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Z275 galvanized steel

Z275 galvanized steel indicates 275 g/m² of zinc per square meter of steel sheet, one of the most popular galvanized steel products on the market. It is a hot sale at Wanzhi Steel. Wanzhi Steel is a gold medal steel supplier in China, with an annual export volume of 600,000 tons, always providing high-quality and cost-effective steel. z275 galvanized steel is the most widely used in construction, the surface state of the coating is the casting state, and the surface can be uniform bright zinc flowers, and there are different surface states. There are 5 kinds of surface treatment for Z275 galvanized steel at Wanzhi, this article will explain Z275 galvanized steel from the aspects of performance, application, production process, and so on.

Wanzhi Z275 coil

Z275 GI coil

Z275 GI Steel Specification

Item Z275 galvanized steel ( Z275 GI Steel )
Thickness 0.12-3.0mm
Width 914mm/1000mm/1200mm/1219mm/1220mm/1250mm/1500mm etc.
Surface Black painting, varnish paint, anti-rust oil, etc.
Coil weight 5-15 tons or as customer’s requirement
Coil ID. 506-610mm
Grade SGCC,SPCC,SECC,DC01,DC02,DC03,DC04,DC05,DC06.Q195,Q235,Q345,etc.
Material 20#, A53B, A106B, API 5L, ST37.0,ST35.8,St37.2,St35.4/8,St42,St45,St52,St52.4,STP G38,STP G42,STPT42,STB42,STS42,STPT49,STS49, etc.
Technical Standard GBT2518-2008,ASTM A653, JIS G3302-1998,EN 10142-2000
Trade terms Price terms EX-Work, FOB,CFR, CIF
Payment terms T/T,L/C, Western Union
Advantage 1. Excellent, Competitive price, 2. Prime quality, 3. Prompt delivery,4.Quality after-sales service
Delivery time On-time delivery as determined by order quantity
Packaging Details Water proof paper is inner packing, galvanized steel or coated steel sheet is outer packing, side guard plate, then wrapped by seven steel belts. or according to the customer’s requirement
Application Workshop, Fluid pipe, Power Plant, Structure pipe, High and low-pressure Boiler tube, Seamless pipe /tube for petroleum cracking,  Conduit pipe, Scaffolding pipe pharmaceutical and ship, building, etc.

Surface treatment of Wanzhi Z275 steel

Plating surface treatment Description of uses
Chromate Passivation(C) Surface treatment used after hot-dip plating of high-strength steel plates to reduce white rust during transportation and storage
Chrome Free Passivation(C5) Surface treatment to limit the amount of environmentally and human-harmful chromium VI in the passivation solution.
Fingerprint-Resistant(N) Surface treatment after the passivation process to lubricate during processing, to prevent fingerprint staining during handling and to prevent premature blackening of the surface during use.
Chrome-free and fingerprint resistant(N5) The surface treatment after the passivation process acts as a lubricant during processing prevents fingerprint staining during operation, prevents premature blackening of the surface during use, and requires limiting the amount of hexavalent chromium and other substances in the fingerprint-resistant film that are harmful to the environment and the human body.
Oil(O) Surface treatment was added after the passivation process to further minimize rust and corrosion during long-distance transportation and long-term storage.
Big Spangles of GI Sheet

Big Spangles of GI Sheet


oil surface treatment

WanZhi Z275 galvanized steel properties

1. Good corrosion resistance, able to withstand corrosion in a variety of environments

2. Supermechanical properties, with a yield strength ranging from 240MPa to 500MPa.

3. Its tensile strength ranges from 270MPa to 500MPa.

4. Elongation requirement of ≥30% for normal processing and ultra-deep punching processing.

5. Wellcold bending performance, in the 180° cold bending test, the steel plate should be intact and not dezincification.

6. Good processing performance, including tensile, stamping, bending, painting, and welding.


Uses of Z275 galvanized steel

1. Construction: roof and roof components, outside walls of civilian and industrial buildings, garage doors, and window blinds.

2. Household appliances: washing machine, refrigerator, television, air conditioner, and ventilation system, Vacuum cleaner, solar water heater.

3. Transportation: car ceiling, auto Industry Muffler, heat shields of the exhaust pipe and catalytic converter, the ship bulkhead, highway fence.

4. Industry: industrial Instruments Electric control cabinet, industrial refrigeration equipment, automatic vending machine.

5. Furniture: lampshade, counter, signboard medical facility, etc.

Z275 gi fence

shopping cart

industry application

Washing machine back panel

Z275 Pipeline Transportation

Z275 Hardware

What is the difference between Z275 and Z600?

The difference between the two is the thickness of the zinc layer. The thicker the zinc layer, the longer the service life of the steel, as the zinc protects the steel underneath from corrosion and rust, with Z600 having a service life of about 50 years, while Z275 has a service life of close to 30 years.

Articles and its Thickness Local Average Coating Thickness  Average Coating Thickness
>6mm 70 85
3mm-6mm ( include 6mm ) 55 70
1.5mm-3mm ( include 6mm ) 45 55
<1.5mm 35 45
Casting > 6 mm 70 80
Casting ≤ 6 mm 60 70

Chromate Passivation

Chrome-free and fingerprint-resistant

What’s the Z in Z275 GI Steel?

Z indicates the chemical formula of zinc Zn. Generally, “Z+number” is used to indicate the weight of the zinc layer on both sides of the galvanized sheet per square meter, e.g.: Z10 Z120(Z12) Z180(Z18) indicates that the amount of zinc on both sides of the sheet per square meter is 100 grams, 120 grams and 180 grams.

What’s the Z275 in Z275 GI steel?

“275” represents the weight of the zinc layer. Specification Z275 refers to the zinc coating weight in grams of zinc or aluminum/zinc per square meter. This measurement refers to the total coating quality of the steel surface. z275 is 275 grams of zinc per square meter. This value is an internationally accepted standard for the average thickness of the zinc layer of galvanized steel.

What is Z275 galvanized steel?

Z275 galvanized steel is a double-sided galvanized carbon steel sheet with an attached zinc mass per unit area of 275 g. It is produced by a metal plating process in which a cold-rolled or hot-rolled steel sheet is placed in a plating bath filled with molten zinc, or in which zinc ions are attached to the steel surface by means of electrolysis, and this continuous hot-dipping or galvanic plating process is the mandatory galvanizing method for galvanized steel.

Why is Z275 galvanized steel galvanized?

Galvanizing is a well-known and effective method of rust prevention, adding a protective layer to exposed steel to prevent corrosion caused by natural elements. Not only does zinc act as a barrier between the environment and the steel, but it also breaks down first to protect the steel underneath and extend its life. Galvanized steel generally lasts for decades, and the common galvanized coating on the market is double-sided, equal-thickness hot-dip galvanizing.

Service life in different environments

Z275 – weight marking of coating

Z275 is the coating weight designation for coated steel sheets.

Today, ASTM standards specify and define the type of coating for these products. For example, the most common ASTM standard on the market today is A653A or A653M; this covers all hot-dip galvanized commodities.

The numbers in the standard indicate the weight of the galvanized surface of the steel sheet.

In addition to the ASTM standard, there is also the SI metric system. The two systems are similar, except that the SI system converts inches and pounds of weight to ounces per square foot (oz/ft2), which is then converted to the SI standard mass in grams per square meter (g/m2).

The following are sample conversions directly related to the Z275:

1 oz/ft2 equals 305.15 g/m2

To convert from the ASTM standard to the SI system multiply by 305.15

So, if the ASTM weight designation is G90 (0.90 oz/sq ft), it will become Z275 (275 g/m2) in STI.

Z275 stands directly for “galvanized steel products” and 275 represents the weight of the steel surface galvanized.



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