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Hot Rolled Coils Price Updated Weekly

Hot-rolled coils are an ideal choice for commercial buildings and machinery making industry. That is because the hot rolled coils have the advantages of high strengths, easy process, wide usage, etc. About the price of HR coils, we will update the price regularly. Keep reading to get the latest price.

Hot-rolled Coils Specifications

Item Hot Rolled Steel Coil
Technology Hot rolling process
Thickness 1.0- 4.0 mm
Width 600 – 1,500 mm
Coil Inner Diameter 508-760 mm
Steel Grade Q195, Q235, Q235B, Q345, Q345A, Q345E, SS400, etc.
MOQ 10 tons
Packaging Export standard packing

Hot Rolled Coils Price

The price of hot rolled coils is subject to changes in the steel market. If you buy hot rolled coils, you need to get the latest price from the supplier. The recent market supply and demand pressure is high, and social inventory accumulates. Although the market is expected to limit production, there is no precise landing, and it is difficult to support the price. The downstream end of the replenishment has declined slightly, and the wait-and-see sentiment continues to rise. Its orders did not show an increasing trend, the pressure has shown. The price changes of a hot rolled coil in various countries are as follows:

1. Chinese Hot Rolled Coils Price

Although China’s hot-rolled coil prices have continued to decline since this week, export prices have been firm in the first half of the week, and the overall performance of transactions has been depressed, with all kinds of domestic negative news fermentation, export prices have been significantly loosened in the second half of the week. The mainstream factory bid is still at $570- $590 / ton FOB, down $5- $15 / ton month-on-month. A first-line steel mill in Northeast China offered $590 / ton FOB on Tuesday, but traders in East China indicated a firm deal of about $575 / ton FOB. East China a leading steel plant SS400 thin material export price in 560/570 US dollars/ton FOB, more competitive. Two large private steel mills in North China are quoted at 575-580 USD/ton FOB. Compared with the firm offers, the actual export transaction prices and the inquiry/transaction prices in Southeast Asia/Middle East/South America, etc., have fallen significantly this week. For hot roll orders sold to Vietnam, the comprehensive price of SS400/Q195 is 545-555 USD/ton FOB, October shipping date. Another large batch of Q235B material transaction price is 545 US dollars/ton, Q335 price increase is 15-20 US dollars/ton, these resources are basically from Hebei, China. A local importer said that in the second half of the week, China’s resources are more competitive, and import transactions in the October shipping schedule have picked up, while the competitiveness of local resources has further declined. On August 7, send SS400 official offer at 591-593 USD/ton CIF.

China steel FOB price on August 11 (unit: USD)
Type Port Price
Hot rolled coil Tianjin 565
Cold rolled coil Tianjin 648
Hot dip galvanized Tianjin 720
Bar Zhangjiagang 589
H-steel Qingdao 553

2. Southeast Asia

Vietnamese steel companies are currently selling well, and the quota for September has been sold out. In this context, based on the latest price adjustments received by local distributors on August 11, the company has increased the offer of SAE1006/SS400 non-finishing hot coils for shipment in September and October by 490 VND/kg, to 14,190 VND/kg (600 USD/ton) in the Northern and central regions CIF Ho Chi Minh City, The southern region is 14,220 VND/kg (US $601 / ton) CIF, excluding VAT. In addition, the company’s official offer is $591-593 / ton CFR.
This week, the Vietnam import transaction is not much, on Tuesday, Vietnamese importer feedback received a China Q195/Q195L hot rolled coils offer of 555 US dollars/ton CFR, the specification is 3mm, September 30 shipping date; Another trader reported Q195 quoted at $565 / ton CFR and SAE1006 hot coil quoted at $585-590 / ton CFR.

3. India

In terms of exports, SAE1006 hot rolls are quoted at 660-665 US dollars/ton CFR Lac Ole border, September shipping date. An Indian leading steel mill reached a hot coil export order with Nepal at the price of $650-655 / ton CFR over the weekend, weighing about 13,000 tons, with a September shipping date. Another steel mill reached an export order at the price of $660 / ton CFR, weighing about 8,000 tons. Due to the light demand in the Middle East, we have not heard of Indian steel mills offering prices in the local market; China SAE1006 hot coil quote is 585-595 US dollars/ton CFR, down 20 US dollars/ton week on week. Europe is still in summer downtime this month and buyers have plenty of inventory, so Indian mills are also not quoting on the local market. Considering that India’s domestic sales are good and export quotas are limited, steel mills are expected to raise export prices again in the near future.

HR Coil Price In International Market (Unit: USD)
Country Price
U.S. Imports (CFR) 810
Eu Imports (CFR) 650
Japan Exports (FOB) 590
Turkey Exports (FO 650
China Export (FOB) 565
India Exports (FOB) 630
Southeast Asia Imports (CFR) 55


We will update the price regularly. Also we are a manufacturer and supplier of Hot-rolled coils. Our hot-rolled coils have been sold to over 150 countries around the world. If you want to get the latest price of hot rolled coils, please free to contact us!

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