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Steel Codes and Standards

Here we will introduce some commonly used steel codes of Chinese GB standards and the equivalent materials on other standards.

GB standards are the Chinese national standards, which is an abbreviation of Guojia Biaozhun. Currently, there are two standards for expressing steel grades, namely GB/T 221-2008 and GB/T 17616-2013. Generally, the steel grades are represented by capitalized Chinese pinyin letters, chemical element symbols, and Arabic numerals to indicate the name, use, characteristics, and process of steel products. For example, carbon steel is represented by “Q+number+quality grade”. Q here represents the yield point of the steel, and the following number represents the yield point value in MPa. And the quality grade is represented by A, B, C, and D respectively. For example, Q235 represents carbon steel with a yield point of 235 MPa.

Steel Codes and Standards

Items Chinese Standard American Standard Japanese Standard German Standard International Standard
Common Carbon Steel Q195 CR.B SS330; SPHD; SPHC S185 HR2
Q215A Cr.C; Cr.58 SS330; SPHC HR1
Q235A Cr.D SS400; SM400A S235JR E235B
Q235B Cr.D SS400;




Q275 SS490 E275A
Carbon Tool Steel T7(A) SK7 C70W2 TC70
T8(A) T72301; W1A-8 SK5;


C80W1 TC80
T8Mn(A) SK5 C85W
T10(A) T72301; W1A-91/2 SK3;


C105W1 TC105
T11(A) T72301;


SK3 C105W1 TC105
T12(A) T72301; W1A-111/2 SK2 TC120
Stainless Steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti S32100(UNS)


SUS321 X6CrNiTi18-10 X6CrNiTi1810
2Cr13 S42000(UNS)


SUS420J1 X20Cr13 4
40Mn 1043 SWRH42B C40 SL; SM
45Mn 1046 SWRH47B C45
65Mn 1065 SL; SM; TypeSC; TypDC

Low alloy structural steel

Q420C Gr.B;
SEV295; SEV345 S420NL; S420ML HS420D; E420DD
Q460D Gr.65 SM570;
High-quality Carbon Structural Steel 08F 1008; 1010 SPHD; SPHE
10 1010 S10C; S12C CK10 C101
15 1015 S15C; S17C CK15; Fe360B C15E4
20 1020 S20C; S22C C22
25 1025 S25C; S28C C25 C25E4
40 1040 S40C; S43C C40 C40E4
45 1045 S45C; S48C C45 C45E4
50 1050 S50C; S53C C50 C50E4
15Mn 1019

Note: These are parts of the steel codes and standards. If the material you want to know is not here, please contact us for details!

Before purchasing, you need to confirm the material and steel grade. If you are not sure about the grade of steel, you can tell us the use purpose and use environment. We will offer you a suitable solution. More than that, the standards will help you with quality control. At Wanzhi Steel, we put quality first place. Also, the third-party quality inspection is acceptable. Welcome to contact us for more details!

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