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Steel Prices Updated Weekly

Last week, the global steel market still showed the trend of rising east and falling west, long weak board strong. Driven by China’s steel, the Asian market continues to increase. As prices have been rising for three weeks, the volume of international trade has been rising slowly. The various types of steel resources in Europe have declined to varying degrees, and the quotation of imported resources is very competitive. Still, the shipping schedule is more extended, and the delivery is about April-May, which has boosted the attractiveness of local resources to a certain extent.

China Steel Price

China Steel FOB Price On June 19th (Unit: USD/ton)
Type Material Quality Port Price
Hot rolled coils SS400 Tianjin Port 560
Cold rolled coils SPCC Tianjin Port 640
Hot-dip galvanization DX51D Tianjin Port 710
Rebar B500B Zhangjiagang 590
H-steel SS400 Qingdao Port 550

HRC Price Trend

Last week, driven by all kinds of favorable policies, China’s hot rolled coil exports continued to rise, the market also rose slightly, and export volume increased. Some leading steel mills export listing prices as high as $590/ton FOB. The price of A36 resources sold to the South American market in the middle of the week is about 570 USD/ton FOB, which is 5-10 USD/ton higher than the selling price in Southeast Asia. In addition, the export orders placed in April and May are being placed in a large number of Southeast Asian leading ports, and local importers’ feedback may put pressure on local domestic trade prices in the short term.

Cold Rolled Steel

Last week, the export price of cold rolled products also increased, and export orders performed well, especially in South America and the Middle East. First line SPCC resources export listing price in this week’s base price reached $670/ton. The cold-pressed sheet has risen slightly in recent weeks, and the price difference between the cold-rolled base material and the ordinary hot rolling has been reduced, and there is a recovery trend at present. A Thai trader reported that the export of Chinese boron-containing cold rolled coils to Thailand was good at present, and the market was mainly purchasing Chinese resources rather than local resources. In terms of galvanizing, the price of galvanizing without zinc spangles is as high as 750-770 USD/ton FOB. The main export price of a 120g zinc layer galvanized sheet coil is 690-710 US dollars/ton FOB. The transaction price of the advantageous resources in North China is concentrated at 690 ~ 700 USD/ton FOB.

Rebar Price Update

Rebar export: China’s rebar export to Singapore is quoted at 550-560 USD/ton CFR, and Malaysia’s resources offer is similar. Singapore’s import level remained at $545-550/ton. Hong Kong import quotation at $575/ton CFR, a weekly increase of $10/ton.

Wire Rod Export Report

Last week, the wire rod export price of Northeast China and East China steel mills was about 540-575 US dollars/ton FOB, which was roughly the same as last week. The transaction level was 540-550 US dollars/ton FOB, and the export order of superior resources in North China and Northeast China performed well. Southeast Asia origin wire exports quoted $545 / ton FOB. High carbon wire demand performance is better than wire mesh. At present, among the import sources of the Southeast Asian market, the price advantage of Indonesian resources is prominent. The recent quotation is 530 US dollars/ton FOB, which is the main circulating resource in Southeast Asia.

Billet Export Price

Last week, China’s export quotation continued to decline. As of Friday, the specification was 3sp, and the quotation of 130mm billet was about 510 USD/ton FOB. China’s slab export quotation is about 560-580 USD/ton FOB. Southeast Asian resources are about 540 US dollars/ton FOB, and the price advantage is not obvious.

International Steel Price

International Steel Price On June 19th (Unit: USD/ton)
Type Material Quality Area Price
Hot rolled coils SS400 Southeast Asia 550
Hot rolled coils S235JR Manufactured in EU 750
Rebar B500B Import from Hong Kong 590
Rebar B500B Turkey Export 630
Cold rolled coils SPCC CIS Export 678

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