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PVC Film Laminated Steel

PVC film laminated steel sheet is widely used as decorative materials in furnishing, home appliances, and construction. It has a variety of surface effects and colors. Also, it offers better performance and advantages than ordinary color-coated sheets.

What Is PVC Film Laminated Steel?

PVC film laminated steel sheet is a metal sheet, which is covered with polymer resin film. It has excellent deep drawing resistance, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance. The PVC laminated sheet is waterproof and fireproof and has excellent anti-ultraviolet performance.  The base material can be cold-rolled steel, galvanized steel, aluminum plate, stainless steel, and other metal sheets. It has been widely used in home appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines, etc. Below is a video showing the film-covering process.

PVC Laminated Steel  VS Prepainted Steel

Film-coated sheet: It is made of high-temperature pressing and compounding. It has high density and strength, and good toughness. It is not easy to deform after use.

Prepainted steel: It often uses galvanized (electro-galvanized or hot-dip galvanized) sheet, galvalume steel, zinc-aluminum-magnesium sheet, etc. as the substrate and is coated with paint through coil coating or spraying. The paint layer will protect the base metal from corrosion.

Film-coated sheet: Since the film-coated sheet is a composite material, it has better compactness than common color-coated steel. While pre-painted steel combines the durability of steel and the beauty of organic paints.

Color Coated Steel for Home Appliance

PVC-coated Home Appliance Panel

Film Covering Process

Film Covering Process

Advantages of PVC Laminated Steel

Film-coated sheets have good waterproof and fireproof performance, with a dense protective layer. And they are able to resist the erosion of the substrate by harsh environments. While prepainted steel is rich in color, easy to process, economical and durable.

Besides, PVC laminated sheet has excellent processing performance, deep drawing resistance, and wear resistance. It is not easy to be damaged during processing. Moreover, its appearance is smooth to meet decorative purposes. In comparison, the production efficiency of color-coated steel is high. But it is only suitable for flat coating and not suitable for other shapes of coated objects.


Currently, there are PVC glossy films and matte films on the market. Glossy film refers to a film with a high gloss, which is a composite film with a layer of PET film on the surface of the PVC film. Matt film is a film with a low surface gloss, and the film is made of PVC material. There are some texture effects such as embossing on its surface.

PVC film laminated steel is widely used in home appliances, such as the door and side panels (U shells) of refrigerators, side panels of freezers or air conditioners, outer cylinders of water heaters, back panels of TVs, etc. It is also popular in kitchen appliances, such as soymilk machines, electric heaters, rice cookers, etc. Wanzhi Steel has rich experience in manufacturing color-coated products, which are available in different materials, paints, etc. Welcome to contact us for more details!

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