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998 tons of GL coils shipped to Solomon Islands has been unloaded

At the beginning of June, the Solomon customer’s GL coils were unloaded. The goods of this customer will be shipped in multiple batches. This batch of goods is the first batch of this order.

To the port


Customer Background

The client from the Solomon Islands found us on the Internet. He is a government member, a black man. The Solomon Islands has a tropical rainforest climate, hot and rainy, and he buys rolls to do the tile pressing business.

Ready to ship

ready to inner package

Choose galvalume coils

Based on the local climate, we recommended GL steel and ZAM steel coils, and the customer considered Galvalume steel coils.

During the communication, we learned the customer had bought gi coils from other places and they were severely corroded. so he repeatedly emphasized environmental issues.

Customer concerns, our after-sales

Customer satisfaction, ready to return orders

Because of the high heat resistance, he chooses GL steel. On the other hand, it is more durable than gi steel. And the customer said the price was OK, so he signed the order smoothly.

The customer pressed tiles as soon as he received the goods. After two weeks of testing, no rust appeared in a hot and rainy environment. The effect was better than gi steel, so the customer returned the order in August last year. This is his third purchase.

Wanzhi Head Office & Teams

Wanzhi-QC department


Workshop group photo

Group photo

group photo

WanZhi Engineers

Wan Zhi Workshop

GL Coils in Stock

GL Coils in Stock

Galvanized Coil Factory

GI Coils for Sale

HDG Coils at Factory

HDG Coils at Factory

Wanzhi Color Coating Line

Wanzhi Color Coating Line

GI Coil Production Line

GI Coil Production Line


Production of the project

Below are his requirements:

Galvalume coil material: DX51D+AZ150, size requirement: 0.45*940mm. Processing requirements: neat trimming, fingerprint resistance (for tile pressing), coil weight ≤3 tons, inner diameter 508mm.


Galvalume Coil

Galvalume Coil

Galvanized steel coil surface

ready to package

Inspection before shipment by WanZhi QC department


Dimensional inspection

Testing personnel

Coating thickness measurement

Anti-fingerprint, for pressing tiles

Packaging & Labeling

the storage

outer package

label the GL coil


Galvanized Coil Shipment



Start loading

Prepare for transport


Arrival Port

Packing and fixing

GL coils



Bill of Lading

Wanzhi Steel – a steel manufacturer suitable for you

This is our hot-selling steel coil. The color and size can be customized. Welcome to consult!

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The following video was shot from our Philippine project, documenting the GI and GL coils production process:

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