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How to Choose Color of Pre-painted Steel?

Choosing the color of pre-painted steel sheet mainly depends on the matching with the surroundings, use purposes, and your own preferences. But considering the heat reflection ability, weather resistance, and other factors, the light-colored pre-painted steel is more recommended.

Reflectivity of Different Colors

The reflectivity of different colors is different. Generally, the higher the reflectivity of light, the less heat is absorbed, so the lower the temperature. The experimental data shows that the temperature of the white color coated steel surface is 10 degrees lower than that of the blue ones and 19 degrees lower than that of the black ones. So if the local climate is hot, light-color steel sheets are better for roofing or wall panels.

Color Coated Steel Sheet

Color Coated Steel Sheet

Color Corrugated Sheets

Color Corrugated Sheets

Below is a table showing the reflectivity of different colors.

Colors Reflectivity Reflection effect
White 84% Great
Milky white 70.4% Good
Light red 69.4% Good
Beige 64.3% Good
Light green 54.1% Good
Light blue 45.5% Medium
Brown 23.6% Poor
Black 2.9% Very poor

For color-coated steel sheets, the thermal expansion rate of the coating and the steel sheet is different. In particular, the linear expansion coefficients of the metal substrate and the organic coating are quite different. When the temperature changes, expansion or contraction stress will occur at the interface between the substrate and the coating. If they are not properly released, the coating will crack.

Color Retention

The exposure tests (8 years of exposure to the sun in Hainan Province) of the same paint and different colors show that the light color paint has less discoloration. The following table shows the exposure test results of different colors.

Colors Original gloss Current gloss Color difference Original thickness Current thickness Degree of chalking
White 35% 3% 1.49 24μm 20μm Level 2
Red 45% 3% 2.48 24μm 20μm Level 2
Light yellow 26% 2% 1.26 24μm 17μm Level 2
Green 41% 2% 3.43 24μm 17μm Level 2
Blue 41% 2% 4.95 24μm 17μm Level 2

There will be color differences if you use prepainted steel sheets from different manufacturers or batches in the same construction projects. The color may look the same or similar during construction, but there will be serious color differences after several years. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to order the same batch for the same project at one time. Different batches even from the same supplier may use different paints, which will increase the possibility of color difference.

Coating Gloss

The choice of coating gloss is mainly according to the use purposes. For example, medium and low gloss color coated steel is mainly for construction uses; while high gloss color-coated steel is mainly for home appliance uses. 

Production of PPGI Coil

Production of RAL6019 PPGI Coil

Pre-painted Metal for Home Appliance

Pre-painted Metal for Home Appliance


The color of pre-painted steel can be customized according to the RAL color card. Generally, the different colors have little difference in price. Also, you can choose different finishes, such as matte, gloss, embossed, etc. You can choose based on the architectural style, use purpose, and your preference. In addition, Wanzhi Steel offers printed pattern steel products, such as wood grain, brick grain, camouflage pattern, grass, flower, etc. to better meet your needs. Please note that you need to pay more attention to the base metal, paint types, paint thickness, etc. when selecting color coated steel. If you have any problems, please talk with us.

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