customized as required
Zinc Coating 60-450 g/m2 or customized as required
Surface Treatment Chromated skinpassed / oiled/non-oiled /dry / Anti-finger printing
Applications Mainly used in construction, automobiles, home appliances, hardware accessories, PPGI base metal, etc.
Package Standard export package (waterproof paper inside and steel strips outside)
High-quality SuperDyma Coil

SuperDyma Iron Coil

China SuperDyma Sheet for Sale

SuperDyma Iron Sheet

What Is Super Dyma Steel?

As its name implies, SuperDyma steel is actually zinc-aluminum-magnesium-coated steel. Manufactured from a hot-dip continuous process, these Zn, Al, Mg, Si, and other elements will be fused and solidified at high temperature, thus forming a dense protective barrier on the cold rolled steel surface. This processing makes ZAM steel effectively prevent the penetration of corrosion factors and prolong its lifespan.

Different Types of SuperDyma Steel

According to the different aluminum content, it can be divided into low, medium, and high Super Dyma steel. Let’s have a review of them below.
Low Syper Dyma Steel: Al 1% – 3.5%. It is to add a small amount of aluminum, magnesium, and other elements to a hot-dip pure zinc-coated steel. Therefore, it can be said an upgraded product of HDG steel products.
Medium Super Dyma Steel: Al 5% – 11%.
High Super Dyma Steel: Al 55%. It is formed by adding certain Al, Mn, and other elements to the hot dipped galvalume steel. Similarly, it is identified as an upgraded product of hot-dip GL products. Usually, this type is also referred to as “AZM” steel.

Glossy Surface

Glossy Surface

Thin Size

Thin Size

Main Advantages

1. Excellent Corrosion Resistance

Compared with traditional galvanized and galvalume steel, SuperDyma steel has superior corrosion resistance due to the addition of Zn, Al, Mg, and Si elements. Relatively speaking, it is 10-20 times that HDG steel and 5-8 times that GL steel. More than that, it also has superb alkali resistance.

2. Good Incision-repairing Ability

One of the biggest features of SD steel is that its incision can be automatically repaired to prevent the production of red rust.

3. Light Weight & Easy Installation

Due to its lower density, the Al-Zn-Mg steel is more than 3% larger than that of galvanized steel sheet under the condition of the same weight and same coating thickness. In other words, its weight is equivalent to that of Al-Zn steel. This property also makes it easy to install and handle. You can do it by riveting, welding, gluing, etc.

4. High Workability

It also has excellent wear and scratch resistance, making it harder and can adapt to a variety of processing like drawing, stamping, bending, painting, welding, etc.

ZAM Coated Steel Strip Production

ZAM Steel Strip

ZAM Coated Corrugated Sheet from Wanzhi Factory

ZAM Steel Corrugated Sheet

5. Elegant Surface

SuperDyma product often has a smooth, spangled, and low gloss finish. What’s more, its spangles are smaller and more uniform than that of galvanised steel.

6. Great Durability & High Strength

In view of its complex structure, SuperDyma usually combines high strength with great durability, guaranteed to have more than 30 years of service life.

7. Cost-effectiveness

This product is gradually taking place the galvanized steel and stainless steel and is widely used at home and abroad. This is mainly due to its vast economical efficiency:

– 40% cheaper than stainless steel, which can largely reduce material costs

– Further increase the corrosion resistance of components

– Can omit some process procedures such as post-coating and post-painting

– Environmental protection, with ROHS standard certification and no heavy metal ions

SuperDyma Steel Coating

SuperDyma Steel Coating

Pretty Painted SuperDyma Product

Painted SuperDyma Product

General Applications

As a new type of multifunctional building material, SuperDyma steel product is widely involved in construction, agriculture, electronic appliances, automobiles, energy, marine, pipe gallery, and other areas. For detailed examples, you can see below:

1. Construction: roofing and wall for houses, water fender, perforated plate, soundproof wall, doors, shells, ceiling, floor lining, etc.

2. Electronic appliances: refrigerator, washer, shower, dust collector, container, traffic signals, power supply casing, etc.

3. Energy: photothermal, photovoltaic power station engineering, solar module bracket field photovoltaic, etc.

4. Agriculture: greenhouse, agricultural feeding equipment, etc.

5. Automobiles: car motor/shell, spare parts, oil/water box, wiper rod, tank heat shield, etc.

6. Pipe Gallery: underground/urban pipe gallery, pipeline, high and low voltage cables, cable tray, etc.

7. Marine: can be applied in coastal or other areas with high humidity, high polluted alkaline, or serious environmental pollution.

8. Public Uses: all kinds of containers, road protection, chimney, shells of doors and board, kitchen utensils, photovoltaic scaffolds, storage equipment, the substrate of PPGI steel, etc.

Construction Frame made by Super Dyma Steel

Construction Frame

Cooling Tower

Cooling Tower

Difference Between Galvanized Steel and SuperDyma Steel

Actually, there are a lot of distinctions between GI and SD steel. Let’s discuss them now depending on the following different aspects.

1. Coating

Galvanized steel is sheet steel coated with a pure zinc layer. While the coating of SuperDyma steel is much more complex, with a layer mainly composed of zinc plus aluminum, magnesium, and a trace of silicon.

2. Manufacturing

Both can be produced in a hot-dip continuous process. But beyond that, the GI steel can be fabricated by electroplating at normal temperature.

3. Corrosion Resistance

It has been proven that SuperDyma has better corrosion resistance than galvanized and galvalume steel. According to the statistics, it is about 10-20 times than GI and 5-8 times than GL.

Corroison Resistance Between ZAM Steel and Galvanized Steelteel


4. Usage

Their applications are very similar, to some extent. But it is worth noting that the SuperDyma material can replace stainless steel or aluminum in some fields due to its super anti-corrosion performance.

5. Mechanical Capacity

The pure zinc coating on the GI surface usually makes it unusable for cutting, welding, and bending as it may damage the Zn layer if does. On the contrary, the SuperDyma has better mechanical properties when compared to GI, which can be seen in the following three ways:

1. Good wear resistance. The coating layer of SuperDyma is harder so that it has good durability for wear and scratch. It is conducive to reducing the coating wear and pressing.

2. Good self-renewal ability. Once cut, the SuperDyma will repair itself by forming the Alkaline zinc salts on the damaged cut edge to protect the base metal.

3. Good weldability. The addition of Mn can reduce the spatter near the weld during the laser welding process and improve the welding performance largely.

6. Cost

SuperDyma material is a bit costlier than zinc-coated iron. Generally, the price of SD steel is somewhere between galvanised steel and Stainless steel.

ZAM Steel Stockage in Wanzhi Factory

ZAM Steel Stockage

Wanzhi Inventory of SuperDyma Steel

Wanzhi Inventory


SuperDyma steel is a versatile construction material with high corrosion resistance, fire & heat insulation, easy installation, and competitive price. It can be widely used in many places like hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, hospitals, office buildings, residential homes, etc. For buying high-quality SuperDyma sheet material, you can trust Wanzhi Steel. We are a professional steel material and end-product manufacturer in China. With the 18+ years of supply and export experience, we have accumulated many customers worldwide and expanded our advantages:

1. Know well all standards of ZAM steel in different countries

2. Free samples of various standards of ZAM steel

3. Provide professional solutions and suggestions for customers

4. Abundant stock and prompt delivery

5. Trade internationally and always be sensitive to the market price

6. Excellent customer service

Since the company was founded, we have been actively engaged in international marketing and try our best to ensure that all of our users get the goods in good quality and full service. Now, we sincerely look forward to working with more customers and friends to develop new fields together!

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