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Lebanon 25 tons PPGI Sheets Project

On August 1st, 2023, 25 tons of PPGI sheets were shipped to Lebanon. This is the second time to provide PPGI sheets for the  Lebanese client. On May 2022, this client bought 26 tons of PPGI sheets from us. When they received our prepainted galvanized steel sheets, they were satisfied with our products. Even they recommend our company to other purchasers. This time, the client bought prepainted galvanized steel sheets and electro-galvanized sheets, the shipped details are in a table for your reference:

Item No. Product Type Material Thickness Width Weight
1 PPGI Sheet DX51D 0.6mm 1250mm 8 tons
2 PPGI Sheet DX51D 0.6mm 1250mm 7.5 tons
3 PPGI Sheet DX51D 0.6mm 1250mm 6 tons
4 Electro-galvanized sheet SECC 0.7mm 1000mm 1.5 tons
5 Electro-galvanized sheet SECC 0.7mm 1250mm 2 tons
Electro-galvanized Sheets For Lebanon

Electro-galvanized Sheets For Lebanon

PPGI Sheets Shipped To Lebanon

PPGI Sheets Shipped To Lebanon

What Is PPGI Sheet?

PPGI sheet refers to coating a colorful paint on the surface of galvanized steel sheets. Also, we can customize different colors according to your requirement, all RAL colors are available. Prepainted galvanized steel sheets adopt the hot-dip galvanizing process, widely used in the construction industry, home appliances, furniture industry, automobile industry, etc.

PPGI Sheets

PPGI Sheets

PPGI Roofing Sheet

PPGI Roofing Sheet

Advantages Of PPGI Sheet

1. Plenty of colors: the appearance is beautiful and novel, with rich colors, creating a variety of architectural facades.

2. Good seismic performance: PPGI sheets’ toughness is good, malleable, and lightweight the center of the overall building is moved down, which is beneficial to reduce earthquake damage.

3. Convenient construction: it can effectively reduce the workload of installation workers and transportation, without multiple reprocessing and reducing the construction cycle.

4. Environmental science reuse: can be recycled and reused to reduce the waste of non-renewable resources.

What Is Electro-galvanizing?

Electro-galvanizing adopts the electrochemical method. Using the zinc ingot as the anode, zinc atoms lose electrons and become ionic state dissolved in the electrolyte.  And the steel strip as the cathode, zinc ions in the steel strip obtain electrons reduced into zinc atoms deposited on the surface of the steel strip, forming a coating.

Electro-galvanizing Sheets Production Line

Electro-galvanizing Sheets Production Line

Electro-gavlvanizing Sheet

Electro-galvanizing Sheet

Difference Of Hot-dip Galvanizing And Electro-galvanizing

1. The zinc coating structure is different.

There is a slightly brittle compound layer between the pure zinc coating of hot-dip galvanized sheets and the steel strip substrate. The pure zinc coating mostly forms zinc flowers when crystallizing, and the coating is uniform without pores. The zinc atoms of the electro-galvanized layer are only deposited on the surface of the steel strip and are attached to the surface of the steel strip by physical action, there are many holes. It is easy to cause pitting due to corrosive media, so the hot galvanized sheet is more corrosion-resistant than the electro-galvanized sheet.

2. Different processing processes

Hot-dip galvanized plate is generally cold hard sheets as raw material, continuous annealing, and hot-dip galvanized on the galvanizing line. The steel strip is heated and cooled in a short time, so the strength and plasticity are affected to a certain extent. And its stamping performance is worse than the same cold hard plate after degreasing annealing by a professional production line. Electro-galvanized sheet takes cold-rolled sheet as raw material, which basically guarantees the same processing performance as cold-rolled sheet. However, its complex process flow also increases the production cost. In short, the production cost of hot galvanized sheets is lower, the application range is wider, and it has become the main variety of galvanized sheet markets.

3. Hot-dip galvanized sheet and electro-galvanized sheet in the amount of galvanizing has a great difference.

The galvanizing amount of hot galvanized sheet can not be too small, generally, the minimum is 50-60g /m2 on both sides, and the maximum is 600g/m2. The zinc layer of electro-galvanized sheets can be very thin, the minimum is 15g/m2. If the coating is thicker, the production line is very slow and does not adapt to the process characteristics of modern units. Generally, the maximum is about l00g/m2. Because of this, the production of electro-galvanized sheets is greatly limited.

Hot-dip Galvanized Sheet

Hot-dip Galvanized Sheet

Hot-dip GI Sheet

Hot-dip GI Sheet


Lebanon is a stable market for Wanzhi. We have lots of regular clients in Lebanon and established friendly cooperation relationships. Our products have been well received by foreign customers. In addition to Lebanon, we cooperate with more than 100 countries and regions in the world, such as Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Ecuador, Libya, Turkey, etc. As a PPGI sheet supplier, Wanzhi Steel has over 12 years of experience in PPGI manufacturing and selling. We have our own factory, and two offices in Zhengzhou and Shandong. Our factory in Boxing, Shandong, galvanizing, and color coating production line can reach 300,000 tons per year. In addition to PPGI sheets, we can also provide PPGL (Prepainted galvalume steel) sheets. corrugated roofing sheets. If you want to know more about our company, please click here to know more details. Also, you are welcome to visit our factory.

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