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RAL9002 PPGI Coil For Azerbaijan Client

Recently, an Azerbaijan customer bought 50 tons of RAL9002 PPGI coil from Wanzhi Steel Group, which had been packaged and will ship to Azerbaijan. In Azerbaijan, Wanzhi Steel has won lots of regular customers, they always approve of our products and recommend our products to other customers. Our MOQ is 10 tons, whatever 500 tons, 1500 tons, 2500 tons, and all RAL colors, we can also provide for you. Keep reading to get more details about the pre-painted coil.

Product PPGI Steel Coil Size 0.5*600mm
Weight 50 tons Production date 2023/04/23
Color RAL 9002 Ship date 2023/05/10
Packaged PPGI Coil

Packaged PPGI Coil

50tons PPGI Coil Shipped to Azerbaijan

50tons PPGI Coil Shipped to Azerbaijan

PPGI Coil Meaning

PPGI coil is made of galvanized sheet, which is chemically treated and coated with an organic coating. The color-coated steel strip uses hot-dip galvanized steel strip as the base material is protected by the zinc layer, and the organic coating on the zinc layer plays a role of covering and protection to prevent the steel strip from rusting, and the service life is about 1.5 longer than that of the galvanized strip. The color-coated galvanized rolls we produce have passed strict quality inspection, so you don’t have to worry about quality problems after receiving our galvanized rolls.

RAL9002 PPGL Coil

RAL9002 PPGL Coil

PPGL Coil is Packaging

PPGL Coil is Packaging

PPGI Coil Features

1. Durability, corrosion resistance, and galvanized steel plate compared with longer service life.

2. Heat resistance, compared with galvanized steel plate, is not so simple to fade at high temperatures.

3. Thermal reflectivity, for sunlight irradiation has a certain reflection performance.

4. Color-coated coil has a similar processing and spraying performance to galvanized steel plate.

5. With excellent welding performance.

6. Color-coated roll has excellent performance and price ratio, durable performance, and reasonable price reservation, and is a rare roll on the market.

PPGI Coil Price

The price of Pre-painted galvanized steel coils depends on their thickness, width, tons, and custom color. When you make your inquiry, you can send us this information and we will give you a quote as soon as possible. As a direct distributor of PPGI coil, we offer the best prices. We have our plant, offer further processing services, such as cutting, slitting, profiling, punching, bending, etc., and offer our customers competitive prices. Please free to contact us for price!

Wanzhi Steel-Professional manufacturer of PPGI Coil

Wanzhi Steel, established in 2011, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of diverse steel products in China. Our main products include carbon steel, galvanized steel, galvalume steel, pre-painted steel (PPGI and PPGL), and stainless steel in coil, strip, sheet, plate, tube, bar, and so on.

We have two hot dip galvanizing lines, one galvalume, and one ZAM (Zinc-Aluminum-Magnesium) coating line with an annual capacity of 300,000 tons. We also have two paint coating lines and a writing board production line, with an annual output of more than 220,000 tons. We also have a strict quality inspection system with more than 20 professional inspectors and various sophisticated inspection instruments.

Wanzhi PPGI Coating Line

Wanzhi PPGI Coating Line

Wanzhi Production Workshop

Wanzhi Production Workshop

Why PPGI Coil is Hot Selling?

As we know, PPGI coil is hot selling product at home and abroad, why is it so popular? First of all, PPGI coil is cheaper than PPGL coil, the price is the most important factor when customers buy. PPGI coil is corrosion-resistant, colorful, long-lasting, and versatile. In our daily life, we can see the shadow of pre-painted galvanized coils. roofing sheet and refrigerator and air conditioning shell are all made of pre-painted galvanized steel coil.

3tips for Purchasing PPGI Coil

1. Before you buy PPGI coils, please confirm the width, thickness, length, and how many tons. Meanwhile, we advise you that visit the pre-painted galvanized steel coil factory, and examine the company’s strength and product quality. Wanzhi Steelwelcomes your arrival at any time.

2. When you choose the PPGI coils factory, if you want a cheap price, you can buy it from a small factory, however, the product quality can’t be ensured. In case, you need a high-quality product, you can purchase it from Wanzhi Steel. Under the guarantee of quality, Wanzhi Steel will supply you with cost-effective coils.

3. Acknowledge the delivery date: Since the products are customized, the production cycle and delivery cycle of the products are affected by the quantity of the products. For example, a container of 28 tons of galvanized coils can be produced and shipped in 5-7 days at most. However, since we have a large number of orders, we need to produce and deliver goods according to the order. You can send us your specification so that w can tell you the production and shipping time.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of pre-painted galvanized steel coils, Wanzhi Steel can supply PPGI sheets, PPGL coils, PPGL sheets, and so on. We have served more than 100 countries and regions for the past 12 years, we will continue to provide customers with high-quality products and cheap price. Welcome to contact us for price and details!

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