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Turkey 450 Tons Galvanized Steel Strip Project

Good news! Turkish client purchased 450 tons of galvanized steel strips from Wanzhi Steel Group. And now, the galvanized steel strips were shipped to Turkey. The shipping details are as below.

Product Details
Product Type Thickness Width Substrates Zinc Layer Total Weight
Galvanized Steel Strip 0.22mm 39mm DX51D+Z Z40 200 tons
Galvanized Steel Strip 0.28mm 66mm DX51D+Z Z40 100 tins
Galvanized Steel Strip 0.30mm 66mm DX51D+Z Z40 50 tons
Galvanized Steel Strip 0.34mm 122mm DX51D+Z Z40 100 tons

This is the customer’s second purchase of Wanzhi Group’s products. On 5 March, the customer purchased 166 tonnes of pre-painted Galvalume steel coils. The customer made good comments after receiving the painted coil. The customer then purchased another 450 tonnes of galvanized steel strip. Now the galvanized steel strip has been produced and sent to Turkey. I think the customer will receive the goods soon.

Galvanized Strips Cabinets

Galvanized Strips Cabinets

Galvanized Strips Purchased By Turkish Client

Galvanized Strips For Turkish Client

Galvanized Steel Shipped To Turkey

Galvanized Steel Shipped To Turkey

What Is Galvanized Steel Strip?

The galvanized steel strips are cold rolled or hot rolled, long and narrow steel plates with different degrees of plating a layer of raw materials called (zinc, and aluminum). Hot dip galvanizing has the advantages of uniform coating, strong adhesion, and long service life. Complex physical and chemical reactions occur between the hot dip galvanized strip steel base and the molten bath to form a tight zinc-iron alloy layer with corrosion resistance. The alloy layer is integrated with the pure zinc layer and the strip steel matrix. Therefore, its corrosion resistance is strong.

Galvanized Steel Strips

Galvanized Steel Strips

Galvanized Steel Strip For Sale

Galvanized Steel Strip For Sale

Galvanized Steel Strip Advantages

1. Strong Corrosion Resistance: Galvanised steel strip has good resistance to corrosion and has passed the neutral salt spray test for up to 240 hours.
2. Attractive appearance: the appearance of galvanized steel strip is smooth, with no zinc nodules or burrs, and silver-white in color.
3. Maintain the properties of steel: galvanized steel strip no hydrogen embrittlement, and no temperature damage, can ensure the mechanical properties of the material are unchanged.

What Is Galvanised Steel Strip Used For?

Galvanized steel strips are ordinary steel strip pickling, galvanized, packaging, and other processes of processing, because of its good anti-corrosion properties, it is widely used. Mainly used for the production of cold processing, and no longer galvanized metal supplies. For example light steel keel, guardrail peach-shaped column, sink, rolling shutter door, bridge, and other metal products.

1. Construction industry: light steel keel, roof, ceiling, wall, water baffle, rain cover, rolling shutter door, warehouse inside and outside board, insulation pipe shell, etc.

2. Household appliances: refrigerator, washing machine, shower, vacuum cleaner, and other household appliances reinforcement protection role.

3. Automobile industry: large cars, trucks, trailers, luggage trucks, refrigerated truck parts, garage doors, wipers, mud plates, fuel tanks, water tanks, etc.

4. Industrial industry: Galvanized steel strips as the substrate of stamping materials, in bicycles, digital products, armored cables, and so on will be used.


Why Does Galvanized Steel Strip Have Corrosion Resistance?

1. The coating is intact after first galvanizing

Because zinc isolates the air from the steel base, only zinc corrosion occurs, because the products of zinc corrosion have a better protective effect on zinc, so the corrosion rate is very slow, and the life is 15 to 30 times that of ungalvanized steel.

For example, in a neutral or weakly acidic (pH>5.2) atmospheric environment, the subsidized products formed after corrosion of the galvanized layer of the steel plate are non-soluble compounds (zinc hydroxide, zinc oxide, and zinc carbonate), and these products will be precipitated to form a dense thin layer, generally up to 8µm thickness. This film has a certain thickness and is not easily dissolved in water, and the adhesion is very strong, so it can play a barrier role in isolating the atmosphere and galvanized sheet to prevent further development of corrosion.

2. If the zinc layer is destroyed

After the coating is damaged, due to the sacrificing corrosion, the steel base will also be protected, but if the damage reaches the steel base after the steel base is damaged, the sacrificing protection will be weaker, so the deeper damage must be anti-rust treatment (painting, etc.) to avoid further rust.

Galvanized Steel Strip Surface

Galvanized Steel Strip Surface

Galvanized Strip Slitting Line

Galvanized Strip Slitting Line

Finally Words

On July 29, 2023, 450 tons of galvanized steel strips were shipped to Turkey. Regarding galvanized steel strip, Wanzhi Steel Group Co., Ltd. has 12 years of production and sales experience. In addition to galvanized steel strips, we also produce and sell color coated galvanized steel strips and color coated coils. We have our own factory, there are two coating and printing production lines, the paint film top paint 10-40um, back paint 5-20um, two production lines annual output of 200,000 tons. If you are interested in our product, please contact us for further details and latest price! 


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