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Color Coated Roofing Sheets

Color-coated roofing sheet has rich colors, good performance, is corrosion-resistant, and widely uses in the roofing of industrial and civil buildings, and warehouse houses, Color coated roofing sheet also called profiled sheets, are based on color-coated steel sheet, galvanized steel sheet, and is formed by roller press and cold bending.

Color Coated Roofing Sheet Technical Data

Item Color coated Roofing Sheet
Raw material Galvanized steel sheet, Galvalume steel sheet, ZAM steel sheet
Thickness 0.2mm-1.0 mm
Effective width 680mm、760mm、820mm、900mm、950mm、960mm、1025mm
Colors All RAL Colors are available
Sheet type Wave type, T type sheet, trapezoidal sheet, corrugated sheet, sandwich sheet
Coating PE, SMP, HDP, PVDF
Features Light-weight, corrosion-resistant, fire prevention, moisture-proof, heat insulation
Printing Color military Printed, grass printed, etc, can be customized
MOQ 10 tons

Color Coated Roofing Sheets Features

1. Rich colors, beautiful shape, decorative strong, smooth surface, corrosion resistance;

2. Unique corrugated design can also ainage rainwater, and prevent water accumulation on the roof;

3. High toughness and high strength, wind-resistant, earthquake resistance, can resist 12 strong winds.;

4. With good fire resistance, the color-coated roofing sheet belongs to nonflammable material;

5. Sound insulation and heat insulation performance is good;

6. Large area, lightweight, convenient for construction, can be directly nailed, drilled, sawed, planing, easy to deal with facade and arc window and other special roof modeling.

Roofing Sheet

Roofing sheet colors

We provide all RAL colors for clients. The most popular colors are blue, off-white, brick red, green, etc. Besides that, we can also customize patterns for you, such as grass patterns. Welcome to feel free to contact us for customizing colors and patterns.

All RAL Colors

All RAL Colors

How to Calculate Roofing Sheet Weight?

Because the price of our color-coated roofing sheet depends on the weight, calculating the weight is an important step before purchasing roofing sheets. The calculated formula is for your reference.

 Thickness(mm) * Width (mm) * Length(m) * 7.85= Weight (kg/pcs)

Note: The width is the feeding width, as the figure shows, the effective width is 760mm, after corrugation width is 810mm, and the feeding width is 914mm. When calculating the weight, we should use feeding width instead of effect width and after corrugation width.


Colour Coated Roofing Sheet Applications

Because its good performance, corrosion resistance, and long service life, color coated roofing sheets widely used in the roofing of industrial and civil buildings, warehouses, special buildings, long-span steel structure houses

Construction Roofing

Construction Roofing



Steel Structure House Roofing

Steel Structure House Roofing

What Affects the Quality of Roofing Sheet?

1. Temperature. High-temperature coating softening, corrosion medium easy to stick. It is easy to penetrate into the substrate, the oxygen content in the water will increase at high temperatures, and the corrosion speed will be accelerated at a certain temperature.

2. Temperature difference between day and night. Large temperature difference is easy to condensation, forming galvanic corrosion conditions on the exposed metal. In addition, the large temperature difference also leads to frequent cold and hot deformation of the coating, which will accelerate the aging and loose coating, and the external corrosive medium is easy to penetrate into the substrate.

3. Ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet light has more destructive power than low-energy spectrum and can also break chemical bonds in substances, causing them to break. Therefore, the duration and intensity of sunlight will affect the stability of the roof panel coating structure in areas with strong UV

4. Rainfall. The high acidity of rainfall is certainly detrimental to corrosion resistance. But the rainfall has a double function, on the wall panel and the slope of the roof panel, the rainfall has the effect of cleaning the surface of the steel plate and washing away the surface corrosion products, but for the low slope of the roof panel and the part of the drainage is not smooth, the rainfall is easy to cause the corrosion intensification.

5. Wind direction and speed. Wind direction and speed act like water, and often go hand in hand. It is a test for material connections, as wind causes them to loosen and rain to seep into the interior of the building.

Wanzhi Steel-Color Coated Roofing Sheets Manufacturer

Wanzhi Steel is a leading manufacturer and direct supplier in the roofing sheet industry, with 12 years of export experience, which can supply you with high-quality sheets at competitive prices.

We have a roofing sheet production line and two color coating lines, so have a strict quality inspection system with 20+ professional inspectors and various sophisticated testing instruments. Before shipping, our products all through strict quality inspection.

Professional salesmen serve you for 240 hours one day. Welcome to contact us at any time.


The anti-corrosion performance of color coated roofing sheets material directly affects the waterproof, beautiful, and durable function of the roof, especially the anti-corrosion performance of the roofing sheet, which is also related to the service life of the roof.

Many people in purchase of purchasing color coated roofing sheets, considering a lot of elements, which mainly include the type of coating, coating thickness, coating color, and coating gloss. You can also contact us at any time and we will give you more detailed advice.

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