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Storage and Transportation of Coated Steel

Due to improper operation, various defects such as scratches, indentations, corrosion, etc. will occur during storage, transportation, loading, and unloading. These are the issues that are often encountered in customer complaints. Have you met the same problems? And how to prevent these problems? Keep reading for more details.


1. The coil edge is not neat and easy to unroll, and it is easy to deviate when making sandwich panels.

2. After unpacking, the steel coil is collapsed (about 500mm) and cannot be rolled up.

In order to avoid collapse, Wanzhi Steel uses iron rolls inside to support. And the coils will be fixed with wooden pallets. At the same time, in order to reduce various defects as much as possible, some precautions in operation are shown below.

Loading to Truck

Loading to Truck

PPGI Coil in Container

PPGI Coil in Container

1. Transportation

  • During transportation, keep the factory state, and do not open the original packaging at will.
  • The compartment of the transport vehicle should be kept clean, and use rubber mats to prevent the packaging from being indented or bruised.
  • The coils should be firmly fixed to avoid damage or accidents due to movement or rolling during transportation.
  • Do not drag a color steel sheet out, otherwise, the burrs will cause scratches on the surface.
  • Both sides of the steel coil are clamped with wooden skids, or fastened to the vehicle with iron chains or steel wires.
  • Use anti-slip materials in the compartment, such as iron sheets or grass mats and other materials. Steel strips (height greater than 2.5 times the width) must be bundled together in two.

2. Loading & Unloading

  • Use anti-slip materials in the carriage according to the weight of the steel coil;
  • Horizontally loaded, close to the end of the truck to the middle, and evenly spread in the truck.
  • Use rubber pads between the spreader and the product to prevent bumps.
  • Do not stack.
How to Fix Steel Coil

How to Fix Steel Coil

Fix Two Coils Together

Fix Two Coils Together

3. Storage

  • Steel products should be stored in a dry and ventilated indoor environment, avoiding various corrosive media.
  • Horizontal packaging steel coils should be placed on rubber mats, skids, brackets, etc.
  • In order to avoid crushing, steel coils are usually stored without stacking. When stacking, the sheets or coils with large weights and sizes should be placed below.
  • When the thickness of the steel coil is less than or equal to 0.5mm, it should be stacked in a single layer. If the thickness is greater than 0.5mm, it can be stacked up to 2 layers.
  • The mechanical properties of coated steel and coating properties such as pencil hardness, etc. may change with the storage time. Therefore, it is recommended to process them as soon as possible.
GI Coils in Stock

GI Coils in Stock

Horizontal Packaging

Horizontal Packaging

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