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Turkey 900 tons Galvanized Steel Strip Project

Galvanized steel strip because of its wide range of uses, and corrosion resistance to provide customers with high commercial value. In general, galvanized steel strip is mainly used in the production of steel pipes, home appliance shells, roofs, rolling doors, and so on. Some customers buy our galvanized steel strips for secondary sales. The Turkish customer, a manufacturer of home appliances, needs to purchase a large number of galvanized steel strips every month for the production of refrigerator and microwave oven shell plates. This time, the Turkish customer bought 900 tons of galvanized steel strips from Wanzhi Steel.

Wanzhi Steel is a professional producer of galvanized steel strips, our galvanized steel strips have been sold to over 120 countries all over the world. If you have any questions about galvanized steel strips, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Galvanized Steel Strip For Sale

Galvanized Steel Strip For Sale

Galvanized Steel Strip Shipped To Turkey

Galvanized Steel Strip Shipped To Turkey

Galvanized Steel Strips Features

1. Good corrosion resistance

The main components of galvanized steel strips are iron and zinc, after the galvanizing process, a layer of zinc can be formed, thereby enhancing the corrosion resistance of the steel strips, so that it can be used for a long time in humid, corrosive, and other environments. At the same time, galvanized steel strips also have a certain temperature resistance and can be used at high temperatures.

2. Smooth surface

The surface of galvanized strip steel is very smooth, after polishing or electrophoresis treatment, you can achieve a better apparent effect, not only beautiful but also reduces the friction of the surface, thereby reducing friction loss.

3. Strong corrosion resistance

Due to the different chemical properties of the two elements of iron and zinc, galvanized steel strips have good corrosion resistance, which can prevent the occurrence of oxidation, corrosion, rust, and other phenomena on the metal surface for a long time, thus ensuring the service life of the galvanized steel strips.

4. Widely used

Galvanized steel strips are widely used in construction, automobile manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, and other industries. In the field of construction, galvanized steel strips are mainly used to make steel structures, roofs, walls, steel bridges, highway guardrails, etc. In the field of automobile manufacturing, the use of galvanized steel strips can greatly improve the corrosion resistance and durability of automobiles; In the field of machinery manufacturing, galvanized strip steel can be used to make metal parts, equipment, pipes, etc.



Why Does Galvanized Steel Have Corrosion Resistance?

 1. The coating is intact after first galvanizing

Because zinc isolates the air from the steel base, only zinc corrosion occurs, because the products of zinc corrosion have a better protective effect on zinc, so the corrosion rate is very slow, and the life is 15 to 30 times that of ungalvanized steel.

For example, in a neutral or weakly acidic (pH>5.2) atmospheric environment, the subsidized products formed after corrosion of the galvanized layer of the steel plate are non-soluble compounds (zinc hydroxide, zinc oxide, and zinc carbonate), and these products will be precipitated to form a dense thin layer, generally up to 8µm thickness. This film has a certain thickness and is not easily dissolved in water, and the adhesion is very strong, so it can play a barrier role in isolating the atmosphere and galvanized sheet to prevent further development of corrosion.

2. If the zinc layer is destroyed

The zinc in the coating and the iron in the steel strip constitute the primary cell in a humid environment. Because the standard electrode potential of zinc is only -1.05V, lower than that of iron -0.036V, zinc is oxidized as the anode, and iron is protected as the cathode. Because the product after zinc corrosion is very dense, the reaction rate is very slow, that is to say, the overall corrosion resistance is greatly improved. This method of preservative is called sacrifice preservative.

After the coating is damaged, due to the sacrificing corrosion, the steel base will also be protected, but if the damage reaches the steel base after the steel base is damaged, the sacrificing protection will be weaker, so the deeper damage must be anti-rust treatment (painting, etc.) to avoid further rust.

Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion Resistance

When the protective galvanized layer is damaged and the surface of the steel part is exposed to the atmospheric environment, zinc and iron form a micro battery at this time, the potential of zinc is significantly lower than the potential of iron, and zinc acts as an anode to protect the steel substrate at the expense of the anode to prevent the corrosion of the steel sheets.

How To Buy Galvanized Steel Strip?

Galvanized steel strips are an essential steel material for home appliances, construction, etc. If you are ready to buy galvanized steel strips, it is recommended that you confirm the width, thickness, and other dimensions, convenient to get a quote. Of course, considering that the market suppliers are not true or false, it is recommended to purchase galvanized steel strips directly from the manufacturer. Wanzhi Steel is a good choice.

Color Coated Steel Strip

Color Coated Steel Strip

Galvanized Steel Strips

Galvanized Steel Strips

Wanzhi Steel, as a leading manufacturer and supplier of galvanized steel, not only provides galvanized steel strips but also supplies you with color coated steel strips, prepainted steel, corrugated steel sheets, etc. Our factory is located in Binzhou city, Shandong Province. In our factory, we have professional galvanized steel manufacturing lines. You are welcome to visit the galvanized steel strips production process in person. Moreover, we will have an English business manager to meet you, and have professional translation equipment, if you come to a small language country, do not worry about the language barrier.



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