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Steel Price in China 2022

In the last month (from June 20th, 2022), the overall trend of steel price in China showed a downtrend. It covers various kinds, such as hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, coated steel, stainless steel, steel rebars, etc. But the price has been on the rise since July 18th. On July 19th, the prices of HR and CR steel rose more than 100 yuan. As base materials, the rising price of HR and CR steel is bound to affect the price of other steel, such as color coated steel. Especially after a long period of price reduction, we expect steel prices to continue to rise and peak in September and October. Therefore, if you have purchase requirements, we recommend placing your order as soon as possible at a low point. It will save your money greatly, especially for bulk orders.

Hot Rolled Steel Price 2022

Hot Rolled Steel Price

Cold Rolled Steel Price 2022

Cold Rolled Steel Price

Note: These pictures are from https://news.lcgt.cn/.

Why Choose Wanzhi Steel?

Wanzhi Steel aims to be a one-stop steel solution provider. We have our own factory in Shandong Province and also cooperate with other manufacturers, such as Angang Steel, Shougang Group, etc. Compared to the famous suppliers, we will offer a more competitive price but without comprising quality, as well as better service. More than that, we have some professional sales who have been in this industry for years or even more than 20 years.

At Wanzhi Steel, we promise to fully protect the interests of clients. That’s why we have gained many regular customers. For example, we continue to serve two of the largest whiteboard suppliers since 2018. And our client from the Philippines has purchased about 3,000 tons of PPGI coils over the past year. Our rich export experience and multilingual teams will save you money and time. Welcome to follow us to know the latest steel price in China.

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