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China Cancels Export Tax Rebate on Steel From May 1

On April 26th, the Chinese Ministry of Finance Administration of Taxation announced to cannel the tax rebate for export of 146 steel products from May 1, 2021. It mainly includes low added-value products, such as hot rolled steel sheets and coils, stainless steel products, etc. It means the export price will rise. But the Chinese price of most steel products is steel lower than the international price. If you want more details, please contact us now!

Cancelling Export Tax Rebate

Cancelling Export Tax Rebate

Wanzhi Steel Tips

1. Please choose reliable and qualified steel products suppliers rather than a low price to avoid being deceived.

2. Place your order as soon as possible. According to the data, the steel product price will keep rising. There are some reasons: a) The cost of labor and the raw material is getting higher. b) Due to strict environmental protection policy, the production cost will be higher. c) Some small factories may close down which means the supply will less than the demand.

3. Under the special condition, Wanzhi Steel would like to maximize the benefits of our clients by reducing our interests (or even on benefits for bulk orders).

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