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The 7th batch of GI steel strip for the UAE project has been picked up

As of June 19, Our UAE customer has received all 724 tons of galvanized steel strips produced by Wanzhi Steel. And this is the last shipment.

Arrival Port


Customer background

This customer is a UAE manufacturer specializing in manufacturing flexible hoses. The customer signed the contract last fall. Due to the large order volume, the customer requested to send 4 containers first, and the rest will be sent later.


The first shipment was on October 16 last year. After the galvanization steel strips arrived, he was very satisfied, so he asked to increase the shipment volume, basically sending 4-5 cabinets each time.

Wanzhi Head Office & Teams

Wanzhi-QC department


Group photo

Workshop group photo

group photo

WanZhi Engineers

WanZhi Steel Workshop

Galvanized Coil Factory

GI Coils for Sale

Wanzhi Color Coating Line

Wanzhi Color Coating Line


ppgi coil

Outer Package of Galvalume Roofing Sheets

Outer Package

galvalume steel coil

Production of this GI steel strip project

Waiting for slitting

start slitting

Ready to coil

Prepare to remove

Internal bundling of galvanized steel strips

Inspection before shipment by WanZhi QC department


Width Detection

Packaging & Labeling

To be packaged

inner packaging

Outer Packaging

put on label

Product factory details

Galvanized strip Shipment

In the cabinet

Ready to ship

Customer bill of lading

Below is the bill of lading for the first shipment of this order

Case Summary

At first, the customer required the roll weight not to exceed 2 tons. At last, the roll weight we produced was controlled at about 1.3 tons. The customer was very satisfied and tested the product quality as soon as he received the goods, and gave positive feedback in time.

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