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Yemen 840 Tons PPGI Steel Strips Project

The project of 840 tons of PPGI steel strips was finally finished, and Wanzhi completed this cooperation order with high quality and quantity under the customer’s high requirements.

Packing according to customer requirements

The arrival

Customer background

Customer type

The customer is in the rolling shutter business, and he produces a variety of rolling shutters.

Purchase requirements

He needs a batch of PPGI steel strips with different colors and patterns. And he has relatively high requirements for color. In addition to requiring a bright surface and rich color, he also requires color on both sides.

Color-coated coils being rolled


Rolled Color Coated Coil

He sent us his design pattern, because he asked to print according to his pattern, and stipulated that the back side should be produced according to his specified color, and the thickness was required to be 0.7mm, cut into strips. So we have many patterns after production, we all labeled and marked on the package, so that the customer can better distinguish after receiving the goods.


Production period

After the customer placed an order, we started orderly production and production. After 20 days, the customer received satisfactory goods as scheduled.

Wanzhi Head Office & Teams

Workshop group photo

Group photo

flag raising ceremony

WanZhi PPGI Coil Warehouse And Workshop

designed pattern

Wanzhi Factory

Wanzhi Coil Factory

Customer Visit Our Factory

Customer Visit Our Factory

Wanzhi Factory

Wanzhi Factory

Project Production Process

Customer Design Pattern

Customer Requested Patterns

Customer-specific patterns

Cutting Strips

pattern is bright&clear

designed pattern PPGI coils

Colored galvanized coil

double-sided color

Inspection before shipment by WanZhi QC department

Printed with full-color

Coating Thickness Inspection

Comparison of Raoul’s Color Cards

Slit Width Inspection

Label and mark on galvanized coil

Printed color-coated coils

ppgi coils inner package

code 031406-1

Galvanized coils with marking

put on label

Pattern PPGI Coil Shipment

Steel coils and strips produced by Wanzhi



Packing according to customer requirements

Customer Pickup

The arrival

arrive on time

Customer Receipt

pick up

Customer feedback

The customer said that it is difficult to find a factory like ours that has both service, product quality, and price. He said that he found us as a treasure and hoped to maintain cooperation.

Case Summary

This case not only reflects the actual needs of galvanized strip customers in the procurement process but also demonstrates Wanzhi Steel’s ability to solve customer needs and provide professional technical support.


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