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Quality Test Report of Galvanized Sheet

From Dec 20th to 23rd, Wanzhi Steel had send a sample to Metal Materials Quality Supervisal Inspection Center (CNAS). This is a third-party quality inspection agency, which was entrusted by our clients from Iran. The sample is a galvanized sheet with 140 g/m2 (DX52D Z140). It mainly tested the chemical composition, mechanical properties, and zinc coating thickness. As expected, our product totally met the national standard and the industry standard. Below are some details of the test report for your reference.

Chemical Composition of Galvanized Sheet

Chemical Composition

Galvanized Sheet Test Report

Mechanical Properties

Zinc Coating Thickness of Galvanized Sheet

Zinc Coating Thickness

Through the test, you can find Wanzhi galvanized sheet is produced up to meet the industry standards. Our products will pass the strict quality inspection before delivery. Also, we accept quality inspections by the third party. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us. We will reply in 12 hours.


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