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RAL6018 PPGI Coil

RAL6018 PPGI Coil is a popular steel material in the market because its corrosion resistance, beautiful surface, and direct process. Meanwhile, it is widely used in home appliances, construction, and corrugated sheets. RAL6018 is yellow-green, and it has an attractive appearance. Besides that, we can supply all RAL colors. Our PPGI coils have been sold in over 100 countries and regions, such as Turkey, Azerbaijan, Libya, Ecuador, the Philippines, Lithuania, etc. Follow me for further information.



RAL6018 PPGI Coil

RAL6018 PPGI Coil


1. Good durability, corrosion resistance, and compared with galvanized steel sheets with longer service life.

2. Good heat resistance, compared with galvanized steel sheets at high temperatures is less easy to fade.

3. Excellent thermal reflectivity.

4. The color-coated coil has a processing performance and spraying performance similar to that of galvanized steel sheet.

5. With excellent welding properties.

Pre-painted Galvanized Steel Coils In Different Colors








At Wanzhi Steel, we can supply you with four types of coatings.

PE: Good adhesion, rich color, wide range for formability and outdoor durability, medium chemical resistance, and low cost.

SMP: The toughness, abrasion resistance, and heat resistance of the coating film are good, the outdoor durability and powder resistance is good, the gloss retention is good, the flexibility is average and the cost is moderate.

HDP: Very good color retention and UV stability, very good outdoor durability and powder stability, good film adherence, rich color, very good value.

PVDF: Outstanding color retention and UV stability, excellent outdoor durability and powder stability, excellent solvent stability, easy to form, dirt resistance, limited color, and expensive.



Usually, Customers choose to use hot-dip galvanized sheets or electro-galvanized steel sheets as raw material to produce pre-painted galvanized steel coils. The specific details about hot-dip galvanized sheets or electro-galvanized steel sheets are as follows:

1. Hot-dip Galvanized Sheets

Hot-dip galvanized color-coated sheets are the product obtained by applying an organic coating to hot-dip galvanized steel sheets. In addition to the protective effect of the zinc, the organic coating on the surface also plays a role in insulation protection and the prevention of rust, and the service life is longer than that of the hot-dip galvanized sheet. The zinc content of hot-dip galvanized substrate is generally 180g/m2 (double-sided). The maximum zinc content of hot-dip galvanized substrate for exterior construction is 275g/m2.

2. Electro-galvanized Sheets

Electro-galvanized sheet as the substrate, coated with organic coating baking products for electro-galvanized color coated sheet, because the zinc layer of electro-galvanized sheet is thin, usually contains zinc content of 20g/m², so the product is not suitable for use in outdoor production of walls, roofs, etc. However, it can be mainly used for home appliances, audio, steel furniture, interior decoration, and so on because of its beautiful appearance and excellent processing properties.

Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Sheet

Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Sheet

Electro-galvanized Sheet

Electro-galvanized Sheet

What Is PPGI?

PPGI is the short form for pre-painted galvanized iron, also called pre-coated steel, color-coated steel, etc. PPGI coils use galvanized steel sheets as substrates, After the pre-treatment of the surface, the surface is coated with one or more layers of organic coatings of different colors, which are referred to as color coating rolls. They are mainly used in the construction industry, the home appliance industry, the electrical appliance industry, the furniture industry, and so on.

Item PPGI Coil
Substrate Grades Galvanized steel,DX51/52/53/54D+Z,
Thickness 0.13 mm-1.5 mm
Width 600 mm-1,250 mm
Coil Weight 3-6 tons (can be customized)
Painting Types PE, SMP, HDP, PVDF
Painting Thickness Top: 10-35 μm    Back: 5-14 μm
Zinc Coating Thickness 30-275 g/㎡
Colors As per RAL color (custom patterns are available)
Diameter Φ508 mm/Φ610 mm
Package Standard Export Package

Coil Manufacturing Process

1. Surface Treatment

To prepare the substrate for the next coating step, it is first surface treated. The surface treatment process includes oil removal, pickling, alkali washing, phosphoric acid treatment, and other processes. These processes can improve the adhesion and corrosion resistance of the substrate surface while effectively removing impurities such as dirt and oxide films from the substrate surface.

2. Coating Production

After surfacing, the substrate is sent to the coating line for coating. There are three steps: base coat, top coat, and varnish in the coating production process. In the base coat process, epoxy, polyester, and other primers are generally selected for coating. In the top coat process, it is mainly the choice of color and the treatment of appearance effect. You can choose PVDF, PE, HDP, and other resins as coating materials so that the color-coated steel coil has different colors and glosses on the surface. The main part of the varnish is to increase the gloss of the coating and to improve the anti-fouling performance of the coating.

3. Curing

Upon completion of the coating process, the color-coated steel coil must be cured by baking. During the baking and curing process, the color-coated steel coil is placed in a high-temperature oven. Different temperatures and times are set according to the different materials selected. Curing improves the performance indicators such as weather resistance, hardness, and adhesion of the color-coated steel coil by allowing the coating material to fully react and cross-link.

4. Cutting and packaging

After the above process, it is necessary for the color-coated steel coil to be cut and packaged after production. Cutting is mainly according to customers’ needs and product specifications to cut the color-coated steel coil into the required size. Packaging is to avoid external pollution and damage by cutting the color-coated steel coil for packaging.

Pre-painted Galvanized Coil Package

Pre-painted Galvanized Coil Package

RAL6018 PPGI Coils Stock

RAL6018 PPGI Coils Stock

Pre-painted Galvanized Steel Coils Supplier

Regarding pre-painted galvanized steel coils, Wanzhi Steel is a leading manufacturer and wholesaler. We have our own factory and two PPGI coils production lines with 200000 tons of annual output. After 12 years of development, our pre-painted galvanized steel coils have been sold to more than 100 countries and regions in the world. And won praise from the customers. If you want to know more about our company, please click here to get more details.

PPGI Coils

RAL6018 PPGI Coils

PPGI Coil For Sale

RAL6018 PPGI Coil For Sale


RAL6018 PPGI coils are hot selling in our company because of their pretty appearance,  high corrosion resistance, and long service life. And widely used in the construction industry, home appliances, furniture, etc. Besides the color, the pattern also can be customized, such as stone, brick, wood, grass, traffic, camouflage, and other patterns. If you want a specific design pattern, please send us a sample, then we will produce it for you at competitive prices. Any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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