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Cross-cut Test for Coating Adhesion

On August 19th, Wanzhi Steel performed a cross-hatch test (cross-cut test) to measure the adhesion strength of coatings. It is also known as the “tape test”, which is available to know how well the coating is bonding to the substrate. The test includes 3 steps:

1. Cut through the coating to the substrate with a sharp tool, such as a cross-hatch cutter;

2. Stick a special tape firmly over the test area, and then pull off;

3. Compare the cross-hatch test area with the ISO or ASTM or JIS adhesion standards visually.

Cross-hatch Test Results

Cross-hatch Test Results

Cross-cut Test Result


After pulling off the tape, the edges of the cuts are almost smooth; none of the squares or less than 5% of the area is affected. The result of this test shows that the coating adhesion of our color-coated steel is great, which can meet the ISO 1/0 standard or ASTM 4B or 5B standard. Below are the ISO and ASTM Standards.

ISO ASTM Test Results
Class 0 5B The edges of the cuts are completely smooth; none of the squares of the lattice is detached.
Class 1 4B Small flakes of the coating are detached at intersections; less than 5% of the area is affected.
Class 2 3B Small flakes of the coating are detached along edges and at intersections of cuts. The area affected is 5 to 15% of the lattice.
Class 3 2B The coating has flaked along the edges and on parts of the squares. The area affected is 15 to 35% of the lattice.
Class 4 1B The coating has flaked along the edges of cuts in large ribbons and whole squares have detached. The area affected is 35 to 65% of the lattice.
Class 5 0B Flaking and detachment are worse than Grade 1.

Here is the full real video of the cross-cut test for your reference. Welcome to subscribe to our Youtube Channel.

Wanzhi Steel has a wide range of advanced test equipment and we performed various tests to measure the product quality, such as punching tests, paint thickness tests, whiteboard writing tests, and so on. Also, we accept third-party quality inspections. We promise to offer our clients top-quality products. Welcome to contact us for more details!

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