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What Is Cold Rolled Steel Used for?

Cold rolled steel usually has a fine surface finish, tight size tolerance, and excellent machinability. Therefore, it is widely used in many applications, including manufacturing, construction, home appliances, automobiles, machinery, and so on. Below let us have a closer look at cold rolled steel uses together.

1. Manufacturing Industry

Cold rolled steel is a widely used material in the manufacturing industry. The very common cold rolled products made by it include:

1. Steel sheet — a thin, flat, and rectangular sheet of metal called cold rolled steel sheet.

2. Steel coil — a finished, thin, and flat steel sheet or strip which has been wound or coiled after cold rolling, namely cold rolled steel coil.

3. Tube — a steel piping with a hollow section and length that is much more than its diameter or circumference, known as cold rolled steel tube.

4. Substrate of painted steel — CR steel has good formability and paintability, making it the base metal of many painted steel products like galvanized steel, galvalume steel, SuperDyma steel, and PPGI steel.

In addition, other end products created by it include bars, strips, rods, and wires which are usually smaller than the same products available through hot rolling methods.

Cold Rolled Steel Sheet for Sale

Cold Rolled Steel Sheet

High Quality Cold Rolled Steel Coil

CR Steel Coil

Cold Rolled Steel Tube for Sale

Cold Rolled Steel Tube

2. Construction

In the construction sector, cold rolled steel is commonly used for producing different steel structures such as columns, beams, joists, studs, floor decking, built-up sections, and other components. Such cold rolled steel uses have become more and more popular since its standardization in 1946.

In addition, it has been used in many different construction projects like bridges, storage racks, grain bins, railways, transmission towers, drainage facilities, roofing & wall systems, sheds, buildings, garages, etc.

3. Machinery

It’s proven that cold rolling can be potentially strengthened up to 20% compared to hot rolling. At the same time, this process offers cold rolled steel high stamping performance, no aging, good mechanical property, and low yield strength. Thus, it can be cut, bent, punched, drilled, and formed with excellent results. Therefore, more and more mechanical production factories will choose to use this material nowadays.

Construction Steel Frame

Construction Steel Frame

Mechanical Pipeline Usage

Mechanical Pipeline

4. Home Appliances & Metal Furniture

Due to cold-rolled work, this steel presents a glossy, smooth, and sturdy surface. Also, it has a tighter tolerance, meaning CRS can be rolled thinner by up to 50%. This makes it have a lot of uses in home appliances and metal furniture. For it not only guarantees a longer service life but also provides a more aesthetic and visually appealing surface.

By far, the ordinary cold-rolled steel uses in this industry we can find include washing machines, dryers, office filing cabinets, school lockers, refrigerators, electric fans, microwave ovens, and so on.

High-quality Washing Machine

Washing Machine

Home Appliances

Home Appliances

5. Automotive Industry

Steel is an intrinsic part of the automobile sector, in which cold rolled steel performs better than hot rolled steel. This is because CR steel is relatively more finished, wear-resistant, and shockproof. Therefore, in this industry, it is predominantly used to manufacture bodies and load-bearing elements of cars and vehicles. Also, it can be used to fabricate electric motors, automotive seat parts, pressings, fuel tanks, etc.

6. Other Uses

The cold rolled steel uses are not limited to the above. It can also be applied in many other places. Here list some for your reference:

– Lighting/plumbing fixtures, conveyor systems, aerospace parts, firearm parts, packing materials, hardware accessories;

– Toolboxes, exhaust pipes, precision instruments, metal containers, lawnmowers, tables, chairs, water heaters, cans, etc.

Car Body Structure

Car Body

 Steel Cans


Cold Rolled Steel Uses in Different Grades

Generally, cold rolled steel in different grades can be more suitable for one specific application. Here summarizes the common cold rolled steel products in different grades to show the points. Let’s see the table sheet below.

Products Grades Applications
Carbon cold rolled steel coil, sheet, and strip Q195Q235-ASPCCST12 Mainly used in automobiles, machinery, construction, civil, and light industries
Cold rolled sheet and strip for deep drawing 08AlZF, HF, FSPCEST14 Mainly used for automotive and tractor manufacturing, and forming complex stamping parts
Cold rolled steel sheet and strip for bicycle ZQ195ZQ215Z06Al Specially used for manufacturing bicycles and their parts
Cold rolled steel sheet and strip for 200-liter steel drums LTXY1XT2 Designated to manufacture the 200-liter steel drums
Cold rolled steel sheet and strip for automobile trunks QG40 Suitable for making car trunks
Cold rolled steel coil and sheet for atmospheric corrosion resistance 05CuPCrNi06CuPRE Mainly used for manufacturing automobiles, railway vehicles, marine containers, etc.
Cold rolled steel sheet for double-layer welded pipe WBD Mainly used in refrigerators, automobiles, and other industries that need double-layer CR metal sheets manufacturing
Semi-process cold rolled non-oriented electrical steel strip BDG Mainly used for the manufacturing of compressor motor cores
Cold rolled steel sheet and strip for polyvinyl chloride molding QG40


Used as the substrate for polyvinyl chloride molding
Cold rolled steel strip for color coating QG40


Used as the substrate for color coated steel

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