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PPGI Steel

PPGI steel is a beautiful and long-lasting material, which is widely applied in buildings, household appliances, furniture, and other areas. Wanzhi Steel offers various colors, custom patterns, and designs to help you easily get ideal solutions. But of course, it also offers many practical benefits. It is easy to process, lightweight, heat and corrosion-resistant, and extremely durable. To find more information about prepainted galvanized steel, please contact us directly.

Signal Blue PPGI Coil

Signal Blue PPGI Coil

PPGI Profile Sheets

PPGI Profile Sheets

PPGI Plain Sheets

Plain PPGI Sheets

What Is PPGI Steel?

PPGI steel is short for pre-painted galvanized iron, which refers to pre-painted zinc-coated steel. As the name implies, PPGI commonly uses a hot-dip zinc-coated steel (GI) as a substrate. Then the GI sheet in coil form is cleaned, pre-treated, and painted with layers of organic coatings, such as PE, SMP, HDP, PVDF, etc. The painting process is continuous, which is known as coil coating process. That’s why PPGI steel consists of several layers, namely base metal, zinc coating, pre-treatment (chemical conversion coating), primer coating, and top/back coating. Below is a structure drawing for you.

PPGI Steel Structure

PPGI Steel Structure

PPGI Sheets & Coils

According to the shape, we divide prepainted galvanized steel into coil and sheet. The thickness of our PPGI is from 0.12 mm to 1.2 mm. To make it easy to transport, PPGI sheets are often rolled up into coils. While for specific purposes, PPGI coils can be sheared and profiled into plain or corrugated steel sheets. Commonly, PPGI coil is a kind of base material, which is suitable for investment; while PPGL sheet is a kind of finished product, which can be used directly. But essentially, pre-painted galvanized steel sheets and coils are the same things. Just choose the right form according to your needs.





PPGI Steel Specifications

Below is a table of prepainted galvanized steel specifications for your reference. For more specific information, please contact us!

Item PPGI Steel (pre painted galvanized steel)
Substrate GI (galvanized iron)
Thickness 0.12 mm-1.2 mm
Overall Width 600 mm-1,250 mm
Coatings PE, SMP, HDP, PVDF
Coating Thickness Top: 11-35 μm   Back: 5-14 μm
Colors As per RAL Color (custom patterns are available)
Monthly Production 5,000-10,000 tons
Certificates ISO 9001, SGS, CE, BV
Value-added Services Custom sample, slitting, cutting, stamping, bending, profiling, and other processing services
Package Standard Export Package

PPGI Steel Colors

The common colors include brick red, blue, green, grey, etc. Both glossy and matte colors are available. Also, there are different printed patterns to choose from, such as flower, grass, brick, wood grain, etc. You can also send us patterns for custom design.

Applications of PPGI Steel

Prepainted galvanized steel is used in many areas, including

1. Roofing, Walling, and Ceiling

2. Windows and Doors

3. Home Appliances

4. Furniture

5. Transportation

6. Others, such as traffic signboards, whiteboards, etc.

  • Building

Features of Prepainted Galvanized Steel

1. Excellent Corrosion Resistance

2. Beautiful Appearance

3. Good Processing Performance

4. Light in Weight

5. Various Colors and Designs

6. Custom Solution

PPGI Steel Price in 2021

PPGI steel price is from $500 to $1400 per ton. In the first three months of 2021, the steel price in China kept increasing. It is estimated that it may steadily rise in the future. There are several reasons.

1. The cost of raw materials rises.

2. Environmental cost. Influenced by environmental policy, some small and medium-scale steel mills may close. It means the production capacity will be less.

3. The operating cost of the steel industry increased greatly, including labor costs, financing costs, etc.

4. Market demand is recovering. Influenced by COVID-19, some projects were delayed last year. But in 2021, most of them started again. When demand is exceeding supply, the price will go up.

Wanzhi Factory

Wanzhi Factory

Steel in Stock

Steel in Stock

The pre painted galvanized steel price changes every day. If you are looking for PPGI steel products, we advise you to place your order as soon as possible from a reliable supplier. Wanzhi Steel is an industrial and trade company so that we can offer you a direct sale price. Welcome to contact us for today’s price!

Wanzhi Steel – Qualified PPGI Steel Manufacturer in China

1. We have a factory with an advanced production line.

2. Rich exporting experience. We have 12 years of exporting experience. Our clients can be found in more than 50 countries, such as Kenya, Turkey, Brazil, Singapore, Venezuela, etc.

3. We offer a wide range of steel products. Except for GI colour coated sheets, we also have various PPGL steel products for sale. More than that, we offer custom solutions to meet your needs.

4. Complete service system. We have developed a full-service system with 9 departments, including the research and development department, purchasing department, production, sales, marketing, finance, quality control, delivery, and after-sale service centre. Each performs its functions and also cooperates with each other to make you enjoy partnering with us.

Customer from Chile

Customer from Chile

Delivery to Nigeria

Delivery to Nigeria

Wanzhi Group is a qualified GI color-coated sheet manufacturer. All our products are tested and certificated before delivery. So you will never worry about the quality of our prepainted galvanized steel.


Wanzhi Steel offers pre painted galvanized steel sheets and coils with multiple colors and designs. Our PPGI steel, including coil, plain sheet, profile sheet, corrugated sheet, etc., is highly resistant to weather, safe and durable, and easy to process. More than that, we promise to provide quality products, on-time delivery, and fair prices. Also, we offer technical support for old and new clients. If you have any questions about pre-painted galvanized steel, please feel free to talk to us.

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