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Wanzhi Birthday Party in July

On July 25, Wanzhi Steel held a birthday party for employees who had their birthday in July. They are Cherry, Stanley and Jingwen. Happy birthday to them! As usual, we prepared birthday gifts and sang for them. During the happy birthday song, they made their wishes. Then all staff shared the birthday cake, fruits, and snacks together. After that, we played games happily, including number bomb game,  adding words, and blowing the ball across cups. Everyone enjoyed the games very much. At Wanzhi Family, we will always remember every special you. Although the whole birthday party was short, it was with laughter, warmth and happiness.

Birthday Party in July

Birthday Party in July

Wanzhi Steel is a young, caring and dynamic company. Most of our employees are under the age of 30, which makes our atmosphere relaxed and lively. We have insisted on celebrating birthdays every month for years. In addition, we will have various activities for different festivals. “Treat customers and employees well” is what we believe in. That’s what makes Wanzhi Steel trustworthy. We are looking forward to your coming!

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