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Galvalume Metal

Galvalume metal is an essential alloy material in our daily life. Galvalume metal is silver and has a smooth surface and beautiful spangles. Alu-zinc alloy structure consists of 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc, and 1.6% silicon, and it is formed by curing at 600℃. Due to that special coating structure, galvalume metal has excellent corrosion resistance, good process performance, hot resistance, long service life, etc. Galvalume steel adopts a continuous melting coating process as galvanized and aluminum steel. Galvalume steel with 55% aluminum-zinc alloy coating has better corrosion resistance than galvanized steel with the same thickness. The comprehensive anti-corrosion capacity of 55% galvalume metal is 4 times that of galvanized steel. For further details, please keep reading!
Galvalume Metal Coil

Galvalume Coil

Galvalume Sheet

Galvalume Sheet

Galvalume Metal Specifications

Item Galvalume Metal
Material DX51D+AZ, DX52D+AZ, DX53D+AZ, S220GD-S550GD
Al-Zn Coating AZ30-AZ150
Thickness 0.13 mm-1.2 mm
Width 600-1,250 mm
Coil Weight 3-8 tons or as per your requirements
Aluminum Content 55%
MOQ 10 tons

Benefits Of Galvalume Metal

1. Thermal reflectivity: Galvalume metal had high thermal reflectivity, twice that of galvanized steel. You can use it as thermal insulation material

2. Heat resistance: Because of its good heat resistance, galvalume metal can withstand a high temperature of more than 300℃. It is often used in chimney tubes, ovens, illuminators, and daylight lampshades.

3. Corrosion resistance: Due to aluminum having a protective function, galvalume metal has high corrosion resistance. If the zinc is worn, the aluminum will prevent the corrosion resistance from further eroding the interior.

4. Easy to paint: Galvalume metal and paint have excellent adhesion, do not need pretreatment, and weathering treatment can be painted.


Galvalume metal has the advantages of corrosion resistance, hot resistance, cost-effectiveness, thermal reflectivity, etc. Therefore, galvalume metal is widely used in commercial buildings, automobiles, household appliances, and agriculture. In addition, many clients order galvalume metal to produce color-coated steel. The specific applications of galvalume steel are as follows.

  • Buildings: roofs, walls, garages, sound walls, pipes and composite houses, etc.
  • Automobiles: mufflers, exhaust pipes, wiper accessories, fuel tanks, truck boxes.
  • Household appliances: refrigerator backboard, gas stove, air conditioner, electronic microwave oven.
  • Agricultural use: Pig house, chicken house, granary, greenhouse pipe, etc.
Galvalume Roofing

Galvalume Roofing

Color Coated Galvalume Steel

Color-Coated Galvalume Metal

Galvalume vs. Galvanized Which Is Better?

1. Composition: Galvanized is coated with a layer of zinc on the surface of steel to form a zinc layer. Based on galvanizing, aluminum is added to zinc to form a zinc-aluminum alloy layer. 2. Performance: The corrosion resistance of galvanized steel is not as good as that of galvalume metal, and its corrosion resistance is not high. Galvalume metal has stronger corrosion resistance and better resistance to acids and salts in the environment.

3. Application: Galvanized steel is widely used in construction, furniture, automobiles household appliances, and other fields. Galvalume steel is suitable for applications requiring higher corrosion resistance, such as chemical, Marine, and coastal areas.

4. Price: The production cost of galvalume metal is usually higher than that of galvanized steel. That is because its production process requires higher temperatures and more stringent production requirements.

5. Appearance. The surface of galvalume steel is more beautiful than that of galvanized steel, but it may also be more prone to corrosion problems at the cutting edge.

Above all, choose galvalume steel or galvanized steel based on the application needs and environment. If you have questions, we have professional engineers to help you. Welcome to don’t hesitate to contact us!

Galvalume Steel Surface

Galvalume Steel Surface

Galvanized Steel Surface

Galvanized Steel Surface

Galvalume Metal Exporter

Galvalume metal includes galvalume steel coil and galvalume steel sheet. Every year, lots of clients import galvalume metal from China. Wanzhi Steel is a professional manufacturer and exporter of galvalume metal. At Wanzhi Steel, we have two advanced galvalume metal production lines with an annual 300000 tons output. Well, if you are looking for a manufacturer and explorer instead of a trader, Wanzhi Steel is an ideal choice. High technology and precise instruments to ensure product size is zero error. In addition, we also produce color-coated steel coil, all RAL colors are available.  We can provide customers with a full range of one-stop services. If you want to visit the factory, you can contact us in advance and we will send a car to pick you up.

Wanzhi Steel Factory

Wanzhi Steel Factory

Galvalume Metal Storage

Galvalume Steel Storage


As we know, the composition of the aluminum-zinc coating is composed of 55% aluminum 43.4% zinc, and 1.6% silicon by weight ratio. Galvalume metal has strong corrosion resistance. It is suitable for construction, automobiles, home appliances, etc. Considering the difference between galvanized and aluminized zinc, you can send us your detailed requirements and application scenarios. Besides, galvalume metal and galvanized steel, whether you need strips, color-coated steel, and other steel materials, Wanzhi steel will satisfy your needs. Please contact to know our products and services.

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