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PPGL Steel

PPGL steel is a durable, colorful, and economical building material. It is the abbreviation for pre-painted galvalume steel, which is with Al-Zn coated steel sheet substrate. Then the Al-Zn coated steel is painted continuously in coil form. Because of its excellent heat and corrosion resistance, it has become the preferred material for a wide range of construction uses, particularly roofing and walling. Wanzhi Steel has exported its products to many countries all over the world, such as Nigeria, Kenya, Turkey, Spain, Poland, etc. Please contact us for details!

Colour Coated Galvalume Coil

Colour Coated Galvalume Coil

PPGL Steel Sheets

PPGL Steel Sheets

PPGL Specification

Below are some basic parameters for your reference.

Item Prepainted Galvalume Steel (Prepainted aluzinc coil)
Substrate GL (galvalume iron)
Thickness 0.12 mm -1.2 mm
Width 600 mm -1,250 mm
Length Upon your requirements
Coatings PE, SMP, HDP, PVDF
Colors As per RAL Color (custom patterns are available)
Monthly Production 5,000-10,000 tons
Package Standard Export Package

PPGL Sheet Colour

The PPGL colour coated coil colors are mainly divided into solid colors and printed patterns. And both are customizable.

1. Solid Color

You can choose colors according to RAL Color or you can send us a sample. The popular colors include sea blue, grey, ivory white, brick red, porcelain blue, grass green, silver, leaf green, orange, etc.

PPGL Steel Colors

PPGL Steel Colors

2 . Printed Pattern

The popular patterns of Wanzhi products include wood grain, stone grain, camouflage grain, marble grain, flower, grass, brick, etc. We can also customize the pattern according to your samples.

Pattern PPGI Coils for Sale

Pattern PPGI Coils for Sale


PPGL sheets and coils are widely used in many areas just like PPGI steel, including

1. Construction, such as roofing, wall panels, garages, ceiling, partitioning walls, etc.

2. Vehicle manufacturing industry, such as mufflers, exhaust pipes, wiper attachments, fuel tanks, truck boxes, etc.

3. Home appliances, for example, the panels of the refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioners, electronic microwave ovens, electrical cabinets, etc.

4. Agricultural uses, such as greenhouses, chicken coops, stables, haylofts, barns, sheds.

Uses of PPGL Steel

Uses of PPGL Steel

Advantages of PPGL Steel

1. Excellent Corrosion Resistance

Due to the 55% of aluminum, the resistance to corrosion of PPGL is much better than PPGI’s, which can greatly prolong the service life.

2. Great Heat Reflectivity

The good heat resistance can keep the buildings cool in the hot summer.

Heat Reflection of Colorful Roofing Sheets

Heat Reflection of Colorful Roofing Sheets

3. Weather Resistant

Pre-painted galvalume steel can withstand harsh weather conditions such as extreme summers, winters, or rainfall.

4. Good Processing Performance

The PPGL steel sheets from Wanzhi Steel are easy to profess, such as shearing, profiling, blanking, etc.

5. Beautiful Appearance

They look attractive and impressive with a pleasant surface finish and aesthetics.

PPGL Coils & Sheets

Wanzhi Steel offers both pre-painted galvalume coils and sheets. If you want to sell products after further processing, coils will be a good choice. While for end-users, you can choose PPGL plain or profile sheets.

Prepainted Galvalume Steel Coil

Prepainted galvalume steel coil is a kind of material, which can be processed into different products, such as roofing, panels, doors, etc. It is cost-effective, easy to transport and process, which is a great investment project.

PPGL Steel Coils for Sale

PPGL Steel Coils for Sale

PPGL Coil Price

The pre-painted galvalume coil price is 600 USD – 780 USD per ton, which is just for your reference.

Generally, our coil weighs about four tons and the weight can be weight according to your needs. The price will be different every day. Also, it will be influenced by many factors, such as custom colors, etc. We also offer discounts for bulk orders. Please contact us for the latest price.

PPGL Steel Sheet

For end-users, pre-painted galvalume steel sheets will be a better choice. PPGL sheets, including corrugated sheets, plain sheets, profile sheets, can be used directly as roofing, wall panels, etc. Or you can process the sheets into finished products, such as rolling doors, signal boards, etc. Below is a video for your reference.

PPGL Steel Coil Manufacturing Process

Firstly, the galvalume steel coil will be uncoiled and weld for continuous processing. After treatment, including degreasing and chemical treatment, it will be painted with a layer or multi-layer of coatings. After baking and cooling, it will go through quality control system and be coiled for sale. Below is a flowchart for your reference.

PPGL Coil Manufacturing Process

PPGL Coil Manufacturing Process

PPGL Steel Coil Packaging

We use waterproof paper for inner packing. Then the coils will be wrapped by steel belts and side guard plates to make sure the coils are well-protected during shipping. But if there is any problem after receiving your products, please contact us as soon as possible.


Coil Packaging

PPGL Steel Sheet Packaging

PPGL Sheet Packaging

PPGL Steel Manufacturer

Wanzhi Steel Materials Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Wanzhi Group. We offer a variety of steel products, such as PPGI coils and sheets, PPGL coils and sheets, coloured corrugated roofing sheets, etc. Our factory uses advanced equipment and develops a professional R&D team to offer various products to meet your needs. Besides, you will never worry about the quality because we have a quality control system and full after-sales system, and all our products are tested and certificated. Also, we have a multilingual team to serve clients all over the world. Welcome to contact us for details!

Agent of Iranian Customer

Agent of Iranian Customer

Customers from UAE Visit Wanzhi Steel

Customers from UAE

Tips Before Buying PPGL Products

In order to offer you the best price as soon as possible, we need more information from you. Please confirm the detailed specifications of pre-painted galvalume steel, including thickness, width, color, sheets or coils, etc., and how many tons you need. If you are not sure, please inform us of the details below.

1. What will you use the material for?

2. Where will you use it? Is it corrosive?

3. How is the weather? Is it often sunny, windy, or rainy?

4. How many tons of PPGL steel do you need?

Click here to know more information about what is PPGL.


PPGL steel is a hot-selling product of Wanzhi Group, which is of excellent resistance to corrosion and heat. Its service life is more than 25 years under normal conditions. Also, it looks good. Compared to PPGI, its surface is smoother so it is more suitable for civil and commercial uses. Wanzhi Steel has a factory to offer you a fair price. Welcome to contact us for details!

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