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Stainless steel- for safe and sustainable electric buses

This article mainly talks about whether electric or hybrid buses will become the mainstream means of transportation in the future—Stainless steel; for safe and sustainable electric buses. The following are related news.

bus frame manufacturing material


The way we travel is changing.

By 2050, the internal combustion engine could be a thing of the past, not just for cars but for all modes of transport.

Even the idea of switching from personal transport to public transport in urban environments is gaining traction.

Electric bus status

Environment Gas emission comparison

Today, in 2021, an increasing number of buses are electric or hybrid, making public transport a more environmentally friendly and sustainable way to travel.

What if these buses could be even more environmentally friendly?

environmental regulations

Feature to consider

Run on minimal energy, provide a safer transport experience, and have a longer lifespan?

With a ss steel bus frame, this isn’t a futuristic option, but one that’s already here today.

gloable eletric bus unit


This webinar explains why stainless steel is an attractive choice for bus frames, by comparing it to other materials, not only in terms of financial cost but also environmental cost and safety considerations.

Relationship between different materials

specific data of electric bus

The main structural parts of electric buses, such as exhaust pipes, fuel tanks, and frames, are made of SS steel so stainless steel will become an irreplaceable metal material in the future. In the future, it has a broad market prospect.

Stainless Steel and Other Metal Properties

total cost comparison

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