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The Ultimate Guide To Embossed Metal Panels

Embossed metal panels are steel products characterized by embossing patterns on their surfaces, featuring excellent anti-slip and appearance decoration properties. It is widely used in construction, automobiles, furniture, electrical appliances, and decoration. Different manufacturing processes and materials produce varieties of embossed metal panels that feature anti-slip, decorative, and material properties that make them popular choices. If you want to know more information about embossed metal panels, please keep reading.

Embossed Metal Panels

Embossed Metal Panels

Embossed Pattern

Embossed Pattern

What Are Embossed Metal Panels?

Embossed metal panels are concave and convex patterns on steel sheets that improve friction coefficients and anti-slip performance and increase their visual beauty. Patterns may be diamond shapes, lentil shapes, or round bean shapes. Embossed metal panels can usually be produced via hot rolling or cold rolling processes and their specifications and dimensions can be customized according to actual needs.

Item Specification
Material Galvanized, Galvalume, HR steel (>0.8mm), Stainless steel, CR Steel, Aluminum
Thickness 0.3mm-8mm
Width 600mm-1,500mm
Service Cutting to size, slitting, punching, laminating and other services
Package Standard export package


1. Good anti-slip performance: Due to the surface of the embossed metal panels having a bumpy pattern, it can increase the coefficient of friction, improve the anti-slip performance, and prevent objects from sliding or sliding on the steel panels.

2. Strong decoration: Embossed metal panels have beautiful surfaces. Therefore, it can be used as a decorative material to enhance the appearance of buildings and furniture.

3. High-quality material: The embossed metal panel is made of high-quality steel. It has good strength, toughness, and corrosion resistance and can meet the needs of different occasions.

4. Good customization: You can customize the embossed metal panels according to your needs. Such as specifications, sizes, materials patterns, etc., which are convenient for you to choose and use according to your needs.


1. According to the manufacturing process classification: According to the different manufacturing processes, embossed metal panels can be divided into hot-rolled embossed metal panels and cold-rolled embossed metal panels. The surface of the hot rolled embossed metal panels has strong anti-skid performance and load-bearing capacity and is often used in the vehicle and ship manufacturing industry. Instead, the cold-rolled embossed metal panels show a lighter pattern, mainly used in the construction and furniture fields.

2. Classification by material: Embossed metal panels can be divided into ordinary carbon structural steel, high-quality carbon structural steel, and low-alloy high-strength structural steel according to different materials. Among them, low-alloy high-strength structural steel has higher strength and better corrosion resistance and is widely used in Bridges, ships, and buildings.

3. Classification by use: According to different applications, embossed metal panels can be divided into ordinary uses and special uses. General use embossed metal panels are mainly used in construction, furniture, and electrical appliances. Special use is suitable for special occasions, for example non-slip, decoration, and signage.

Hot Rolled Embossed Panels

Hot Rolled Embossed Panels

Cold Rolled Embossed Panels

Cold Rolled Embossed Panels


As a popular steel material, embossed metal panel has a wide range of application fields and market demand. Its excellent anti-slip properties, decorative and material properties make it became indispensable material in the fields of construction, automobiles, furniture, appliances, and machinery.

  • Construction. Embossed metal panels are widely used in construction, such as roofing sheets, walls, floors stairs, etc.
  • In the automobile industry, embossed metal panel is widely used in automobile manufacturing, such as car bodies, chassis seats, etc., It can improve the load-bearing capacity and anti-skid performance of the car.
  • Furniture field. Embossed metal panels can enhance the beauty and durability of furniture. It is also widely used in furniture manufacturing, such as coffee tables, tables, and chairs.
  • In electrical appliances manufacturing. Embossed metal panels are also widely used to produce outer shell and internal structural parts of washing machines, refrigerators, and air conditioners.
  • Mechanical field. Embossed metal panels can be used for the shell and internal structural parts of various equipment to improve the load-bearing capacity and stability of the equipment.
Embossed Metal Panels Uses

Embossed Metal Panels Uses

Where Are the Best Embossed Metal Panels?

Embossed metal panels are a popular material in our daily lives. With the development of construction and automobiles, embossed metal panels became hot-selling products in the market.  A good manufacturer and exporter is very important when you purchase embossed metal panels from China. At the same time, the quality is also important as same as embossed metal panels. So, where are the best-embossed metal panels? Wanzhi Steel is a professional manufacturer and exporter in China. At Wanzhi Steel, embossed metal panels were exported to Libya, India, Turkey, Ecuador, and other countries. On one hand, Wanzhi Steel has professional embossed metal panel production lines and quality inspection devices. You can customize the panels from us. On the other hand, our factory is available for customers to visit. Many clients ordered over 100 tons of embossed metal panels after visiting our factory.
And, how to start a business with Wanzhi Steel? If you want to purchase steel products from Wanzhi Steel, you can send us your requirements and view our website to learn about other products. Moreover, our minimum order quantity is 10 tons.  If you plan to visit our factory, please contact us in advance. Our business managers are available 24 hours a day.

Embossed Panels Production Workshop

Embossed Metal Panels Production Workshop

Embossed Panels Shipped To Libya

Embossed Panels Shipped To Libya

Finally Words

Because embossed metal panels have strong decoration and good anti-slip performance, it is an essential material in the construction industry, home appliances, and other industries. Many of our customers are home appliance manufacturers or builders. Whenever you need to order embossed metal panels, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


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