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Quality Control System

Color-coated steel usually needs to go through a series of quality inspection systems from the raw materials to the finished products. Let’s have a brief review on the quality control system of prepainted steel.

1. Quality inspection of substrates before production: mainly including thickness, width, appearance quality, material type and grade, coating adhesion, coating thickness, etc.

2. Quality inspection of paint before production: It mainly includes sample color difference, gloss, and basic performance tests of paints.

3. Substrate inspection during production: It mainly includes surface inspection to check whether there are defects, such as wave edge, loose edge, bulge, zinc slag, and whether it is oxidized and blackened, etc.

4. Coating inspection on the production line, including color difference, gloss, coating thickness, uniformity of the coating, etc. At the same time, it is necessary to monitor whether there are appearance defects, such as scratches, craters, missing coating, repeated coating, etc.

Painting Thickness Test

Painting Thickness Test

Color Comparison

Color Comparison

5. Performance tests of color-coated steel. It is the most critical part of the quality inspection system. It mainly includes coating adhesion, coating hardness, solvent resistance test, corrosion resistance test, aging resistance test, etc. Except for corrosion resistance and aging resistance tests, other tests for each coil will be recorded in detail. You can check our Youtube Channel for more test videos.

As a reliable prepainted steel manufacturer, Wanzhi Steel always strictly implements the quality control system to offer our clients qualified products. Also, third-party quality inspection is acceptable. Welcome to contact us for more details!

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