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Galvanized Steel Deck

Galvanized steel deck is perfect for floors, roofing, bridges, stairways, and more. Wanzhi Steel offers a wide range of corrugated steel decking products with different spanning, gauges and lengths, and decking profiles to meet your requirements. Our products are made with galvanized steel sheet, which is strong, corrosion resistant, light weight, and easy to install. Also, it can be custom ordered in painted finishes. Please talk with us for more details!

Corrugated Roof Decking Panel

Corrugated Roof Decking

Galvanized Floor Deck

Galvanized Floor Deck

Galvanized Deck Specifications

Item Corrugated Metal Decking Sheet
Material Galvanized steel
Thickness 0.7mm – 1.2mm (Gauge 22-18)
Zinc Coating Thickness 60 g/m2 – 275 g/m2
Overall Width 1,000mm – 1,250mm
Effective Width 600mm – 1,025mm
Common Height 51mm, 76mm, 50mm, 42mm, 65mm, etc.
Yield Strength 250 MPa – 550 MPa
Common Types A deck, B deck, F deck, N deck

Hot-sale Galvanized Decking Sheets for Sale

Here are some designs of Wanzhi decking sheet.

915 Type Decking Sheet

915 Type Decking Sheet

Type 678

Type 678

Type 915 (WZ76-305-915) is one of the most commonly used floor decking sheets. Its wave height is 76mm, and the wave width is 305mm. Wanzhi Steel offers a variety of corrugated sheet designs, such as WZ51-305-915, WZ75-293-880, WZ75-200-600, WZ50-250-750, WZ35-125-750, WZ51-246-720, etc. It is widely used as the floor decking of industrial and civil buildings, public buildings, etc. The common thicknesses are 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, and 1.5mm. Before purchasing, please confirm the thickness, width, wave height, wave width, and length. Or you can send us the design pictures.

Features & Uses of Galvanized Steel Decking

1. High strength-to-weight ratio;

2. Attractive appearance;

3. Excellent resistance to corrosion, fire, and weather;

4. Concealed fasteners;

5. Light weight, easy and quick to install;

6. Less concrete usage & high efficiency.

Due to these great features, galvanized metal deck is widely used in many construction projects, for example,

1. High-rise buildings, such as business centers, hotels, bank buildings, shopping centers, etc.

2. Multi-storey buildings, for example, large supermarkets, schools, villas, car 4S stores, etc.

3. Public buildings, like stadiums, theaters, libraries, passenger stations, exhibition halls, airport terminals, concert halls, etc.

4. Industrial buildings, like warehouses, logistics centers, power plants, nuclear power plants, steel structure workshops, etc.

Galvanized Roof Deck Sheet

Galvanized Roof Deck Sheet

Metal Deck Roofing

Metal Deck Roofing

What Is Galvanized Steel Deck?

Galvanized steel deck is suitable for steel structure construction to improve its stiffness. It is made of high-zinc galvanized sheets and profiled through rolling and cold bending, which offer excellent corrosion resistance and great durability. Corrugated metal deck is used for supporting floor concrete, including structural roof deck or composite floor deck.

Galvanized Roof Deck

Roof deck products are used as a strong base in roof construction. The most popular one is the Type B-Deck with wide ribs. Other common types include A deck (narrow ribbed roofing panel), F deck (intermediate rib), and N deck (deep rib).

Galvanized Floor Deck

A floor deck is a kind of corrugated metal panel for floor application. It is also called composite deck because it is a combination of concrete and metal roof panels. The floor deck serves as the tensile reinforcement to improve the rigidity of the floor panel and reduce the usage of reinforcement and concrete.

The main difference between the roof deck and floor deck is in embossment patterns. The former uses a smooth panel, with no embossment pattern. While the latter has special embossment patterns to create mechanical and chemical bonds between the deck and the concrete.

Corrugated Metal Roof Deck

Roof Deck

Corrugated Floor Deck

Floor Deck

Requirements of Composite Floor Deck

1. The material for the composite deck is corrugated galvanized sheets with high zinc layer so that the service life of the floor deck can be more than 20 years.

2. The average groove width for pouring concrete shall not be less than 50mm. When there are connectors in the groove, the composite deck should not be greater than 80mm in height.

3. The thickness of the composite deck should not be less than 90mm. Also, the thickness of the concrete above the corrugated sheet surface should not be less than 50mm.

4. The end of the composite deck should be fixed with bolt anchors. The stud should be set at the concave rib of the corrugated sheet, penetrating the steel sheet, and then be welded firmly to the steel beam.

5. The supporting length of the corrugated metal sheet on the beam should not be less than 50mm and not less than 75mm on masonry.

Steel Decking Sheet

Steel Decking Sheet

Composite Deck

Composite Deck

Tips for Choosing Galvanized Decking Sheets

1. Understand what the type and model of the galvanized deck are. There are roof decks and floor decks in different sizes, spanning, rib height, thickness, and designs.

2. Choose a suitable type according to your projects and the features of each deck.

3. Choose a suitable model, including the rib height, spanning, designs, etc. Actually, the rib height and rib spacing matter the moment of inertia and support span. Generally speaking, the higher the rib height of the floor deck, the stronger the bearing capacity. And the smaller the rib spacing, the greater the bearing capacity. However, the rib height is neither the lower the better, nor the higher the better. For example, when making building partitions, the high-ribbed deck will take up more space. So it is important to choose suitable types and models.

4. Pay attention to the thickness of corrugated steel decking and the spacing of secondary beams. The most commonly used corrugated metal deck sheets are 0.75mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm in thickness. For floors with large loads, we will recommend that customers use thicker decking sheets.

5. Take the yield strength, bearing capacity, and zinc layer thickness into account.

6. Buy from a reliable galvanized metal deck manufacturer.

Corrugated Deck Sheet

Corrugated Steel Deck Sheet

Galvanized Floor Decking

Galvanized Floor Decking

Corrugated Steel Decking Price

There are many factors influencing galvanized steel deck prices. It includes the material (steel strength, steel sheet thickness, zinc layer thickness), design or type, etc. During purchase, you need to identify the quality of the steel deck. Here is what you need to pay attention to:

1. Thickness. If the steel sheet is thick, it means that more raw materials are required, and the price will be higher. So some suppliers will use a 0.8mm steel deck to pretend to be a 1.0mm thick deck. In this case, you can check by a vernier caliper or by weight.

2. Zinc layer thickness. The zinc layer mainly plays the role of anti-corrosion. Generally, the thicker the zinc coating, the higher the price. Some suppliers will use a 60g/m2 galvanized deck sheet to replace the 180g/m2 sheet. The most commonly used galvanized steel sheets for construction are Z275 and Z450 sheets. We recommend purchasing galvanized decks from reliable manufacturers.

3. Steel strength. For example, you require steel sheets of 410Mpa strength, while the strength sheet you buy may be 345Mpa or 235Mpa. Wanzhi Steel promises to use high-zinc hot-dip galvanized sheets as material. Third-party testing is acceptable.

Galvanized Steel Deck Sheet

Galvanized Steel Deck Sheet

Corrugated Steel Decking

Corrugated Steel Decking

Buy Galvanized Deck from Wanzhi Steel

Wanzhi Steel has a wide variety of galvanized steel deck sheets to meet different needs. We use high-zinc galvanized sheets as material to prolong their service life. As a professional galvanized steel products manufacturer in China, we have more than 20 sets of rolling equipment. The thickness of our galvanized deck panels ranges from 0.7mm to 1.6 mm. Besides, we have years of experience making corrugated steel sheets and color coated sheets. We have serviced clients all over the world so that we are familiar with the relevant overseas standards. Therefore, we can customize a variety of types, specifications, zinc layer thickness, etc. Welcome to contact us for more details!

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