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Birthday Party In August

On August 25, Wanzhi Steel organized a birthday party for employees. Longmei prepared a birthday cake and gifts for them. Happy birthday to them! Everyone sang birthday songs for them, they made birthday wishes. Wendan took photos for everyone. At Wanzhi Steel, We celebrate birthdays for everyone. Boss Jin will prepare birthday gifts in person.  After celebrating birthday, we started painting time. Longmei arranged a painting game for everyone. Moreover, Longmei prepared a drawing board and paint for everyone. Each department for one group, one and a half hours to complete the painting. Finally, we finished the painting within the time limit. And we made a second creation of the painting, we created a story for our paintings.

Wanzhi Steel is a young team. Every month we organize activities to celebrate employees’ birthdays and prepare birthday gifts. Many customers visit our Zhengzhou office and participate in activities with us. We will continue to share Wanzhi’s birthday party with you and look forward to cooperating with you!

Wanzhi Birthday Party

Wanzhi Birthday Party

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