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Painted Steel Whiteboard

Painted steel whiteboard is getting more popular, which are widely used in schools, offices, family education, etc. It is a kind of A-grade color coated steel. Wanzhi Steel provides whiteboard painted steel coils, as well finished whiteboards (with frame) for sale. The common colors include white, black, and green. You can also choose a glossy or matte appearance.

Painted Steel Whiteboard Coil

Painted Steel Whiteboard Coil

Painted Steel Whiteboard With Frame

Whiteboard With Frame

Green Paint Steel Whiteboard

Green Paint Steel Whiteboard

Product Description

Item Painted Steel Whiteboard
Substrate Galvanized Sheet or Cold Rolled Sheet
Color White, Glossy or Matte Black, Green, etc.
Coating Thickness Top coating:15-25 μm    Back coating: 5-14 μm
Thickness 0.135-0.4 mm
Coil Weight 2.5-3 ton (can be customized)
Length As per your requirements
Certificates ISO9001, SGS, etc.
Product Quality Class A
Package Standard Export Package

Applications of Painted Steel Whiteboard

1. School uses. It is a great alternative to traditional blackboard because of its good erase ability, low cost, and without chalk dust.

2. Family education, which will bring the joy of graffiti to children.

3. Office uses, such as meeting room, notice boards, etc. It can reduce the large file cabinets, records, and other traditional objects.

Painted Steel Whiteboard for School

For School Use

Painted Steel Whiteboard for Family

For Family Education

Painted Steel Whiteboard for Office


Characteristics of Painted Steel Whiteboard

1. Easy to Write

The surface of color coated sheets is smooth. So the whiteboard painted steel is easy to write. You can write quickly and fluently on it.

2. Good Durability & Erase Ability

It is easy to clean and very wear-resistant so that it can be used for a long time without a scratch. Its hardness is 5H (tested by Mitsubishi pencil), which can be written and erased more than 30,000 times.

3. Magnetic

Unlike porcelain and glass whiteboards, the steel whiteboard is magnetic. It will make it possible to place magnetic accessories on the board, such as markers, erasers, arrows, highlights, etc. It is very practical for both education and office use.

4. Light in Weight

Just like other color-coated steel sheets, the weight of magnetic whiteboard sheets is 7-14 kg/m2. The light weight makes it easy to install and use. Some users may hang it on the wall.

5. Good Processing Performance

Most of our customers buy whiteboard painted steel coils and then sell the finished whiteboards at a higher price. It is easy to process, for example, shearing, being edged with alloy frames.

6. Easy to Transport

Compared to other whiteboard materials, painted steel whiteboard is easy to transport. It is more sturdy than glass whiteboards. So you will never worry about the shipping problem.

Easy to Write

Easy to Write

Easy to Erase

Easy to Erase

Magnet Adsorption

Magnet Adsorption

How to Prolong the Service Life of Whiteboard?

The service life of magnetic whiteboard depends entirely on the protection degree of the board surface. Below are some tips for using your whiteboard properly.

1) Please tear off the protective film attached to the board when using the board for the first time.

2) Use good quality whiteboard pen and soft and clean erasers. Otherwise, it is easy to damage the board surface during the writing and erasing.

3) After a period of use, please use the whiteboard cleaner and cotton cloth or paper towels to clean up.

Tear Off The Protective Film

Tear Off Protective Film

The Whiteboard Pen

Use Whiteboard Pen

The Whiteboard Cleaner

Use Whiteboard Cleaner

How to Choose Magnetic Whiteboard?

The common whiteboard material includes porcelain, PPGI steel, glass, and others. When choosing whiteboard, you should consider its price, longevity, ease of cleaning, aesthetics, budget, etc. While among them, the painted steel whiteboard is of long-lasting dry erase surface, which is a good choice for schools and offices that use whiteboards regularly. And you can get it at a fair price. Welcome to contact us for details!

Useful Whiteboard

Useful Whiteboard

High Quality Whiteboard

High-Quality Whiteboard

Manufacturer Profile – Wanzhi Steel

1. Have been in this industry for 17 years and do export for 12 years

2. Integrating factory with trade

3. Offering top-quality whiteboard sheet materials in coil at a fair price

4. Producing various specifications and models of painted steel whiteboards to meet different requirements

5. Employing advanced production technology and equipment

6. Providing custom solutions and further processing services, such as logo-printing, shearing, etc.

6. Our products have been exported to more than 50 countries, such as Turkey, Kenya, Brazil, Poland, etc.

7. Multilingual teams, including Chinese, English, Russia, Spanish, etc.

8. Full service system from pre-sales consulting to after-sales service.

Here is a video of the quality test of our magnetic whiteboard sheets.


Color coated steel coil is a great magnetic whiteboard sheet material, which is a great investment project. Painted steel whiteboard is a hot selling product of Wanzhi Steel. It is an A-grade product, which uses top-quality material, advanced technology, etc. It is easy to clean, magnetic and durable to use. Whether you need whiteboard material roll or finished products, please contact us for details!

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