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In May 2023 Steel Market Price Changes

As a result of the bearish market sentiment, the price of hot-rolled coil imported from southern Europe continues to fall. One southern European steel mill has reduced its offer for hot coil to 765 euros/ton EXW Italy, about 30 euros/ton lower than the previous offer. For now, European producers remain on the sidelines and expect prices to fall. The current strategy of steel mills is still positioned in the competition with imported resources. The current price difference between imports and exports is 100 euros/ton, so European traders need to implement the price reduction strategy in the context of tight supply. Although it is difficult, it is an effective way to improve their competitiveness in the hot-rolled coil market.

In addition to the weak advantage of import and export price differential, recently, European steel mills have also suffered from hot-rolled coil delivery delays for a long time. The delivery time of some plants is even delayed by 6 to 8 weeks. Only some plants in Central Europe and Italy can deliver ahead of schedule in June or July.

Summary of International Steel Prices (Unit: USD/ton)
 Variety Area May 10 May11
Hot-rolled coils&sheets(SS400) Southeast Asia Import 560 560
Hot-rolled coils&sheets(S235JR) Made in EU 885 885
Rebar(B500B) Hong Kong, China Import 625 625
Rebar(B500B) Turkey Export 650 650
Cold-rolled coils&sheets(SPCC) Cis Export 725 725

Chinese Steel Market Price Changes

Construction steel: construction steel market price shock is weak, the average price of rebar in major cities is 3868 RMB/ton, down 7 RMB/ton from the previous trading day. A phase of the spiral shock down, the main contract 2310 closing price of 3688 RMB/ton, compared with the previous working day settlement price down 32 RMB/ton, compared with Hangzhou Zhongtian thread market price of 3790 RMB/ton rising discount 102 RMB/ton. In the morning, East China’s domestic construction steel market was stable, the morning trading performance was depressed, the market atmosphere was insufficient, some businesses for shipment, the price fell slightly 10-20 RMB/ton.

Hot-rolled coils&sheets: hot – rolled spot price overall decline, the decline is different. The average price in major cities across the country was 3,910 RMB per ton, down 22 RMB from the 9th day and 40 RMB from the same period last week. Shanghai 3,940-3,950 RMB per ton from the 9th day down 10 RMB per ton from the same period last week 20 RMB per ton, Lecong 3,780-3,800 RMB per ton from the 9th day down 60 RMB per ton from the same period last week 10 RMB per ton. Tianjin 3800-3820 RMB/ton fell by 40 RMB/ton compared with the 9th day and increased by 20 RMB per ton compared with the same period last week. The 10-day hot rolled futures rose a little and then fell, closing at 3760 RMB/ton compared to 14 RMB per ton down 0.37%. The bidding price of Yansteel today is 30 RMB lower per ton than the previous working day. Rizhao steel spot price is more stable than yesterday. Today’s billet price is 3450/3470 / ton, up 20-30 from yesterday.


China steel FOB price (unit: USD/ton)
 Variety Area May 10 May 11
Hot-rolled coils&sheets(SS400) Tianjin Port 570 565
Cold-rolled coils&sheets(SPCC) Tianjin Port 645 642
Hot-dip galvanized (DX51D) Tianjin Port 725 722
Rebar(B500B) Zhangjiagang 595 595
H-steel(SS400) Qingdao Port 570 570

Cold-rolled coils&sheets: The average price of cold-rolled sheets in major cities in China is 4,650 RMB/ton, down 2 RMB/ton from the previous working day and 22 RMB/ton from the same period last week. Among them, the Shanghai market price of Anshan Steel 1.0 cold coil is 4480 RMB/ton, stable; Tianjin Tiantie 1.0 cold roll is 4370 RMB/ton, down 10 RMB/ton; Lecong Liugang 1.0 cold roll is 4500 RMB/ton, down 20 RMB/ton. Futures plate pressure adjustment, the seventh round of raw coke lift landing, mainstream Angang in June price adjustment policy down 200.

Stainless steel: Stainless steel spot most stable. Wuxi market: 304 cold rolled Tisco quoted 16150 RMB/ton, down 200 RMB/ton from the previous trading day; Hongwang Resources quoted 15600 RMB/ton, down 150 RMB/ton from the previous trading day; 304 hot rolling price is 15300 RMB/ton, down 100 RMB/ton from the previous trading day. Series 200: The offer continued to firm today, but the deal is not good. At present, J1 has four feet of cold rolling resources of the mainstream to the raw edge 9100-9400 RMB/ton, and J2J5 resources go to the raw edge 8750-8900 RMB/ton

Chart of Estimated Crude Steel Production in China

Chart of Estimated Crude Steel Production in China

Affected by the economic environment and supply and demand conditions, steel prices will change at any time. We will update steel price changes from time to time. You can also follow our website, we are a direct seller of stainless steel, hot-rolled coil, and cold-rolled coil, we have our factory, you can click here to view our product information, and feel free to contact us for product quotation.


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