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What Is ZAM Coating?

ZAM (zinc-aluminum-magnesium) coating is a ternary alloy coating. Its main composition is zinc, 11% aluminum, 3% magnesium, and a small amount of silicon. ZAM coating has excellent resistance to red rust and self-healing corrosion resistance in the shear section and also has far better welding performance than ZAM steel sheets.
ZAM products solve the shortcomings of ordinary coated steel parts that can not effectively protect against shear fractures, leakage points, coating damage, and other positions, and can be said to be one of the coated steel parts closest to stainless steel in comprehensive performance. The self-healing effect of the cutting section is a significant feature of zinc, magnesium, and aluminum.

ZAM Coil

ZAM Coil

ZAM Steel Strips

ZAM Steel Strips

 Characteristics Of ZAM Coating

Compared with traditional coatings such as hot dip galvanizing, galvanized aluminum, and zinc-iron alloy, zinc-aluminum-magnesium coating has better corrosion resistance.

1. Because the zn-al-Mg alloy coating is relatively thin and dense, it is not easy to flake the coating

2. Corrosion products will flow around the incision, so the protection of the incision and defect is better

3. It also has good corrosion resistance in some harsh corrosive environments (such as animal husbandry, coastal areas, etc.)

4. It can replace some of the less demanding stainless steel, or the application scenarios such as galvanized after processing, which can simplify the user’s processing process

ZAM Coating Appearance

ZAM Coating Surface

ZAM Products

ZAM Products

Application of ZAM Products

1. Highway: Zinc aluminum magnesium steel sheets can produce highway guardrail plates.

2. Home appliances: Air conditioners, washing machines, microwave ovens, and other home appliances have high corrosion resistance requirements, and zinc aluminum magnesium rolls can be used to produce home appliance shells.

3. Color-coated steel sheets: ZAM products for the substrate color-coated steel sheets, corrosion resistance is stronger. And low energy consumption, zinc consumption is reduced by 1/3 compared to galvanized products, widely used in construction and home appliances.

4. Photovoltaic power generation panel: Given the harsh environment of deserts, beaches, Gobi, and other areas where photovoltaic power stations are located, hot base zinc aluminum magnesium materials with excellent corrosion resistance are widely used in the production of photovoltaic supports.

ZAM Usage

ZAM Usage

Comparison Between Zinc Coating, Alu-zinc Coating, And ZAM Coating

1. Zinc coating, metal coating with a zinc content of not less than 99%, is an economical anti-corrosion coating; Divided into zinc and non-zinc galvanized steel, both corrosion resistance is almost the same. If the a subsequent need to spray or paint, zinc-free products will be more beautiful; The thick zinc layer products are usually dominated by flowers.

2. Aluminum-zinc coating, is an alloy metal, with an aluminum content of 55%, and a zinc content of 43.5%, the remaining component is silicon, under normal circumstances, aluminum zinc coating corrosion resistance is the same weight as pure zinc coating 2 to 6 times. The surface of an aluminized zinc steel coil can be modified by production technology to produce beautiful and uniform zinc flowers, which can be directly used for building external use or household appliances. However, aluminum-zinc plating also has some disadvantages. First, the welding performance of an aluminum-zinc coating is not as good as that of pure zinc, so the welding process should be minimized in use. Second, the protection of aluminum zinc coating on steel plate incisions is much lower than that of pure zinc coating, and it is far less than zinc aluminum magnesium coating.

3. ZAM coating is a kind of alloy metal with excellent comprehensive performance, the manufacturing cost is only slightly higher than that of aluminum zinc coating, the corrosion resistance of the coating is much higher than that of pure zinc and aluminum zinc alloy, and the protection performance of the steel plate incision is outstanding, and the welding performance is comparable to that of pure zinc steel plate. In the future, as the requirements for materials in construction and various industries gradually increase, ZAM-coating steel sheets may gradually replace the application of aluminum-plated zinc steel plates in the market.

Corrosion Comparison

Coating types 14 days 28 days 42 days
ZAM coating
Zinc coating

How To Purchase ZAM Products?

ZAM products include ZAM steel coil, superDyma steel sheets, zinc aluminum magnesium steel strips, and prepainted steel coils. Regarding the purchase of zinc, aluminum, and magnesium products, I suggest that you search for products on Google, select the top five companies, and make an inquiry. At the same time, the quality of the product is the first. If you buy from a small company, the price will be lower, but the quality is not guaranteed. But if you buy from a big manufacturer, the price will be higher. I recommend you buy ZAM products from Wanzhi Steel Group. Wanzhi Steel Group has 12 years of experience in the production of zinc, aluminum, and magnesium. We have a professional aluminum plating magnesium zinc production line, with an annual output of 100,000 tons, which can meet the customer’s purchase needs. Under the premise of ensuring quality, we can provide you with the most favorable price. Welcome to contact us for the latest price and visit our factory. 

ZAM Coils Production Line

ZAM Coils Production Line

Wanzhi ZAM Coils Stock

Wanzhi ZAM Coils Stock



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