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China and Philippines Sign AEO Mutual Recognition Agreement

On January 4, 2023, Yu Jianhua, Director of the General Administration of Customs of China, and Ruiz, Director of the Philippine Customs, signed the Arrangement on Mutual Recognition of Authorized Economic Operators between China and the Philippines. China Customs became the first AEO mutual recognition partner of Philippine Customs.



AEO Mutual Recognition Agreement

China Philippines AEO Agreement

Under the arrangement, the export goods of AEO enterprises in both countries will enjoy lower inspection rates, priority inspections, designated customs liaison services, and priority customs clearance. With these measures, the time for customs clearance of goods is expected to be significantly shortened, and the cost of ports, insurance, and logistics will also be reduced accordingly.

AEO is a trade facilitation project popular in 97 countries (regions) around the world. By carrying out AEO mutual recognition, China Customs actively supports AEO enterprises to enjoy customs clearance convenience and reduce related trade costs. Up to now, China has signed AEO mutual recognition agreements with 23 economies including Singapore, the European Union, South Africa, etc.

The Philippine market is one of our core markets. In recent years, we have exported thousands of tons of prepainted coils and galvanized coils to the Philippines. Under the arrangement, it will be more convenient for companies in both countries. If you are looking for steel products, please feel free to contact us!

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