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Hot-rolled Coils Price Update

Hot rolled coils are a kind of steel sheet made by roughing and finishing the mill after heating and using a slab as raw material. It has high strength, good toughness, easy processing good weldability, and other excellent properties, and is widely used in ships, automobiles, Bridges, construction, machinery, pressure vessels, and other manufacturing industries. China is the world’s largest producer and exporter of hot rolled coil. Wanzhi Steel Group is a famous hot-rolled coil manufacturer in China, with 12 years of experience in hot-rolled coil production. The customer is very positive about the quality of our hot-rolled coils. If you are also interested in our hot rolled coils, please feel free to contact us.

Hot-rolled Coils Specifications

Item Hot Rolled Steel Coil
Technology Hot rolling process
Thickness 1.0- 4.0 mm
Width 600 – 1,500 mm
Coil Inner Diameter 508-760 mm
Steel Grade Q195, Q235, Q235B, Q345, Q345A, Q345E, SS400, etc.
MOQ 10 tons
Packaging Export standard packing

Advantages Of Hot Rolled Coils

1. Lower cost: Compared to cold-rolled coil, hot-rolled coil tends to be cheaper because it requires less processing.

2. Easier to process: When the hot rolling process takes place at high temperatures, the material is easy to plastic deformation and forming.

3. Little or no internal stress: The hot rolling process involves gradually cooling the steel, which allows the material to essentially recover its structure and no longer has internal stress.

Hot Rolled Coils Price

Chinese export

This week, steel mills raised the export offer price of 5-10 US dollars/ton FOB, mainly due to the rise in raw materials. In addition, the leading steel mills in India, Vietnam, Japan, and other places have also increased the export price of hot-rolled coil, and the export price of China’s hot-rolled coil is more competitive as a whole. However, overseas demand is relatively poor, and the actual transaction price of exports fell slightly from the previous week, and orders are generally accepted. Export shipment data in August showed that exports returned to a record high of 8.2 million tons/month, the US dollar in June and July continued to strengthen against the yuan is one of the reasons, the Middle East and Southeast Asia August shipping orders were large.

Southeast Asia

Due to weak demand in the construction and manufacturing sectors, Vietnamese steel companies have lowered hot-rolled coil prices by US $13 / ton to US $593-597 / ton CIF Ho Chi Minh City. In terms of imports, the mainstream price of China’s hot-rolled coil rose to 550-560 US dollars/ton CFR, and the intention of local buyers is still 530-535 US dollars/ton CFR. As the real estate market continues to slump, no positive signals have been released, and local buyers are mainly wait-and-see.


Indian steel mills have raised hot-rolled coil prices by Rs 750 / ton to Rs 59,250 / ton. In terms of exports, due to weak local demand, Indian steel mills are still not actively quoted to the Middle East market, and the price is maintained at $615-620 / ton CFR. China’s hot rolled coil mainstream offer is maintained at 580-590 US dollars/ton CFR Middle East, the transaction is not good. European market participants returned to the market this week but remained largely on the sidelines. European buyers await import quotas for the fourth quarter, with hot roll (S275, 3mm) export offers maintained at $690- $695 / ton CFR Antwerp.

Hot Rolled Coils

Hot Rolled Coils

Hot-rolled Coil For Sale

Hot-rolled Coil For Sale

Finally Words

Wanzhi Steel Group is a leading manufacturer and exporter of hot-rolled coils, our hot-rolled coils have been sold to over 180 countries and regions all over the world. You are welcome to visit our factory. Moreover, we will update the hot rolled coil price regularly. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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