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What Is PPGI?

The full form of PPGI is pre-painted galvanized iron. It is a kind of color coated steel or pre-painted steel, which is an extension of GI. As the name implies, it uses zinc-coated steel as substrate, and then it is cleaned, pre-treated, and applied with layers of coatings to make it more beautiful and durable to use. At Wanzhi Steel, we adopt the coil coating process to make PPGI coils. With slitting, shearing, and roller equipment, we also have strips, plain and corrugated sheets for sale. Keep reading for more details!

RAL3020 PPGI Coil

RAL3020 PPGI Coil

Pre-painted GI Sheet

Pre-painted GI Sheet

Structure of PPGI Steel

As the picture shows, PPGI steel contains base metal, zinc coating, pre-treatment (chemical conversion coating), primer coating, and top/back coating.

Structure of Prepainted Galvanized Steel

Structure of Prepainted Galvanized Steel

PPGI Steel Substrate

As mentioned, PPGI uses galvanized steel as base metal, which includes hot-dip galvanized and electro galvanized steel. The former is more corrosion-resistant and durable since the zinc layer can reach up to 275 g/㎡. While the zinc layer of the electro-galvanized sheet is thin, usually within 30 g/㎡. Therefore, hot-dip PPGI steel is more suitable for making roofing or wall panels for outdoor uses. While considering the smooth appearance of electro-galvanized PPGI steel, it is an ideal option for interior decoration, home appliances, furniture, etc. At Wanzhi Steel, we mainly use hot-dip galvanized sheets as the base metal.

Production Process of PPGI Coil

The most commonly used method is a double-side and twice-coating process. It means the back and topsides will be painted twice. Let’s review step by step.

1. Pre-treatment

GI coils are uncoiled and welded first. Then go through the inlet looper to be cleaned and pre-treated continuously (such as degreasing). After that, a layer of chemical conversion coating is formed on the surface.

2. Painting Process

The back and top sides of the steel coil will be painted and dried. Generally, the top coating will be thicker, say 10-35 μm. The thickness of the coating can be customized according to your requirements.

Coating Line

Coating Line

PPGI Color Coating Line

Wanzhi Color Coating Line

3. Cool down the coated steel coil.

4. Quality control.

The colored coils will be tested by professional equipment and specialized persons.

5. Roll the qualified steel coils up for sale.

PPGI Coil Production Process

Production Process of PPGI Coil

PPGI Coil & Sheets

Color coated GI steel is sold in coils or sheet forms, including profile sheets and plain sheets.

1. What Is PPGI Coil?

PPGI coil is rolled-up color steel sheets, which are easy to transport. Besides, it is a great investment project, because it can be further processed for different uses. Wanzhi’s prepainted galvanized steel coil often weighs about 3 to 5 tons. The weight is customizable according to your needs. As a wholesaler, we will offer discounts for bulk-buy orders.

2. What Is PPGI Sheet?

The PPGI sheet meaning is the sheet form of the pre-painted steel coil. It is a derivative product of color galvanized coils after shearing, profiling, etc. It is a kind of semi-finished or finished product, which can be invested in or used directly.

We can find PPGI plain sheets and profile sheets, such as corrugated, tiles, etc. on the market. It allows customization of the length, width, designs, etc. Due to the diverse options, GI colour coated sheets are widely used in roofing, wall panels, home appliances, furniture, etc.

PPGI Steel Coils for Sale

PPGI Steel Coils for Sale

PPGI Roofing Tile

PPGI Roofing Tile

Advantages of Prepainted Galvanized Steel

1. Excellent Corrosion Resistance

2. Smooth Surface and Beautiful Appearance

3. Excellent Processing Performance

4. Light in Weight

5. Various Colors and Designs (Wide Applications)

6. Custom Solutions

7. Great Durability (Long Service Life)

What Is PPGI Used for?

Prepainted galvanized steel is a versatile material for many applications, including

1. Construction uses, such as roofing and wall panels of the workshop, warehouse, residential buildings, balcony railings, cold storage, rolling shutter door, door panels, window frames, screens, ceilings, elevators, chimneys, etc.

2. Home appliances, including front and back panels of refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, microwave ovens;

3. Furniture, such as side panels of cabinets, wardrobes, tables, beds, lockers, bookshelves, etc.

4. Automobile uses, like interior decoration panels of car and trains, partition panels, containers, isolation bars, ship compartments, and more;

5. Other uses, for example, whiteboards, billboards, clocks, photographic equipment, etc.

PPGI Sheet in Construction

Construction Use

PPGI Fence Panel

Fence Panel

Purchase Tips

If you are new to pre-painted galvanized steel, here are things you need to know.

1. Substrate. PPGI is a common type of color-coated steel with galvanized steel as the base metal. There are different substrates, including hot-dipped galvanized and electro-galvanized steel. Besides that, you can also find pre-painted steel with galvalume steel (PPGL) and hot or cold-rolled steel as substrate. The base metal material will directly influence the price.

2. Painting. It includes the paint types and painting thickness. The popular paints are PE, SMP (service life 10-12 years), HDP (15 years warranty), and PVDF (20 years warranty). Generally, the thickness is 5/10 ㎛ (back/top), and the top paint thickness can be up to 35 ㎛. Besides, paints can be different for the top and back sides.

3. Colors. The color (RAL color card) and printed pattern are customizable according to your requirements. The most popular colors include traffic red (RAL 3020), sky blue (RAL 5015), moss green (RAL 6005), signal white (RAL 9003), and traffic black (RAL 9017), etc. Generally, the color has little effect on the price. You can choose the color as your reference and the use environment.

4. Surface treatment. You can find PPGI steel with glossy, matte, embossed surface, which will not influence its performance. You can choose according to your needs.

Besides, you also need to pay attention to the packaging, painting method, etc. The width is available from 600 to 1,250mm and the thickness is available from 0.15 to 1.2 mm. Moreover, the third-party quality test is acceptable. Welcome to contact us for more details.

Embossed PPGI Coil

Embossed PPGI Coil

Back Painting

Back Painting

Final Words

PPGI steel is a cost-effective material, which can be applied in various industries, such as construction, transportation, home appliances, furniture, etc. The prepainted galvanized steel coil is suitable for investment because of its promising market and great processability. While the pre-painted galvanized sheet is more user-friendly and can be used or sold directly, especially corrugated sheets. Generally, the pre-painted GI sheet price will be higher than that of the same PPGI coils. You can choose according to your needs. So if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

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