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Delivered 1,050 tons of steel to Turkmenistan

Last week Wanzhi welcomed two customers from Turkmenistan. They wanted to purchase some channel steels, steel pipes, and PPGI coils, and finally, we reached a perfect cooperation order of 1,050 tons.

The picture below shows customer pickup, the detailed process of this project is as follows.

Arrive at the port on time

Customer Pickup

Wanzhi Head Office & Teams

Workshop group photo

Group photo

flag raising ceremony

In this cooperation, the customer is satisfied with both product quality and service professionalism; as a professional service provider, Wanzhi always insists on controlling the quality and fast delivery within the time required by the customer.

Wan Zhi Workshop

Work shop

Customers find us

The customer contacted us through inquiry during a business trip to Turkey, and after a timely quotation, we reached a cooperation intention for the first time.

Customer project drawings

Channel steel model

Shed Architecture

Client Background

These two new customers are doing a shed project, through the conversation, we found that the customers are quality-oriented people, during the negotiation, they proposed that they would like to further understand the product quality, and decided to end the business trip to China to interview.

Turkmen clients visited the factory

Turkmenistan Customers

Reach agreement

Due to time constraints, the customer first looked for a Chinese friend to inspect the factory, after several supplier comparisons, both the quality and price were very satisfactory, and they immediately shot the cooperation.

Product production is completed, and the finished product is in process, the customer understands in detail the production of raw materials, product processing, and other aspects of the process, and is very satisfied with the display of the final product.

During the project period, two additional orders were placed, and finally a perfect delivery of 1050 tons of cooperative orders.

View the finished product

Finished product photography

technical communication

tensile strength

Production of the project

Prepare to roll

Color-Coated Coil Rolling

Internal and external packaging

outer package

Wanzhi quality control department

Our quality control and quality inspection center for metal materials provide physical and chemical analyses and fair, scientific, and standardized testing data on products, properties, and processes of the entire steel industry chain, leading to perfect deliveries time and time again.

Color Coated Coil Size Measurement

RAL9016 PPFGI Coil

PPGI Coil Samples

External wall measurement

Wall thickness measurement

Wall Thickness Inspection

Coating thickness detection

Packaging & Labeling

channel steel

ready to transport

Steel shipments

Transportation of steel tubes

PPGI coils loading



The most reliable steel supplier–Wanzhi Steel

Wanzhi always provides personalized service with quality and integrity for new and old customers, this cooperation is very pleasant, and we are looking forward to our next cooperation, at the same time, we welcome interested and in-need customers, feel free to contact us!

Cooperation photo

Client Group Photo

 Steel Coil WanZhi Can Offer

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