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Dubai customer Order for 690 tons of steel strip

Wanzhi Steel’s 690 tons of steel strip products were delivered to Dubai customers as scheduled, and the two parties reached a partnership.

awaiting dispatch

The arrival

Customer Background

This customer has a factory in Dubai, specializing in the production and processing of various shapes of metal clamps, mainly arc and square. He then sent us a few pictures of his factory products, as follows:

Arc clamp

Customer Wide Clamps

Customer Products

1. Customer needs

He said he needed steel strips as raw materials, specifically 360 tons for 0.8cm width, 180 tons for 3.8cm width, and 150 tons for 1.5cm width. In addition, he said our service was better than what he had seen in other countries. He was very happy to communicate with us, which made him very happy, so he was very confident that our quality would not be bad.

2. Achieve cooperation

After the quotation, he was willing to cooperate with us. He said that he would also produce gaskets and spring products in the future, and would also use steel strips.

If the products we sent were OK, he hoped to maintain cooperation, which is also what we hope. We hope to give customers the most satisfactory products, the most satisfactory prices, and the most satisfactory services.

Wanzhi Head Office & Teams


Wanzhi-QC department

Workshop group photo

Group photo

WanZhi Engineers

group photo

Wan Zhi Workshop

Prepainted GI Steel Coils

Prepainted GI Steel Coils


Packaging of SuperDyma Steel Sheets

Packaging of SuperDyma Steel Sheets

PPGI Coil For Client

PPGI Coil For Client

Loading on Truck

Loading on Truck

Before Shipment

Before Shipment

Production of the project

to be slit


Wanzhi steel strip production


Different widths to be packed

Inspection before shipment by WanZhi QC department

0.8cm width


Slitting width

Vernier calipers measure

Packaging & Labeling

To be packaged

to mark

1.6cm width

inner packaging

Bundled steel belt


Galvanized Coil Shipment

Prepare for departure

1.6cm steel belt hairpin

Steel belts loaded into containers

0.8cm steel band with shipping

Fixed the right way

Prepare for transit

Customer Pickup

Customer pick up

discharge cargo

Case Summary

Steel strips are indeed widely used, such as bicycle rims, springs, gaskets, blades, clamps, saw blades, etc. The construction period of this case was 18 days, and the cooperation was so harmonious, which was really inspiring!

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Wanzhi steel strip

Wanzhi steel strip storage

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Here is a video, which was taken at our factory. It shows the profiling process of GI and GL Coils.


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