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Egyptian customers ordered 473 tons of stainless steel plates

Wanzhi Steel has successfully cooperated with an Egyptian customer who ordered 473 tons of stainless steel plates! It’s really inspiring!

This is the umpteenth client we have worked with. The strength of Wanzhi Steel has once again been proven.

stainless steel plates ready for shipment

Ready to ship

Client background

The customer runs a newly started tool manufacturing factory. During the Ali live broadcast, he left a message asking about the products, and then asked about the prices of stainless steel plates and galvanized products.

The customer did not know clearly in advance what materials the knives were made of.

Deciding on 3Cr13 material

Client-provided reports

Our salesman provided the customer with ideas for stainless steel materials. Then the customer sent a test report of the material he wanted to use, but there were still many materials that met the requirements. After a long discussion between the technical department and the customer, the material 3Cr13 was determined.

Wanzhi Head Office & Teams

Workshop group photo

Group photo

Wanzhi-QC department


group photo

WanZhi Engineers

WanZhi Steel Workshop

galvanized steel strip

Slitting Process

Galvanized Coil Factory

GI Coils for Sale


Wanzhi Color Coating Line

Wanzhi Color Coating Line

28tons PPGL Coils Shipped To Cambodia

28tons PPGL Coils Shipped To Cambodia


GI Roofing Sheet Production Line

GI Roofing Sheet Production Line

Outer Package of Galvalume Roofing Sheets

Outer Package

Production of the Stainless steel plates project

Below are his requirements:

1. Product name: Stainless steel plate
2. Product specifications:

① 2.5*1240*3000mm, 208 tons

② 3*1240*3000mm, 265 tons
3. Product material: 3Cr13 (420 J2)
4. Product delivery period: 15 working days
5. Product trading port: Guangzhou, China

Processing of Ss steel plates

Stainless steel plates

Smooth edge without burrs

the surface of stainless steel sheets

Inspection before shipment by WanZhi QC department

3000mm length

Each piece meets

Width 1240mm

2.5/3 Thickness measurement

Packaging & Labeling

Steel plate to be unfolded

inner package

put on label

Finished stainless steel

Stainless steel plate shipment


Fix as per customer’s requirement

Loading into container

All loaded

Case Summary

When the customer picked up the stainless steel plates, he suddenly needed an MSDS certificate. We contacted the person in charge in time to provide it to the customer within the time limit required by the customer.

Overall, this was a pleasant cooperation.

The BL

Below is the bill of lading.


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