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Galvanized Steel Angle

Galvanized Steel Angle is a steel material that has been galvanized and covered with a layer of zinc. This galvanizing process is usually achieved by dipping the angle steel into molten zinc or using electroplating technology. It not only enhances the corrosion resistance of the steel but also gives it an aesthetic appearance. It not only has a long service life but is also easy to process. In addition, it is relatively easy to buy and is a low-cost structural steel, so it is deeply loved by various industries. Which is available for sale at Wanzhi Steel.

gi steel angle

Angle Steel Galvanized

Item Galvanized Angle Steel
Material Q195, Q235, Q345, SS400
Standard GB, CCS, JIS, ASTM, GL, ABS, etc
Weight 3-8 Tons
Length 6-12m, can be specified
Size 20*20*2.5-200*200*24 can be specified
Surface Treatment Coated, Passivation, Oiled, Anti-fingerprint
Quality Certificate SGS, ISO, BV, CE, etc
Package Standard packaging, or specified
Uses windows, curtain walls, handrails, and so on. If you need this series of products don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

At Wanzhi, the length, coating thickness, and side length can be customized. Welcome to contact us for more product details~


Specifications of gi angle steel

Its specifications are side width * side width * side thickness, 2-20, with the number being the centimeters of the side length. The same number of angle steel often has 2-7 different side thicknesses.

Leg length*leg length*thickness
Weight (kg/m) Specification
Leg length*leg length*thickness
Weight (kg/m)
25*25*3 1.124 90*90*8 10.946
25*25*4 1.459 90*90*10 13.476
30*30*3 1.373 100*100*6 9.366
30*30*4 1.786 100*100*7 10.83
40*40*3 1.852 100*100*8 12.276
40*40*4 2.422 100*100*10 15.12
40*40*5 2.976 100*100*12 17.898
45*45*3 2.088 110*110*7 11.928
45*45*4 2.736 110*110*8 13.532
45*45*5 3.369 110*110*10 16.69
50*50*3 2.332 110*110*12 19.782
50*50*4 3.059 125*125*8 15.504
50*50*5 3.77 125*125*10 19.133
50*50*6 4.465 125*125*12 22.696
63*63*5 4.822 125*125*14 26.193
63*63*6 5.721 140*140*10 21.488
63*63*8 7.469 140*140*12 25.522
70*70*5 5.397 140*140*14 29.49
70*70*6 6.406 160*160*10 24.729
70*70*7 7.398 160*160*12 29.391
70*70*8 8.373 160*160*14 33.987
75*75*5 5.818 160*160*16 38.518
75*75*6 6.905 180*180*12 33.159
75*75*7 7.976 180*180*14 38.383
75*75*8 9.030 180*180*16 43.542
75*75*10 11.089 180*180*18 48.634
80*80*6 7.376 200*200*14 42.894
80*80*7 8.525 200*200*16 48.68
80*80*8 9.658 200*200*18 54.401
80*80*10 11.874 200*200*20 60.056
90*90*6 8.35 200*200*24 71.168
90*90*7 9.656

Wanzhi gi steel angle

Wanzhi steel angle

Classification of gi angle steel

Classification by process

It can be divided into hot-dip and cold-dip angle steel.

1. Hot-dip galvanized angle steel: It immerses the angle steel in high-temperature molten zinc liquid to make the zinc layer adhere to the surface of it.

2. Cold-dip galvanized angle steel uses the electrochemical principle to ensure full contact between zinc powder and steel, generating electrode potential difference for corrosion protection.

Electro-gi steel angle

HDP gi steel angle

Classification by side length

It can also be divided into galvanized equal-leg angle steel and galvanized unequal-leg angle steel.

The two vertical sides of the same length are equal-leg angle steel, while the ones with one longer and one shorter are unequal-leg angle steel.

Name Side length (cm)
Large angle steel >12.5
Medium Angle Steel 5-12.5
Small angle steel <5


Hot dip galvanized equal-angle steel

Hot-dipped galvanized equal leg angles are excellent candidates for most processing techniques. Welding, torching, or abrasive sawing galvanized steel is not recommended without proper protection and adequate ventilation.

Galvanized angles are A36 hot rolled steel, or mild steel, angles that have been dipped into a molten zinc coating process (ASTM A123).

mini spangle surface

regular spangle

Hot-dipped galvanize

Hot-dipped galvanize (HDG) can be identified by its crystallization pattern, also known as “spangle” on the surface of the material. Galvanized angles have round or tapered edges. Great corrosion resistance, an excellent candidate for outdoor use or exposed environments. Common applications include heating and cooling systems, mounting brackets, structural support, trailers, and docks.

before galvanized

after galvanized

Chemical composition of gi angle steel

Chemical composition
Element Percentage
C 0.26
Copper 0.2
Iron 99
Manganese 0.75
Phosphorus 0.04 max
S 0.05 max

Wanzhi equal angle

Wanahi unequal steel angle

Mechanical properties of galvanized angle steel

Imperial Metric
Density 0.282 lb/in3 7.8 g/cc
Ultimate Tensile Strength 58,000psi 400 MPa
Yield Tensile Strength 47,700psi 315 MPa
Shear Strength 43,500psi 300 MPa
Melting Point 2,590 – 2,670°F 1,420 – 1,460°C
Hardness Brinell 140
Production Method Hot Rolled
The provided chemical compositions and mechanical properties are general approximations.

Wanzhi gi angle steel weight calculation

The weight of galvanized angle steel is the same as the calculation formula of angle steel weight.

The weight of angle steel per meter = 0.00785*(edge width + edge width-edge thickness)*edge thickness, in centimeters.

Equal and unequal gi angle steel

Weight formula

The total weight of each piece = the weight of angle steel per meter*length, that is 0.00785*(edge width + edge width-edge thickness)*edge thickness*length.

What is galvanized angle steel?

Galvanized angle steel is an angle steel with a layer of zinc on the surface of ordinary angle steel. It is a popular building material, mainly used to provide structural support and prevent steel corrosion, thereby increasing the service life of steel.

What is a steel angle?

Steel angle, also named angle iron, or steel angle bar, is manufactured by hot-rolled carbon steel or strength low alloy steel. It has an L-cross-shaped section with two legs – equal or unequal and the angle would be 90 degrees. The specifications are expressed in millimeters of edge width × edge width × edge thickness.

Galvanized equal-angle steel

Small unequal-angle steel

different size gi steel angle

Advantages of gi angle steel

1. Anti-corrosion performance and durability: It can resist harsh environments such as moisture and acid rain, and is not afraid of outdoor high temperature, humidity, and corrosive environments.

2. Strength and stability: It has very high strength and is not easy to deform. It is a very stable building material.

3. Plasticity and processability: It can be bent and cut as needed, and can be cut and welded into various shapes and sizes.

4. Fireproof and lightning protection characteristics: It has fireproof and lightning protection characteristics, so it is very popular in the fields of construction and engineering.

5. Lower cost: Compared with other corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel, the cost of galvanized angle steel is relatively low and more economical.

6. Wide range of applications: Such as construction, automobile manufacturing, home appliances, and furniture manufacturing, and has strong adaptability.

Good cold bending performance

Equilateral galvanized angle steel


Galvanized Steel Angle and Hot-dip GI Steel Angle

In essence, they are all galvanized angle steels, but galvanizing is a general term that can include different galvanizing processes (such as hot-dip galvanizing, electro-galvanizing, etc.).

1. Hot-dip galvanizing specifically refers to the hot-dip galvanizing process, which produces a thicker coating, generally 30-60 microns, with higher corrosion resistance.

2. Electro-galvanizing (cold-dip galvanizing) has a thinner coating and may not be as corrosion-resistant as hot-dip galvanizing.

Regardless of the process, the two may differ slightly in appearance, but they usually present a smooth, bright metal surface.

regular spangle surface

big spangle surface

Application of galvanized angle steel

Construction industry – Roofs, walls, doors and windows, high-voltage transmission towers

Automobile manufacturing – used in various structures and components, frames

car structure

Doors and windows

Home appliance and furniture manufacturing – external machine brackets, connecting fasteners, beams, flower pot racks, solar racks, etc.

Others – Bridges, crane columns and booms, ships, reaction towers, container racks, fences.

Electrical bracket

Outdoor Fence

Galvanized Angle Steel Suppliers

Many manufacturers and suppliers provide galvanized angle steel supply services, such as Wanzhi Steel, which serves dozens of countries around the world, with an annual export volume of 600,000 tons, considerate service, fair prices, the most guaranteed quality, and the largest discounts for large orders.

GI angle steel shipped

Wanzhi steel factory

Besides Angle steel, Galvanized sheet, GI steel coil, and Galvalume steel are for sale!

If your operating environment is more demanding, it is recommended to consider GL steel.

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In summary, Galvanized Steel Angle has the advantages of excellent corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance, high strength, and machinability, and is widely used in many industries such as construction, automobile manufacturing, home appliances, and furniture manufacturing. Its diverse specifications and sizes and production quality that meet international standards enable it to meet the needs of different projects.

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